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Chapter 7 - Common Rooms
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Scarlett felt OUTRAGED. Joining Moonclaw was supposed to the best thing that ever happened to her! And HE just comes in and ruins that for her. How DARE he. Scarlett furrowed her eyebrows at Felix. He had the most apologetic face, that Scarlett stopped being mad at him.
 But only for a minute. 
As long as they never, ever, ever, ever, EVER talk.
The Moonclaws were lead through the lobby and the grand, stone halls leading to the arenas and lessons. Finally, a floor below the Astronomy Tower, there was an extravagant corridor with a door on the left and on the right, a door at the end and a spiral staircase leading to another door.
"Hi, kids!" smiled Mr Kennelley. Some girls were still swooning. "This is the corridor for First-Year Moonclaw, and, obviously, I am your tutor. Hi." He smiled again. "Okay, on the left is the boys, the right the girls. Upstairs is my office and my bedroom, but do not come upstairs unless its an emergency." There was a massive intake of breath from the Kennelley Fangirls at the prospect of him sleeping remotely near them. Scarlett groaned and rolled her eyes. "The door at the end of the corridor, next to the staircase, is our meeting room. We go there for meetings, obviously, and tutor time at 9:00 AM every weekday morning. We will go over the daily routine once youve done your test and found your partner. But, for the moment, you can go bagsey your beds and unpack, because its time to move in! Youve got half an hour." displaying his perfect teeth once more, Mr Kennelley turned away to go upstairs.
The door clicked, and all the girls piled into the Common Room, chattering excitedly. The boys exchanged grunts and fist-bumps and laughs. Scarlett looked horrified at the girls door, then walked slowly in. The room was grand, with a high ceiling, a chandelier dangling from the carved centre. The floor was polished floorboards, but there were cushy sofas and plump pillows around a marble fireplace at the end of the room. There was a plushy, soft white rug in the middle of the room. Along the sides of the Common Room were paintings, study tables, easels, plants and desks. At the sides of the walls above their heads, was a balcony overlooking the room, with two grand staircases leading up to the marble platform. Everyone was silent for a moment. Then everyone screamed excitedly- and it was a race for the beds. The girls with the heels didnt stand a chance against the most elite fighters. Scarlett was the fastest, but one other girl wasnt far behind at all. Scarlett quickly dumped her bags on a bed at the end, next to a window, looking out onto beautiful woodlands. She admired all around her. 
The floor was polished tan marble, and the walls were peachy with white trim around the panels. The double beds were four-poster, with beautifully patterned, filmy curtains that swept elegantly to the ground. The memory-foam mattress was covered with silk, embroidered, golden quilts and cream-coloured cushions placed perfectly. Each bed looked exactly the same.

Next to each bed were a side table, one either side of each bed, with a beautiful cream lamp on one table and nothing on the other- free for the girls to put anything they want on it. 

At the bottom of each bed was a white-leather trunk to put possessions in, with a heavy lock. A silver key with a ribbon tied on it was next to the trunk. Smiling, Scarlett picked it up and put it in her pocket.

Scarlett was one of the only ones who was next to a window. Each window was white framed, and had filmy curtains like the ones on the beds. Gorgeous woodlands were outside, with birds chirping and a small river flowing. 

There was a crystal chandelier on the ceiling but it was barely needed due to the amount of natural light pouring in. About 4 meters away from the foot of the bed was a fence-like balcony, which was the one where you can look over into the common room. The second staircase led to an exact duplicate of Scarletts part. Meeting in the middle of the balcony was the toilets, gorgeous peach tiles on the walls and white on the floor. There were 15 power showers (with baths), 10 sinks and 15 toilets. The whole place was just truly magical. 

The girl who nearly caught up with Scarlett collapsed on the bed next to hers. She had cropped blond hair in a stylish cut, with loads of bobby clips. She was wearing a denim jacket over her shirt and tie. She was wearing earphones attached to an MP3, and about 20 bands on her wrist. She reminded Scarlett a lot of herself. 

"Hi, Im Scarlett" she smiled, holding out her fist. The girl grinned at her.

"Hey. Im Celestia." she fist-bumped Scarlett.

"Celestia? Thats such a cool name!"

"You can just call me Celeste, if you want. I love YOUR name!"


They smiled at each other. Scarlett knew they were gonna get along. 

Table of contents:

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...from The Hunger Games lol. Hope you like it!
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Why thank you! XD I can´t wait for the next chapter! I love this book, it´s so good AND I managed to get round to finishing a couple of chapters! Added something to Deaths Door. Stole some parts...
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Lol i get carried away thts y they´re so long rofl but yah i used Celestia bc its such a cute namee! xx Lol tysm i luv ur book so much x
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Celestia! How did I know you were going to call her Celestia?! Great story! Love every chapter! Might want to make them a little shorter though. IDK...It really is great!
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