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Chapter 11 - Partner?!
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"Bea and Kitty, you will be partners for your years here. Chase and Ace...we┤re going to have to keep searching for you two."
As many more unfamiliar names droned on through the humming microphone, Scarlett began to doze off, until one name woke her up. 
"Celestia Joicers?" A wave of murmurs and gasps washed over the arena. Scarlett sat bolt upright. She recognized that last name. Kitty, who had flopped in the spare seat next to Scarlett, gasped and stared at Celeste with wonder and envy. She was still cradling the hand that Mr Kennelley had touched. 
"Oh, my goodness!" Kitty exclaimed breathlessly. "She┤s the daughter of that actor guy! BLAISE JOICER!" All the girls shrieked and started climbing over the seats to get to Celestia. She shrank into her plastic chair, terrified.

Celestia had a happy family, and a happy background. She grew up an only child with a passion for music and drawing, and she had both her mother and father. Her mother, Iris, seemed harsh and cold, with snow-white hair that flowed down her back, and icy, piercing eyes. She was tall and pale, with delicate features and a slim body. Despite her strict appearance, she was a very loving mother and was very happy with Celeste┤s father, Blaise. He was bound in tanned muscles, but not so much that every limb bulged aggressively or that he appeared frightening, and had a small, neat, dark quiff. His eyes were warm and brown, and he was very much different to his significant other. 
She was a model and he was an actor, but neither were too big so that Celeste would be constantly home alone. They lived in a grand mansion, with multiple rooms barely in use. One day, Blaise got his big break, when he got a call from a director who noticed him in one of his films. He was called for an audition for a main part- and got it. Everyone was thrilled...except for Celestia. Their fame grew bigger and bigger- in magazines, Vogue noticed Iris, and offered her a place for modelling hair and cosmetics. So now both Celeste┤s parents were big stars. They were travelling constantly, and buying a different house every month, and boarding all sorts of private jets and flying to every corner of the earth...Celestia had everything a girl could want- and she hated it. It affected her grades, and mood. Blaise and Iris noticed this. They wanted their daughter to be happy. Eventually, they made the heartbreaking choice when Celeste was 16, to send her to Skothamor┤s Senior Academy. The reviews were good, and they wanted the best for their little girl.
Celestia, doing her best to ignore the squabbling river of girls, dragged her feet to the middle of the arena. Mr Rosselfield looked at her with sympathy. 
"Okay, Celestia, can you pair up with...Charmaine Sythman." 
A girl walked to the center. She had braided, dark hair and a cheery face and dimpled cheeks. She was constantly smiling. She held out a hand to Celeste. "You can call me Charmy." 
Celestia shook it and smiled, too. "You can call me Celeste." She brushed a stray strand of hair out of her face. 
The war was funny yet still tense, as Charmy seemed to be a joker. Every time she struck an arrow, she made a noise like those tennis players do. Every time she did this, everyone laughed. Eventually, they had to call it a tie, as both the pairs were good together. Playing against the girls were Chase (again, since the last pair didn┤t work out) and a different boy, the one who Felix sat next to in Tutor Time, who was called Flynn. Both duos were partnered. Scarlett slumped back in her seat, head hanging over her knees. I┤m gonna be put with a stranger, she thought. Bea and Celeste have obviously already found THEIR partners. 
Names went on and on...until she and Felix were the only ones left, apart from two other girls. Scarlett actually felt a little sorry for Felix. He looked beaten and bedraggled at the thought of being paired with a girl.

"Scarlett Blanc?" Mr Rosselfield called solemnly. "And..." 
"Not Felix, not Felix, not Felix...!"
"...Rose Hensmith." 
Scarlett jumped out of her seat and clenched her fists, smiling from ear to ear. Felix momentarily looked ecstatic, then remembered he STILL had to be paired with a girl, and slunk back into his seat again. 

Walking confidently down to the ring, Scarlett beamed with hands folded behind her back, waiting for her possible partner. Rose tip-toed down the stairs. She had a mass of jet-black ringlets that framed her shy face, and big, brown eyes that stared fearfully at everyone. Her feet were silent, and pointed, like a ballerina┤s, and her features were delicate. 
"H-hello." she smiled at Scarlett. 
"Okay, girls, choose your weapons."

Scarlett┤s ecstasy was quickly drained. Her heart pounded in her chest. This was it. The realization of how important this duel would be slowly sank in. Her stomach swirled, her head span.
"Are you okay?" Rose asked quietly.

