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Chapter 6 - House sortings
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Felix wasnt sure what house he wanted to get into. Aargoncroff house was for the more knowledgeable students, but all the kids in that tutor looked so small and weedy- and extremely vulnerable to Tarekmor students. 

Tarekmor was for the well built students. Yeah, right. Everyone knew that Tarekmor was full of jocks and bullies. No WAY did Felix want to go to that house; or hed lose his pants in less than 5 minutes- as well of all the dignity he had left. 

Rochetjay was for the calm and collected kids. Felix saw in one of the Rochetjay classrooms, and most of them were meditating in the most awkward positions... Felix didnt particularly want to go to that house. Id probably need a medic to get my legs out from around my head if I was put into Rochetjay, he thought. 

Finally there was Moonclaw. It was for the most elite students, and the strongest fighters, but they werent spiteful like the Tarekmor kids. They seemed pretty friendly. Bailey was in Moonclaw, but Felix wasnt too keen on him anymore, seeing as he was related to that...scum. 

"Alright! Weve marked all the papers. Get ready to join your tutors once I call out your names- remember that Aargoncroff is yellow, Rochetjay is green, Moonclaw is blue and Tarekmor is red." Principle Rosselfield announced over his sculpted podium. 

Behind him were 4 adults, waving a different flag each. 

The man with the red flag was buff, with a short crop of dark hair on his muscly head. His body was huge, or his head was tiny- either way, he body looked WAY out of proportion. 

The lady waving the yellow flag looked small and frail, and though she seemed old she still looked young. Her skin seemed flawless, and her eyes were bright and gleaming sparks of blueish-green. Her hair curled gently in soft mousy waves down her back, and her face was kind, but her body seemed fragile and that of an elders.

The lady holding the green flag seemed happily sleepy. She had a fabric band tied around her pale head, so that bits of hair fell over the top. Dark brown hair, braided in some parts, climbed poker-straight down her arched back. Her clothes were florescent and baggy. Her eyelids were halfway down her green eyes, and a vague ghost of a smile stretched against her face. She was swaying slightly, and almost hugging her flag.

The man waving the blue flag looked fun, but still caring. He had a dark-blonde, scruffy hair, but playfully so. He looked like an unruly puppy, with happy blue eyes and a smiley face. A lot of the girls were giggling and whispering about him. Seemed as if the first-year Moonclaw tutor was a teenage heart-throb.

Felix looked at Scarlett to see if she was swooning too, but she was just listening to her tunes in her Dr Dre Beats. Felix rolled his eyes. 

"I will be sorting you in alphabetical order." Felix smirked at Scarlett. His name was before hers."Looks like youre gonna be here a while." 

"By your last name." 

Felixs smile quickly vanished. Scarlett smiled smugly at him. "Looks like youre gonna be here a while." 

"Alison Akerman?" Principle Rosselfield called. A small girl scuttled up to the top. Her hair was a blond bob, and she had small round glasses perched on her nose. She looked extremely scared, and Felix felt a little sorry for her. The Principle looked down at her. 

"You are Aargoncroff. Congratulations. Go and join Mrs Lillicrow." 

Alison pitter-pattered over to the lady waving the yellow flag. Mrs Lillicrow smiled at her, and Alison threw herself onto one of the chairs behind Maam, blowing upwards, making her long fringe ruffle. 

"Natasha Afeham?" 

Some murmurs spread through the crowd of boys. A tall girl with long, snow-blonde hair falling down her back clip-clopped up onto the stage, walking confidently in her high heels. Felix smiled. Another heart-throb. She smiled like a movie star, displaying pearl white teeth in a perfect smile, exposing cute dimples. 

"You are Rochetjay. Congratulations. Go and join Miss Otesmay." 

"Thank you, sir." Natasha said in a silky voice. Miss Otesmay smiled peacefully at her. 

"Take a seat, child. Perform the Lotus Position to absorb all positive energy."

Reluctantly, Natasha pushed her legs in place on the plastic seat, having to take of her heels, behind Miss Otesmay.

"Scarlett Blanc?" 

What is it with all the girls, Felix thought. 

Scarlett removed her Dr Dres and walked to the stage. One of the boys wolf-whistled and his mates laughed. Scarlett stopped for a second to glare at them, then went to meet Principle Rosselfield. 

"You are Moonclaw. Congratulations. Go and join Mr Kennelley."

Scarlett clenched her fists and smiled, biting her lip as soon as he said Moonclaw. She walked quickly towards Mr Kennelley, still smiling, and shook his hand. Felix saw her lips moving to say, Do you know my brother? Mr Kennelley smiled, nodding. Scarlett sat excitedly on a plastic chair behind Sir. 

More names passed. Felix nearly fell asleep on his chair...which was becoming...very....comfy....

"Felix Monte?" 

He jumped suddenly from his chair. A giggle washed over the crowd. Blushing, Felix staggered to the stage, still in a groggy day-dream. Some of the girls were staring at him coldly. Silently judging me, thought Felix grimly. He came up next to Mr Rosselfield. 

"You are..."

Felix watched his jaw go up and down.

"...Moonclaw. Congratu...." 

Felix couldnt hear anything after that- mainly, because he was having a minor panic attack. His heart skipped about seven beats. He looked at Scarlett. She looked horrified. 

Why? Why HER? 


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Why do you keep saying Aster instead of Felix?
Updated 1522 days ago
Ackerman? I think we found Mikasa
Updated 1583 days ago
You don´t post anymore... :´(
Updated 1766 days ago
But tysm! Squee xx i luv ur first chapter before it dissapeared! x
Updated 1774 days ago
Another chapter lol x
Updated 1774 days ago
wow!*_* I have alot of competition! (jk, this is no competition!) But srsly it is a really good book! When you say to be continued, do u mean that there will be another book or another chapter lol
Updated 1774 days ago
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