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Chapter 8 - Chase Rogue
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"Sick, man."
"Look at that!"

The boys were admiring their Common Room. It was grand, like the girl´s, but with a more masculine touch. The light was not a chandelier, but an ultra-modern LED light which beamed down on them, not humming or flickering as most lights do. 

The sofas at the end of the room were not plump or fluffy, but soft and sinky leather sofas, equipped with matching feet rests. They were all clustered around a plasma-screen TV- perfect for watching the match. The walls were crimson-red with a white skirting board and border, and the ceiling was carved and beautiful, yet still appealing to 17 year-old boys.

In the middle of the room was a black fake ursine pelt. It didn´t have a terrifying face as most pelts do, as it didn´t have a head or even paws, it just looked like a bear outstretched onto the black-and-white tiled floor.

Along the sides of the room were black and white beanbags, study desks and easels.

In the middle of the room sat the crown and glory- a modern, massive pool table.

Some of the boys ran over to this, feeling the green, soft fabric and touching the glossy cues. 

Like in the girl´s room were two staircases, only these were modern and black marble, gleaming in the expensive light. Felix quietly ran up the stairs to bag a good bed before the other boys got over the Common Room. 

Felix flopped on a spongy bed next to a window, like Scarlett´s. It was the same layout as the girl´s bedrooms, only with a modern twist.

The walls were still scarlet- which only reminded Felix of his least favourite person- with white trim. The windows had black film curtains, and the windows were white-shuttered, looking out into arenas, pitches, training grounds, courts, armouries- even a football pitch. 

In the ceiling were built-in disc-shaped LED lights, about 12 perfectly placed, and white sconces on the wall, dimly lit, to provide a more boyish aura. 

Each double bed was like the girl´s, but with black curtains, white pillows and crimson bed sheets. 

The floor was white marble. There was a black side table on each side of every bed; on one was a red, cube lamp and the other nothing. 

At the foot of the bed was a black leather trunk, with lock. Like Scarlett, Felix took the key and put it into his pocket. 

The other staircase lead to a duplicate of his open room, and meeting in the middle was the modern bathrooms and toilets. 

Felix, flopping on his bed, noticed a boy on the bed next to his, texting on his phone. He had black, short cornrows that hung a little off the back of his head, and his jumper was tied around his waist. His tie was hanging a little loose, and one of his shoelaces was undone.


The cornrows boy looked up from his phone. "My name´s Chase. Don´t judge me for it. I didn´t choose this name."
"No, I like your name! It´s epic. I´m Felix."

He smiled. "I like your name."

"Yeah, right."

"Seriously, I do! It´s sick."
Chase Rogue was one of 5. They had always lived in California, but liked moving houses and going on expensive holidays to every corner of the Earth- his father, Kingsley Rogue, was a successful businessman, who owned five apartment blocks, seven houses and dozens of hotels all over the globe. ‘Indigo Inns’ their business was called. One holiday in Morocco, they all went mountain biking. Chase and his twin sister Ariana, who were both 14 at the time, were on smaller mountains with their mother Hermione Rogue, as they were too young to go on the bigger mountains and someone had to look after them. Kingsley, with his foreign guide, was speeding along the mountain on his bike. The guide was telling him to slow down, but in a different language- he didn’t know much English. Starting to spin a little out of control, Kingsley tried to brake, but it was too late at this point. The brake was jammed. The front wheel was jammed into a small crevice, hurling Kingsley over the handlebars and down the sheer face of the mountain. He didn’t survive the drop. Hermione, losing her wits, admitted them both to Skothamor’s Senior Academy.   
Felix and Chase grinned at each other, exchanging favourite songs, favourite celebrities, and opinions. Only when they got onto the topic of friends was when Felix stopped having so much fun. 
“Any people you’ve met yet?” Chase asked, sinking deeper into his bed. Felix’s face fell and he picked at the stitching on his pillow. The truth was that it was only Chase, Scarlett and Bailey that he had met so far.
“Um,, a girl and her brother.”
“Ooo!” Chase laughed, nudging Felix. “Who’s this girl?”
Felix looked up immediately. “We’re complete enemies!”
“That’s what they all say!” Chase laughed.
“I’m serious! Scarlett is a complete PAIN.”
“Scarlett? I haven’t heard of her.”
“I’m really not into this lovey-dovey stuff,” Felix moaned.
“Seriously? Guy like you?”
Aster raised an eyebrow. “Don’t go there. I think I’m a complete airhead when it comes to meeting people.”
“Hey, don’t beat yourself up.”
“Scarlett seems like a toughie... aren’t you sympathetic that we’re in the same tutor?”
“Dude, I can’t help noticing that ‘sympathetic’ has ‘pathetic’ in it.”


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But tysm xxx
Updated 1526 days ago
Lol no I love urs, urs is way more amazing than mine!! xx
Updated 1526 days ago
I wish I went to that school :( I love ho you describe everyhing with such ´adult´ words. Makes my books seem childish lol! >_<
Updated 1528 days ago
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