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Chapter 10 - Rage of Kitty and Bea
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Felix was busy socializing with the other boys, when he heard the girl’s door knocked and then click open, and a squeal sounded from the room. There was a distant, yet distinct, facepalm amongst the giggles, and he guessed that it was probably Scarlett. He laughed to himself. 
Mr Kennelly then came into the boy’s room. “We’re all going to the Meeting Room to discuss timetables and upcoming battles. Can we line up in a boy-girl-boy-girl queue, please?” Moaning at the prospect of not lining up with their friends, the boys reluctantly dragged themselves outside of the Common Room. Mr Kennelly put them in boy-girl order, as promised.
“Scarlett to...” 
Felix saw Scarlett clinging onto a quiet Indonesian girl and a blonde short-haired girl. 
“....Felix Monte, please.”
Felix jumped backwards in horror. Scarlett gasped and clung to her companions even more.
“Wha- but, sir...!” Scarlett whined, eyes full of concern.
“No buts, Scarlett. Go and stand next to Felix, now, please.”
Scarlett, hanging her head, shuffled over behind Felix, without a word.
“Why you, Mud-head? You don’t belong here.” Felix surprised himself there. He was generally a good person. Scarlett looked up, hurt. Felix then regretted what he said and murmured an apology, barely audible. In a chain of students, the queue pattered inside to the Meeting Room.
Two hours later, the whole of the first-year Moonclaws came out. Scarlett and Felix looked particularly shaken when they came out the door, as they were forced to sit next to each other as their places. Luckily for Scarlett, she was also sitting next to Bea, but Felix had a boy he didn’t know in the spare seat next to his. 
“Okay, kids! We’re gonna be doing our tests now, to pair you guys up. We’ll try our best to put you with the same gender, but there is an uneven ratio.”
Mr Kennelly brought them to a colossal arena. 
Along the edges of the walls were massive stone columns, arching up to the beautiful dome ceiling, and the floor was flagstone. There were assorted rings around the room, one with archery targets, another filled with sand, a pool with podiums and even crafting tables and tools to make your own weaponry. But the biggest ring was in the middle, which was smooth stone that would be easy to run on, but not slippery. 
“You will be fighting an opponent with someone, to see who you work best with. Bea Amar and Kitty Silva, please come to the centre of the arena.” 
Bea slowly approached the centre- she was the Indonesian girl that Scarlett had been clinging to earlier. She had a ghost of a smile on her face- the blonde girl had given Bea her small headphones. A smaller girl with auburn hair and burning flame-coloured eyes skipped to the middle also. “Choose your weapon,” Mr Kennelly said with a smile. He opened a hatch in the ground, displaying rows and rows and rows of every weapon you could imagine. “Choose something that you could use well in a team,” Sir hinted. 
“So, what do you want to use?” asked Kitty brightly. Bea fingered the ends of samurai swords, felt the glossy wood of spears and the sheer metal of axes. 
“Bow,” Bea simply replied. 
“And arrow?”
“Arrow and bow.”
Kitty laughed happily.  
“Okie doke! We can use this weapon together if I hold the arrows and you shoot. Or the other way round. What do you wanna do?” 
“Bow! Bow!” Bea laughed.
“Alright! I’ll have one as well. But we can shoot at the same time and stuff, and figure out tactics.” They whispered amongst themselves, giggling and showing tricks of the trade. 
“Don’t worry, children. The armour is all fire-proof and resistant to anything, however sharp or heavy it is. You won’t get a scratch; the battle is graded merely on how many times your armour glows red, which means you’ve been struck by something. Up next... Chase Rogue and Ace Carker.” Chase high fived Felix and smiled at him. “2 boys VS 2 girls? Should be easy.” 

Kitty seemed to amazingly hear this, and glared upwards, her pretty, cheery personality dropping coldly in an instant.

He met up with Ace, a tall boy with jet-black, poker-straight hair that fell to one side, but had one strand that constantly needed to be blown out of his face. 
“Alright, mate?” Ace started.
“Alright. Let’s do this.”
They sorted through all the weaponry, and eventually came out with a fire blower and a sword- not something that they would use together, but hopefully it would turn out alright. Bea and Kitty had settled for a helmet (with no visor) and chest plate each for armour, whereas the boys had covered themselves in chainmail, shin protectors, helmets, chest plates and boots. 
“Okay, duellers! You need to cause the opponents armour to flash red five times. No pinning on the floor or you will be disqualified.  I’ll count to three. One...”  
Bea’s eyes gleamed with menace.
Chase steadied his visor.
“...three!” The bugle sounded, and the roars of cheers sounded from all seats in the arena. Quickly, Kitty threw an arrow to Bea. Catching it at lightning speed, Bea thrust it into the holder and shot it expertly at Chase’s shin. His armour flashed crimson. Jumping backwards, his visor slammed in front of his eyes, obscuring his vision. Ace clumsily torched the air, aiming for Kitty, but she jumped just in time; a magnificent jump, the sort you only see in movies. She grabbed his head mid-jump, and used her foot on his visor to push off and land on her toes and hands. His visor, like Chase’s, slammed over his face. Kitty, from behind him, shot an arrow in the small of his back, causing his armour to flash red. 
“That’s two reds! Three more to win, girls!” Mr Kennelley shouted excitedly. Kitty blushed and smiled at him, distracted. Ace finally unjammed his visor and ran as fast as he could- which wasn’t very fast, due to the multiple layers of armour- to Kitty, sword poised above his head. Bea noticed this. Suddenly, she was back in Indonesia, protecting temples from beastly mountain lions. With an elegant leap worthy of a strong gazelle, she somersaulted over Kitty, tapping her on the head to let her know that an enemy was attacking, and landed extravagantly, with her foot and knee on the ground as well as the delicate tips of her fingers. There were squeals of joy from the girl’s side of the arena, but grumbles and shouts of outrage from the boys. Straight away, Bea aimed her arrow at Ace’s hand that held the sword. The aim was perfect. The arrow sliced through the air at light-pace, striking his hand and causing his leather gloves to flash crimson. He dropped his sword in panic, where the handle knocked against his head, and his helmet sparked scarlet once more. As a final flourish, the visor dropped heavily over his eyes- causing the Final Flash, as it was known. There was a roar of laughter and cheers of triumph from the girls- whereas with the boys, there were murmurs of “They let them win,” and “they cheated”. Mr Kennelley bounced into the middle of the ring and raised an arm each from Bea and Kitty. 
“And THAT’S how you deliver!” he shouted happily. Bea smiled and removed Celeste’s headphones. Kitty looked as though she might have died when Mr Kennelly raised her hand. Hey, it might just be her hand, but physical contact is a start if they were going to be getting married.

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Ahaha, I love Harry Potter books
Updated 1738 days ago
Reading : The First-Year Moonclaws Reminds me of Harry Potter without magic :P
Updated 1738 days ago
ahahahahaha yh xx thank yooooo
Updated 1765 days ago
That´s how you deliver (like fro that postman pat ad!) >_< Can´t stop giggling from that! aha! But great story! Can´t wait for the actual war!
Updated 1765 days ago
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