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Chapter 2 - II what happened
RAVERBOISAKURAKI3084 | Published 1197 days ago

Heres what happened: I was a very shy boy about a month ago right before I went to the girls circus I saw one of them walking on my street in plainclothes and I was so distracted by her prettiness (what with her brown eyes purple hair) that I walked into a man in a dark trench coat and dark fedora we both got up in fact I offered to help him up and he said in a very gruff voice," I dont need no help from the man that knocked me over but, I do need to beat the s*** out of the man when I get up..." and suddenly the girl was standing in front of me saying to the man "Here take a circus ticket I had on me because him running into you was totally my fault. He was obviously distracted by me."

"I dont want no damn circus ticket, b***h,"he said.

then she glanced back at me then turned back around and said"Take the freaking ticket!"

"Or what"

"Ill beat the crap out of you!"

"You know what, I think Ill beat the s*** out of both of you,"the man said angrily

"Try me,"she finished simply

the man charged and she picked me up and threw me up to the roof of the shop next to us which, luckily, was 1 story high. Then she ran up to meet him, slid, tripped him up and sent him sprawling and she jumped up to me and took my hand and ran me home which at the time I thought was weird because unless she was stalking me she shouldnt know where I lived "Howd you know I lived here,"I asked.

"I saw you leaving your apartment building and I thought you were cute so I followed you to try to catch up, then you spotted me and I saw you walk into that horrible demon of a man and I ran across the street to intercept him."

"Im sorry you had to save me,"

"Hey you dont need to apologize, it was no prob. In fact, Im gonna give you the last ticket to me and my friends circus." She hands me the ticket.

"Thank you very much," Im barely able to stutter.

I got to the circus right as it was starting the I walked in the big-top to see a crowd of men in the ring surrounding a small group of women who wore full body leotards and masquerade ball masks."H-H-Hey leave those girls alone, you perverts" I managed to say. everyone looked up at me including the performers. The girl I met before was in a plain purple sparkly leotard, a swallowtail butterfly mask, and purple ballet shoes that went quite well with her hair said "Hey its you. Girls, its the nice cute boy I met that I was telling you was coming."  I could see the wheels turning in the perverted minds of those men. I stepped back and turned to run, but the girls were suddenly standing in front of me. "Thank you for coming, it means so much to us," said the one in front. Her hair was blond, eyes were green, leotard was sparkly black with a white triangle in the center of the top front of the leotard and a sparkly orange tie shape, wearing a sparkly black top hat and a mask that looked like angel wings. They surrounded me, each gave me a kiss and then there was a rush of color and heat and everything went black.

Table of contents:

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