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Chapter 13 - California Here I come
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Chapter 13 California Here I come


            Vladamir looked up into the camera, nodded, pulled back his lips to display a thin smile, and raising a shotglass of Vodka, saluted the two boys. 
     “Isis is most impressed with your abilities, they believe you to be their Lord returned”  Slade grinned, and Burger smiled contentedly, 
     “They think that it is time that you displayed your power on their enemy, The Great Sat-tan as they call it. Are you up for some city demolition?”  If Slade was with Berger physically, Burger would have nudged him with his elbow. As it was, Burger took the first long chug of the newly synthesized beverage, and wiped his chin savoring the afterburn, 
     “Hey Slade,” Burger called, “We are going to wreck a city, be sure to rest up tonight”
     “Whats the city called, Vlad?” Asked Burger, Vladaimir tapped the vodka cup twice on the desk, and then downed the shot.
     “It hasn’t been decided but since your friends are on the east coast of the country, we will select a west coast city”  Burger shook his head, as if he had not heard Vladamir correctly,
    “What’s that about our friends on the East Coast?” This was the first he had heard about Yelids situation. 
    “It’s World wide news, boy g-ds. Don’t you know everything mighty Haman?”  Vladamir laughed as he toyed with some dials on his console, and piped into Burgers screen, newsfeed;  The big world news was, “Giants in New York”  Berger watched transfixed, So, Yelid was alive, and most likely had the Diwrecker unit,  and he was with Cory.  They would place the blame for everything on him. Just as Bendict said.  He resolved that he had to get that piece back, it was their only proof tying him to the monopod malfunction. He had something that Yelid wanted and would most likely trade for the Diwrecker unit;
    The Screen showed Yelid and Cory, the wimps, taking an oath of allegiance to the country that they befriended. The City looked awesome on his screen, but he had to re set his translator to take in the new language being spoken. He watched the world reaction to the first space people with distain.  Oh, they would get to know us space people, very well, he thought, Tomorrow he would get the spotlight and the worlds attention, tomorrow with his friend and with the little one, they would destroy a large city. The reign of Haman had begun.  Life could not be any better, he grinned like a cat. 

    Jafar the electronic wizard, and Ali the communications expert stood on Punims control panel, and with great craft and skill and in spite of their tiny size, compared to the equipment they were working on,  they were able to do what Punim could not; they bypassed the block set up by the host Monopod and hacked their way to a communications channel. Perhaps they might also be able to transmit a signal,  it would have to be unnoticed by the host ship.  Ari held up his arm, and all looked to him for his announcement. A new signal was coming in, broadcast from an unknown source to Haman’s Monopod. Ali jumped closer to the unit to try to better hear through  interfering static, a voice in Russian  saying that an attack on a West Coast American city was underway. Akram the one with political ties, spoke up, 
    “The people must be warned, see if we can use our outgoing signal to locate a commercial frequency.  We must reach their President” All of Diadra’s group were in agreement. 
    “The Authorities must be notified.” Ari found a host frequency, now all they had to do was get those receiving their message to believe them.  In the soft seat bed, Punim slept comfortably. 
    Buddy was out on the second hour of his tour, General Holland was at the center of the Beehive of activity that was their home base. The story of the destruction of the Iraqi town, a massacre allegedly carried out by three giant boys gave him feelings of deep foreboding. It grew darker as he reviewed Burgers Isis message to San Iglisia.   These killers were the opposite of the friendly Giants in our harbor. Of all the damn people they decided to hook up with!  Questions had to be answered. It was essential that he speak with Yelid and Cory now!  He removed the cellophane from a twenty seven dollar Padron, and notched the end. He struck his wooden match, and as he lit it he said, 
The city tour is officially postponed till a later time, His officers gathered round him as he set up a conference with the boys at a remote base, up the Hudson. There he would question the boys.

    “Excuse me sir, something new coming in”,  It was the Chef communications officer, 
    “We have a strange incoming sir, first picked it up on a local police 911 channel they want to talk to the President, an urgent message, perhaps its just a prank, but we thought you should listen, it’s carried on an unusual frequency, one usually reserved for natural disaster warnings,” The officer explained, 
    “We sourced its broadcast location to somewhere in the soviet union,” The General slipped on the headset, and immediately recognized the accent; Middle eastern, an Iraqi speaking English He listened in silence as the chilling message unfolded. "Oh my Lord", He said under his breath, 
   “Lock me in with the President” 