Scarlett nodded rapidly, forcing a smile. "I-I┤m fine...!"

"Felix Monte and Autumn Song, now, please."

Felix reluctantly rose from his seat and trudged down to the arena. He had sunk to the lowest of his being. Autumn, giggling and blushing at him, skipped silently behind him. She had a narrow face with pale skin, with a spatter of freckles over her pointed nose. Her chocolate hair was poker-straight and neatly trimmed, but was extremely long so that it fell nearly to her shins, and she had a well-cut fringe. They both chose weapons, which were decided to be a cutlass each. They chose boots and a chest plate each for armour, and then ran back for a helmet each (no visor) at the last moment. Scarlett and Rose chose leather boots, a chest plate and a helmet (no visor) for their armour, and a bow and arrow each. 

Mr Rosselfield threw a sympathetic look at Felix. He leaned forward on the podium. "3...2...1...GO."
Scarlett felt feral blood pounding in her veins. Adrenaline pumped up to her ears. She sprang into action, leaping towards Felix. SHE wanted to be the one to take him down. Rose, however, tiptoed gently behind Autumn, shaking like a leaf. With a nervous squeal and eyes screwed shut, she gently sat an arrow in the holder. "I┤m so, so sorry!" she whispered, and with a shriek, she let go of the band. It fell off of Autumn┤s shoulder, soft as a feather. It didn┤t cause a Red Flash.

Felix and Scarlett were determined to defeat each other, but their minds seemed too alike in the sense of fighting. Most moves were mirrored, and if not, they were deflected as soon as the other thought about it. 

After Rose kept falling over, her armour eventually gave up the final flash. She clung to her quiver, a single ringlet falling over her babyish eyes. Autumn squealed like an annoyed piglet at her broken nail. Scarlett and Felix, not noticing Rose┤s final flash, continued to mirror each other, slashing in a desperate attempt to finish each other off. Finally Scarlett sneaked a quick, hard chop in the stomach underneath Felix┤s flailing arms. Clutching his stomach and wheezing, Felix┤s armour flooded with crimson light. 
"Stop! Rose gave up the Final Flash. It was over five minutes ago!" Mr Rosselfield yelled. He looked at the pairs with a look mingled with annoyance and despair. "I don┤t think we┤ve found your ideal partners JUST yet. Let┤s try switching partners."

So Scarlett was repaired with Autumn and Felix with Rose, but it was no use. Autumn wouldn┤t lay a finger on Felix, and Rose the same with Scarlett. 

"I┤m sorry, Scarlett and Felix...but I┤m gonna have to try pairing you two together. But, it isn┤t guaranteed that you will be paired," Mr Rosselfield added quickly when he saw their faces. 

Felix and Scarlett walked slowly over to the table of weapons. She slumped against the table, and held up a samurai sword to him. He shrugged. She sighed. He fiddled with some arrows in a quiver. She stroked the array of swords.

This was pretty dull.

Eventually, they both picked a quiver of 20 arrows and a light-weight bow, with a simple set of leather armour. They were both fast, so they didn┤t want anything that would weigh them down too much. 

Autumn and Rose agreed on a helmet, chest-plate and cutlass each. Rose quivered in her metal. Autumn was attempting to magically fix her snapped nail by waving it about.

Felix and Scarlett exchanged looks of menace and POSSIBLY, slight, slight partnership. The gong sounded, and they both leaped into action.

Autumn striked a pose with her cutlass low down by her knees. She tried a good slash at Scarlett, but she tucked in her limbs and rolled between her legs. She took an arrow from her quiver, and shot it at Autumn┤s helmet. It struck her, causing her armour to fill with scarlet light, worthy of the attacker┤s name. 

Felix leaped at the quivering Rose, more like a shaking leaf than a shaking Rose.

He easily got 2 flashes out of her when he pumped 6 arrows into the air. Rose and Autumn, though still attacked by different people, still tried their best to work together- but Scarlett and Autumn were still attempting to beat each other to a pulp. Autumn only got one flash out of Scarlett, but Scarlett got 3 out of Autumn- causing the gong to sound once more. Rose and Autumn collapsed, gasping, but for the winners, they exchanged a small nod and the tiniest of baby smiles. 

"Well, you guys!" Mr Rosselfield exclaimed, clasping his hands and giving his best smile. "I think we┤ve found your partners! Congratulations, students- you will be partners for your years."

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