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Chapter 5 - A Storm is Coming
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This is awkward, thought Scarlett. She glared menacingly at Felix. What a jerk. What does Bailey see in him? Felix glared back. His blond, spiky hair was swept to the side of his face, and his skin was tanned. His jumper was rolled up and his tie was hanging casually loose. His eyes were swirling grey pools. Scarlett could already tell that Felix was very knowledgeable and intelligent just by looking at him. So what? She was intelligent, too. Smart enough, anyway. A tall, thin man came out of a grand door on a stage, in the great hall which had all the new students in it. He stood at the podium. His suit was crisp and formal, and he had a small quiff which was kept neatly trimmed. His tie was at a perfect angle, and his expression was blank and solemn. His eyes were dull, wet pools of brown. 

"Hello, new students." his voice was surprisingly friendly despite his appearance. "I hope youre enjoying your first hour here, and that youve made plenty of friends." He smiled humorously. "Youll need them." Scarlett glared back at Felix once more. His eyes gleamed with hatred.

"I am Principle Rosselfield, owner of Skothamors Senior Academy. And let me tell you now..." he leaned over the podium. " here is tough. Its either fight, or die." A wave of silence swept over the hall. 

"Or sometimes both." Principle Rosselfield continued. "You will be put through a series of tests very soon to determine who you would be paired with for battle." One of the children put her hand in the air. "Battle, sir?" she asked inquisitively. The Principle nodded grimly. 

"Yes. A storm is coming, children. A storm greater than this school has ever faced. The Crimson War is dawning. And its best were ready when She comes." For a moment, there was utter silence. Then murmurs spread through the crowd. 

"She? Whos she?" 

"Crimson War? What??"  

"What do you think of fighting, Blondie?" Scarlett smirked at Felix. He blushed angrily. He obviously did not like being insulted for his hair. 

"If I were against you, Mud-head, Id definitely win."

"Is that a challenge?"


"Come on, Blondie! I did martial arts for 2 years before I came here. I think we both know who would win in a fight." Scarlett crossed her arms and leaned back a little, smirking smugly with dimples in her cheeks. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. 

"Okay, were sorting out the House Groups now. Here are your test sheets," Principle Rosselfield said, giving each student a paper booklet. "Each of you will go into a different Sorting Room to prevent trying to get in the same group as your friends." Room? Over-exaggeration of the year. A tiny boxed room was given to each student. The room had a small steel chair and a wooden desk. Scarlett was a thin girl, but her shoulders were still pressed up against the walls of the room.

First question: Do you like Fighting?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) I will if I have to

(d) I would never fight!

Scarlett didnt really consider any other answers apart from the one she picked. She didnt fancy herself brutal, and the last thing she was was meek. Scarlett circled (c) without hesitation.

Second question: Whats your favourite sport?

(a) Football

(b) Rugby

(c) Other: ________

(d) I dont play sports.

This was easy. Scarlett quickly circled football. She was forced by her father to watch the game every week, but she actually grew to enjoy it and loved to play it. After these questions followed more physical ones, such as what weapon are you comfortable using, do you have a sports related background and even would you give up fatty foods to stay fit for war. 

Table of contents:

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A storm is coming...
Updated 1458 days ago
I love this book! can´t wait for chapter...5?, thanks for writing this! Love ~ Tash
Updated 1650 days ago
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