    “Do you recognize these boys?” Questioned General Holland, Yelid and Cory watched the news clip on their virtual view screens, suspended before them. The pictures were taken from the earth broadcasts, showing the destruction of the village, as captured by the locals, on their phones. The General carefully watched the boys reactions. Yelid shot a glance to Cory, and nodded. 
    “Yeah” Replied Yelid, “We know them, They are in my class. They must have followed us in. I’m sorry for the damage they are doing, they should know better” Yelid said, feeling guilty for having those troublemakers finding their way here. 
    “I had no idea they were following us, That’s Burger and Slade, and the other one..” Yelid hesitated, 
    “The other one is my younger brother, He’s only six, and I don’t think he knows what he is doing.” The General took a draw from his cigar, and pointed at the screen saying,
    “The little one seemed to be enjoying himself,” 
    “They must have done something to him, He’s a good boy.” Yelid replied defensively.  
    “Something we didn’t tell you before, Your brother destroyed everything and everyone on a foreign military outpost, That’s where we first found him“  Both boys were silent. The General continued,
    “We were not sorry to see the island outpost destroyed, frankly it was the home to terrorists and cutthroat drug runners, good riddance, but this village in Iraq ? Why would he go along with the other two?” Then the big question,
    “How come our weapons don’t touch them?”  Neither of the boys could answer as to why Punim was going along with the older boys, they had no answer, It seemed so obvious however to Yelid, that he was surprised that the General wouldn’t know about their utility strap defense utilities. 
    “As long as he wears it,” Yelid explained, “Nothing you have can touch him. We all have straps. They are never to be removed outside of the house.”

There go the Nukes, the General thought to himself.  The grim prospect of the boys attacking a west coast city, gnawed at him, The leader of the mightiest military  in the world, feeling powerless against an onslaught of three gigantic boys. They had no time and no defenses; the attack was to occur sometime tomorrow.  
    Dr Baxter was scribbling some figures on a piece of scrap paper, he handed it to the General, By foot, it would take Yelid and Cory ten hours to get to the West Coast, There would be inevitable destruction as the boys would be traveling quickly, but they could at least avoid heavily populated areas. Dr Armstrong added,
    “By the time the boys get there, the city might already be destroyed, besides, what would you have the boys do?  Fight it out?”  Cory and Yelid who were both listening, did not like that idea. Burger was always fighting, and usually won. Slade was a dirty fighter.  The General glanced at the boy’s body language, paused and suggested that maybe the boys could negotiate, maybe even get the utility straps off “Haman, and Og” as they called themselves.
    “If you boys could do that, then my weapons would be effective”  The conference was momentarily put on hold, as the General got word from the President that a mass evacuation of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco was to take precedent and would be coordinated after the security council meeting.  The National Guard and all the armed services would take part in an unprecedented undertaking; To turn the cities into ghost towns, in ten hours. It was fortunate that the state of California had just invested in an earthquake preparedness protocol, little dreaming that it would be enacted so soon.  As the destination city became apparent, the other two city evacuations could be called off, and the forces consolidated.  
    When the word of a West coast attack reached Buddy, he quickly dialed up his ex on his smart phone. Her Icon smiled and told him to try again later. He couldn’t get through, so he left a message, that she was to avoid the three cities, and to call him when she got this. In frustration he slipped his phone back into his jacket pocket.
     At the outset of the conference Dr Baxter asked that Cory return him to the adults, Cory carefully opened his straps utility compartment, and helped the frail tiny man out, he brought his palm over to the platform, and waited till the Doctor was safely settled. 
    “Yelid” Asked Buddy during the lull in the conference, 
    “If you are going to the West Coast, could you take me with you? My children are out there, I need to know they are safe.”  Yelid who had been worrying about his brother all along, could relate. 
    “Sure Buddy, I’ll be glad to have you with me” Yelid answered sincerely.

