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Chapter 4 - Senior School
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An aura of change was amongst the chattering crowd of students from Skothamors Senior Academy- a few smaller teens were wearing four-sizes too-big blazers or jumpers, and ties that were hanging off their necks, but all clothes were pristine and brand-new. They were the new students from the outside world, who were feeling particularly small in a big school of big people and big tests. One of the new students was Felix Blanc- a slightly insecure smart-boy, though with the potential to be popular, he lacked a lot of social skills and seemed to only have personality and looks on his side. One boy caught his eye. He was older than himself, and tall, with long-ish mousy hair that was swept over one eye. His face was narrow, but as narrow as it needed to be, and he was slightly freckled over his nose. He was probably about 20, so maybe this was his last year at the school. Clinging to him was a girl, also a new student. Felix approached the two of them. They seemed to ignore him, continuing to hug each other. "Uhm, hello." Felix began awkwardly. The older boy let go of the smaller girl, who looked like she was about 16. 
"Hi! Youre new? Im Bailey Blanc. Nice to meet you." Bailey offered his hand clenched in a fist. Smiling, Felix fist-bumped it back. 
"Hey. My names Felix." he glanced nervously at the girl, who was still clinging onto Bailey.
"Oh, dont mind her. This is my little sister, Scarlett. We havent had contact with each other for four years, so this is our first....first time...." his face fell and hugged Scarlett more than before. He let go, and smiled at her once more. "Well, Id better be going. Our tutor here is REALLY grumpy. See you around, Felix. Bye, Scarlett." He turned and left, a cloud or male companions swarming around him. Only then did Felix finally see the face of Scarlett. 

Her caramel hair was swept back behind her shoulders in soft waves, and her eyes were dark green and deep. She had dimples either side of her pale lips. Her skin was clear and olive-coloured, and she made the dull uniform her own, with dozens of assorted braided bracelets and bands, her grey jumper was rolled up to her elbows and her tie has some stitches picked out of it so that she had her own individual pattern. Scarlett stared back at Felix. 

"Who are you?" she asked in a confident, perhaps boyish voice. 

"Im Felix Monte." 

She raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Felix? As in, Felix the cat?" she laughed jokingly.

Felix blushed red. "Actually, its originally a humans name! And isnt Scarlet a BOYS name?"
Scarletts smile fell from her face. She folded her arms and furrowed her eyebrows. "Yeah, but when its a double T then its a girls name. And mine has two Ts. So THERE." 

"Does it make any difference?"

"Shut up, blondie."

"Quiet, mud-head." 

Great. Now were insulting each others hair colours, thought Felix. This isnt the best way to start off at Senior School.

Table of contents:

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Jace Herondale
possibly fix this please. Thx
Updated 1038 days ago
Jace Herondale
It seems like a good book so far but you are rushing it would seem when you made these because of all the Name switches like at the end of chap 2 felix became Aster or Chap 3 Felix Blanc??? Could you-
Updated 1038 days ago
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