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Chapter 2 - Treetops
Larimar | Published 1879 days ago

Fern paced outside her underground den. She missed Snow. Her sister had stormed off into the Tundra shed created, and Fern felt heartbroken. But now she could ward it off by competing. Finally, the kookaburra called, and she raced up to the giant trees. The Treetop Championships had begun. The Treetop Championships were an annual, every year kinda thing, and every single year Fern entered for many of the activities.

The first game began. Fern watched as a tough looking kangaroo entered the ring. The first few activities were for the strong type, and Fern wasnt very tough.. A scared-looking wolverine crept up into the ring, teeth chattering in fear. "Round 1 starts now!" the kookaburra announced, chattering in excitement.

This was a strength obstacle course. They had to move rocks and shatter objects to get to the end. The kangaroo was off to a good start. "Boxer seems to be in the lead, like always." the kookaburra commentated. The kangaroo bashed through rocks, and he noticed that the wolverine was close behind.

"But it seems, all, that Flash is catching up. He better live up to his name quickly or he is gonna loose!" the kookaburra called. Flash made a run for it, jumping over the rocks and everything in his way, quickly taking the lead. He crossed the moss, signalling that he finished first. "Cheat, cheat!" chanted the crowd. Fern had no place in that chant. "Calm down everyone! Flash won fair and square, it says no where in our rules that he should be eliminated!" announced the kookaburra.

"Well, that was very nerve-racking.." announced Flash, as the kookaburra, known as Cookie, gave him a gold medal. "Thank you Boxer for being my competitor." Cookie looked at Flash strangely. "I personally think that you should try out the speed and agility events." Cookie advised. Flash shrugged. "High in the trees isnt really my thing. I might as well try out speed.." Flash muttered.

"Now, it is time for the agility events!" Cookie announced. "Finally.." Fern muttered, almost flying up the tall trees, getting into position. "Our contestants are, as Number 1, Fern! Number 2 is Golden! Our third player is Aqua! And last but not least, Lavender!" Cookie explained. "Ready," Fern tensed. "Set," Fern breathed in and out in preparation. "GO!!!!!!" Cookie screamed.

Fern bounced off the starting branches, quickly reaching the next branch, and doing a flip mid-air. "Fern does some more tricks, and she never fails to please us!" Cookie commentated. Fern rushed across the branches, and it felt almost as running on the ground. She flipped on her side and that earned her loud cheers from the crowd. "Seems like Aqua is in the lead! What is Fern waiting for?" Cookie said, his heart pounding.

Fern twirled through the air, eager to catch up, and eager to win. She quickly took the lead, leaving Aqua and the others really behind. She jumped from branch to branch, and finally the finish was in sight. The finish made her accelerate, and she quickly leaped over the finish line, doing a couple flips before she landed on her feet on a platform made out of many branches. "Fern wins again! How exciting!" Cookie announced. The crowd went wild as Fern received a gold medal.

"Dont go crazy yet, the speed activities are about to begin. Also note our newest add, Flash!" announced the kookaburra. Fern was also in this race. For some reason, all of the events were races of some sort.. But not this one. In this event, experienced fighters tried to hit you, and you have to dodge their attacks. The animal who can get the least hits on themselves and the most on the fighter wins! But also speed had another activity, to race to the end.

Fern got into her positions for the first activity, which was the race. "This year, we thought wed have the speed race first!" announced the kookaburra. Fern noticed that she was next to Flash, who had a cocky look on his face. The kookaburra gave the contestants time to talk. "So youre the Fern everyone talks about?" queried Flash. Fern shrugged. "Well yeah.."

"Youll be a hard opponent." Flash pointed out. "Sure I will be. You know about every year." Fern bragged. Flash rolled his eyes and assumed his position. "Get ready to be beaten!" he shouted.

"Ready," Fern crouched down low. "Set," Ferns heart pumped as she flexed her muscles, and she breathed in lots of air. "GO!!!" Cookie screamed, this time making the crowd cover their ears with their paws. Fern sped off the start line, ahead of the other contestants. The finish line was far, far away, but Fern knew that she could reach it before anyone else.

She sprinted fast, and everyone was behind her, some panting, some running on. "Seems like Fern is in the lead like always, and next is Flash! Impressive!" Cookie told the crowd. Flash started catching up. Soon, Fern and Flash were neck and neck. At first, Flash went ahead a bit, then Fern, then Flash, and they both ran with mighty speed.

Fern started to get ahead of Flash quite a bit, but then he caught up, and they were neck and neck again. This is bad, thought Fern. Were near the finish line! Flash and Fern both crossed the finish line first, and they tied. "Good job!" Fern panted, shaking paws with Flash. "Yeah.. Well I guess I was wrong about you." Flash muttered.

"Well folks, looks like Fern and Flash win this one.. Theyre both congratulating each other already! Well get ready for the Extreme Speed test!" Cookie shouted so that the whole forest could hear. The crowd went wild, as Fern and Flash both received yet another gold medal.

They assumed their new positions in front of the fighters. "Ready," The eyes of Ferns opponent glowed. "Set," Fern unsheathed her claws. "GO!!!!" Cookie screeched. Fern clawed the fighters muzzle, while escaping one of his blows. All around her, most of the animals were getting attacked almost brutally.

Fern dodged attack by attack, and she landed blow by blow onto the opponent. "Fern is unscathed, while her opponent looks pretty hurt!" Cookie exclaimed, and even he was quite shocked. "Five," Fern dodged another blow. "Four," The opponent flinched as Fern shredded his other ear. "Three," Fern ducked and sank her fangs into her opponents front paw. "Two," The red fox raked her claws along the opponents back. "One," Fern sank her fangs into her opponents neck, while dodging his blow, then quickly got off unscathed before Cookie thundered: "ZERO!"

"Seems like today Fern is our champion, scoring 67 blows and she escaped unscathed! She also won all the activities she participated in, which impresses us every time! Second is Flash, scoring 56 blows and he only took 7 blows to himself, impressive.." Cookie announced, while the crowd went wild.

"Fern, we have decided to give you this gem to show our thanks of you being a continuous champion, which brings us much joy. Not saying that you are leaving, but thank you!" Cookie said as he handed her a gold medal, and a red gem which is carved to resemble a fox face.

Fern held it proudly, and the crowd cheered for her. "Thank you Fern!" They chanted, and Fern felt herself smile in happiness. Somehow, whatever she did, Fern was a champion, she was extremely proud. But sometimes she wondered, why dont they take consideration to the others who preformed equally well? Fern was extremely modest too, but of course she wasnt perfect.

Fern once again thought about Snow. How she missed her sister. How she wished she could have a stone like this one.. But what Fern didnt know was that her wish was granted. In front of Snow appeared a blue stone carved to look like an Arctic fox face. Snow treasured this, and she kept it close to her heart. Both sisters did. And they didnt realise what help they would be in later adventures.

This chapter is really silly in hindsight, haha. This event was based on the original Spirit of Foxes, the one I had written way back in Year 4, with Fern and Snow playfully challenging each other to races. I may point out a few other origins in further chapters if I can find any. 

Table of contents:

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Did you delete the original because it was stolen off the one person on Deviantart.
Updated 1145 days ago
Y u delete all the chapters ;-;
Updated 1478 days ago
About an hour ago!
Updated 1484 days ago
Soni B
wow i really liked this book it was great oh and nia snow got her gem by fern wishing snow could have a gem and his wish came true
Updated 1497 days ago
How did Snow get her gem?
Updated 1742 days ago
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