    Punim awoke to the happy wake up melody, it was evident that his monopod was on the move,  as he rubbed his eyes, he remembered about his new friends, he looked around, and blinked a few times,  They were so tiny, he thought,  he glanced over to the communications panel, and saw the group sleeping, all except Diadra, who was sitting awake, and alert. 
    “Good morning Punim, did you sleep well?” She asked, Punim liked that, it was just like a family greeting. He smiled and nodded, 
    “Good morning little Diadra, do you want some breakfast Cereal?  I have some frosty links,  my favorite, want to try some?”  The Giant boys food was out of the question, there were important things that need be said, Diadra said no. 
    “Wanna take a shower?”  Again she said no, 
    “Listen to me Punim, can you hear me?” Punim shook his head.
    “The boys are going to wreck a city today” Punim thought to himself, “Oh Boy!” but Diadra continued. 
    “They will ask you to join them, but this time you must not.” Punim looked at her with questioning eyes. 
    “The last time you said it was OK” Punim frowned.
    “These are different people, they want to live, and take no honor in being crushed, so it would be wrong for you to crush them.”  Punim continued frowning. 
    “Can I watch?” Punim pouted,   Diedra nodded and said, 
    “Yes, from the Monopod, but don’t go out there, you would be tempted to join Haman, and that would be wrong” 
    “What should I say when they ask me to join them?”  Diedra thought for a second, and recognizing the narcissist nature, and raging egos of Burger and Slade, she suggested that Punim just tell them that they do such a great job, he’d be happy just watching them wreck the place, You can ask them to hook up their remote viewers so you can see what they are doing close up.” That part sounded good,  
  OK, Punim agreed, digging his spoon into the last of the cereal.  Diedra watched the boy finish his bowl, and lift the rim to his lips, to drink up the white liquid; he lapped the edge with his tongue, like a cat. 
    Jafar was awake now, and watching the navigational equipment,  He correlated the data, and determined that they were heading toward the central west coast area, and that would indicate either San Diego, or Los Angeles as the target city. Since the crafts were cloaked, there was no chance they would show up on Earth radar; It would be a surprise attack. Ali conveyed his message to the same channel that took his last message and waited patiently. Not being able to receive independent signals, they could not be sure their messages were being heard. 
    Punim who just washed up, interrupted the group, there was something he wanted to see.  He took out his remote viewer and tossed it to the console, it hovered before him waiting for instructions.  
    “I wanna see if you people are”real” real.” Punim announced.
    “Diadra showed me when we first met, but you five have not, and I wanna know.”  Diadra who knew what Punim was getting at, explained to her comrades that they had to disrobe for the Giant boys inspection.  The group, standing now on the desktop display, glanced among one another, and without hesitation they all undressed, shedding their garments.  The viewer zoomed in and circled each one,  Punim looked on contented, and smiled, OK, he said; Now I know; Two men and two boys and one more girl. 
    “Don’t you want to stay this way?” Punim asked them, not understanding the concept of clothing.” Jafar dressing, laughed and said,
    “No giant boy, It is you that needs to find some clothing.” The group hastily re dressed. Punim was satisfied, his friends looked just like him, only so tiny at a half-inch tall standing.

    Long Beach, Los Angeles; The morning sun had burned through the mist, promising a pleasant beach day. And now at ten o’clock the temperature was already at seventy eight degrees. This day, the beach was not as crowded as usual, it was at the
ridiculous hour of four in the morning that the sirens alerted the city of it’s call for a mandatory emergency evacuation.
    The Civic forces wheels turned, and the game plan was enforced, by seven AM the traffic was jammed in all directions heading out of the city, putting a normal morning rush hour to shame. The Ventura Freeway, the Harbor Freeway, and the Five as well as all other traffic arteries were at a crawl. All the radio stations were urging citizens to leave the proximity of the city; Go East inland, or even north, but be clear of the city limits. About thirty percent of the civilians heeded the message, and now they found themselves grid locked. Those twenty miles from the city would be safe.
    The majority however put off leaving the city, with questions of why they should do so. A cover story of Earthquake detection was circulated; The talk radio stations were having a ball. In the cities midtown financial district, the crowds were thinner but other than that, it looked like business as usual.

     Offices in the high skyscrapers shared the beautiful view, from the upper floors the exclusive offices were open. Shop owners worried about loosing a days business, ignored the  warning. At the food places, patrons dined talking about the evacuation over breakfast and coffee, Shops operated at half capacity.
     “Can I get a donut for desert?” Questioned Gabe,  Rebecca would want one also, and Evelyn had been trying to ween the kids off of sweets; Another bad habit that they picked up from Buddy, their father. 
     “No donuts”, She announced, 
     “But maybe you can share a Bran quinoa muffin.” 
     “Aw Ma,” Gabe protested. Rebecca mimicked him and chimed in, “Aw Ma”  The Grand Vista dining room of the Shattermore hotel, overlooked the heart of the downtown area. It was an amazing view, and Evelyn had a window front table, Gabe turned his attention to the buildings on the skyline, and imagined himself as tall as he was high up, a giant in the city. Rebecca sipped her orange juice.  
    The sky was particularly clear for this time of year; So Evelyn was told. She could make out the Hollywood sign in the mountains to the north west, The Wiltshire shopping district was below, and a few blocks over to Olive Street and Broadway, ran the Jewelry district. She planed to go to the St Anthony Mart, in the heart of the district to buy herself a diamond tennis bracelet, with some of the money that she received from her alimony settlement. She noticed that her phone, on vibration mode, was buzzing away, Looking at the screen, she saw the incoming from Buddy, grimaced and slipped the phone back in her pocket book.
     The staff was working with a skeleton crew, the rest of the employees had heeded the evacuation notice. That is why the toast got to the table cold, and why it was taking so long for the waiter to bring her the bill.  This is the kind of service she would expect the rest of the day.  Maybe things would be different in the Jewelry Mart. She would only be in the Los Angeles area till five, when she would take the kids to the airport and board a flight up to San Francisco to visit her sister Adelle. 

    Punim was alerted of an incoming message, he switched the board to receive it. Slades face lit up the screen,
    “Hey Squirt, are you up yet?  You know we have some big plans for the day, If you like what we did yesterday, you are going to have a lot more fun today!” Even when Slade was trying to be friendly, his crooked smile looked threatening, His albino features added to the menace.  So,  How are you feeling?  Did you see the crush details?”  Punim shook his head and honestly answered that he had not, 
    “No problem squirt, we are gonna make some epic vids today.”  
    “He’s right, Goliath, wait till you see the place we are going to wreck, I’m sending you some news clips of the place they call LA, We are going to have a great time wrecking it, We should be getting there in about two more earth hours.”  Then he added, 
     “Have you been messing with the controls at all?”  Punim shook his head, he had not. Burger eyed him  and said, “Just wondering”
    If Buddies smart phone had a receiver, he would have slammed it down. Evelyn was ignoring him, she had a tendency to ignore any of the details in her life that bothered her, this was her style, this is how she coped.
    It was first seen by the beach-goers at Long Beach, Three shapes coming out of the mist, above the horizon and gliding gracefully in.  They grew as they approached, and at a half mile off shore, the three egg shaped craft stopped.   Each of the craft measured a thousand feet tall, they were by far the largest objects in view, dwarfing the beach front hotels and shops.
    The surfers stood on the shore marveling at the huge objects hovering off the coast. A rustle of anticipation arose from the crowd as the side of the vessel seemed to go transparent, and from each craft emerged a colossal giant boy. The third craft remained sealed. Burger Stepped out and found himself in shallow water, Slade walked up right next to him. Burger, the oldest stood Nine hundred feet tall and was well proportioned, He surveyed the onlookers on shore. Slade threw down the remote viewers, and stood beside Burger. Tapping his communication app on his strap, he cleared his throat, and said. 
    “Greetings tiny people. I am Haman the Destroyer, and this is Og, the King of Bashin. You are the lucky ones, for we have decided to destroy your City, on behalf of the ..” A News helicopter flew in close to Burgers ankle, interrupting his speech. He continued,
    “Yes, get all of your reporters here, for my message is for everyone of you insects, As I was saying, before you rudely interrupted me,”  At this point  Burger quickly raised his knee, and brought down his foot on the hovering helicopter, smashing it down into the shallow waters, where it exploded in a small fireball beneath his foot. 
    “As I was saying, If you are wondering why we are killing everyone, It is the Jihad that requests this of us. Nothing personal, and frankly we would most likely choose to destroy you, even if we were not invited to do so. We simply find you fun to kill.” He put his arms out, and shrugged his shoulder.  Slade took a careful step to the waters edge, and brought his foot down upon forty beachgoers, the water washing out was tinged red. Burger continued, 
    “Unfortunately we will not be joined by Goliath, unless he asks to join us later. He would rather monitor our magnificent destruction from his craft. I can’t say I blame him, we are magnificent are we not?” He waited a second before saying, 
    “I can’t hear you!“ He quizzed.  Those gazing at the Giants stood awe struck, and in terror. Burger looked at his utility strap translator, was it still set on Russian Translate? He tapped it, and continued,
    “Og and I decided to walk to your city, we need our exercise you know, and we will happily crush everything along the way. Be sure to tune in to the evening news, It will be The story, But first, a word from Our sponsor; Isis  Join us by saying,  Allahu Akbar and I may spare your lives, but most likely not!  Now excuse me, can any one of you, tell me where your city is?” 
     Burger toyed with the tiny people scattering before his foot, his remote view seeking out individual victims; that girl in the small bikini over there, and the young couple pushing a baby carriage over here. Then there was the fat man coming out of the coffee shop, standing by the door, or the police officer drawing his gun. 
    “You there, excuse me, can you tell me how to get to LA?”  Burger asked in a pleasant voice .  The victims singled out were crushed under Burgers toe. 
    “I say,Og,  lets start walking in that direction, I see some tall buildings off to the East a bit,   My map says Crystal City, lets take a look. 
    “Right Haman, lets walk, the big city is ahead, in that direction, lets go” Stepping forward from the beach, his left foot devastated the six lane highway, Rt 1, crushing cars and buses that traversed the busy thoroughfare, and leaving a ten foot deep impression of his footprint.  The sound of screams, metal flattening out, and crunching pavement were music to the boy’s ears. 
    “Goliath doesn’t know what he’s missing, this is no backwards village like the last place we demolished, this place is intricate; With roads, suspended wires, underground pipes, and lots and lots of tiny people for us to trample.”  Except for the taller properties along the coast, most of the inland buildings were low affairs, with an occasional puny rectangular box buildings standing maybe halfway up the boys ankle. The boys could see the spires of LA glittering in the early sun, in the near distance.




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