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Chapter 12 - Five Stories continued
ivor | Published 1173 days ago

Violence Alert: 

Punims Friends, continued; 

 It was just his enormous size that overwhelmed her, but He seemed to be more curious then cruel, and he wore the sign of Ibrim´s covenant. 

      "Yes I am talking to you" She shouted, although his communicator heard her quite well, she did not have to raise her voice.

       "I´m down here waving at you, can you see me? My name is Diadra, please help me and my friends. Save us, and we may be able to help you, Oh mighty Goliath” 

      “My name is Punim”  Corrected the boy who now squatted down to get a better look at the tiny earth creature. Using his remote viewer Punim could clearly see the dark haired girl, still he was not sure of the gender. Diadra trembled as the giant boy squated, towering over her. He brought his hand down to her, and extended his thumb as if to crush a tiny insect with it. He held it over her as he asked, 

   “You are not a scant?” Punim raised his eyebrow, Diadra shook her head, and said, 
   “No, what’s a scant?” She was relieved when he pulled back his hand. Punim lectured, 
   “It’s a insect like we have on our planet” 
   “No I am not a scant” Diadra replied."I am a human"   Punim bent down even further to get a better look, The girl boldly stood before the giants countenance. 
   “Are you a boy or a girl?” Asked Punim, before she could answer, he commanded her, 
   “Take off that material and let me see you for your real self”  Diadra heard Punims request and did not hesitate, she let her garment drop, to let the young giant see her naked body. The magnifier revealed her slim girlish figure, and Punim smiled, 
   “You’re a Girl” He said with delight,  Diadra put her cloak back on, and said to the giant,
   “Punim, will you help us please?”  Punim had already decided to help these little ones, especially if they were against Burger and Slade.  Shaking his head yes, Punim asked, 
   “How can I help You?”  Diadra explained how she had several friends, they needed to be out of there, and in contact with the Western world.  Their village was being destroyed and thousands were being killed as they were speaking. Burger and Slade were on a stomping frenzy, trying to see who could crush the most. The streets were reduced to rubble, the people caught under the giants tread coated the boys underfoot in a thick coating of gore and dust. They were like grapes in a winepress.     Their cries were unheeded by the outside world, unaware of the massive slaughter going on.  
   “Take us with you, carry us out, and do not let the other boys know about us. We will be your secret, OK?”  This appealed to Punim who put his open palm at ground level, 
   “You and your friend will come with me, climb on my hand, I won’t hurt you. I will take you to my Monopod and you can hide there.  Diadra signaled her friends in the cave, they reluctantly came out of the mouth of the cave where they had been hiding.   Her brother Jafar, an expert on language and electronics,  Akram, the diplomat studying international affairs at the university, Marko the doctor, and Ali, the communication expert, he had ties to the West, then there was Noora her friend who knew about weapons. Noora was an orphan her parents were killed at the last uprising. She was now living with Diadra.  The six climbed upon the wide eyed giants extended palm,  Carefully cupping his palm he effortlessly lifted them up, rather than try to stand, and loose their balance, the friends of Diadra sat as he lifted them hundreds of feet up, 
   “I will put you in my ship” Punim said, his translator finally working right, they could all speak and be heard, without strain. After they were all secured in Punims monopod, Diadra spoke, 
   “Listen Punim, you must go back and join the other boys, so as not to arouse suspicion. If you have to step on my people, you may do so.” She looked down, and then back up at Punim. 
   “They are ready to die for the glory of Allah as martyrs. Do not be cruel, kill them quickly.  Somewhat reluctantly but with mixed feelings, Punim agreed to do so, he shook his head. It was strange what his new friends asked.  
   “Where have you been Goliath?” Questioned Burger, as he spotted Punim coming over to join them,
   “C’mon and join the fun, we saved a few for you to crush” Punim looked at the fleeing masses by his feet, and remembered how his new friends looked, tiny creatures but just like him. He observed the careless way the two older boys were crushing and mucking up the mobs, turning them into paste beneath their feet. Even knowing what he now knew, that these were tiny beings, he still had to admit to himself that stepping on them, like back on the island, was pleasurable, fun and exciting. He would try not to enjoy squashing them as much as he did. 
   “There ya go, look at Punim mashing them” Said Slade, Punim closed his eyes smiling in pleasure, 
   “Kill them quickly” He remembered Diadra saying, They wanted to die! How strange  Punim thought, as he lowered his foot on the swirling masses in front of him, their screaming a constant cacophony, could be heard even up to the boys ears. Their soft bodies mashing beneath his foot, tickled him, the ground turned red and slippery with the blood of the tiny people. Punim lifted his foot, and looked at all the crushed bodies clinging to the bottom of his sole and instep and smiled.  Ewww he said, He then placed his foot on a small group of people on the corner, mashing them and giggling. Their remains oozed between his toes.  Burger watched as Punim went into stomping action, Burger encouraged him,
   “That a boy, crush them all,  you should really be recording this for playback later, it’s a kick to watch them mash, up close, in slow motion.”
   As he continued his own rampage of destruction. Slade got the idea to pick up handfuls, crush them in his hand, and wipe his body down with their bloody remains. Burger picked up a handful, squeezed them to a mash in his palm, and using the fingers of his right hand, applied the red grue, as paint, to his face and chest and privates. Then he turned to Punim, and painted him too; dots on the cheeks, chin and circling his neck, and a red streak down his shaft. Punim hated to admit it, but he felt the glow of achievement. Those on the ground watched in terror as the awesome and terrifying creatures, defying nature and all their senses, gleefully trod upon the remains of the ancient city. The boys acted as wrathful G-ds of a biblical age. Would they bring down the evil western world next, fulfilling the prophecies of yore?  A dark age of a world to come, promised by the prophets, and taken by the angry and vengeful, living and breathing, massive Lords from space. Giant beings who delighted in acts of violence and bloodshed.   
   UN observation drones caught the bloody carnage, Another Iraq town taken by Isis. The genocidal slaughter of the Shia by the Sunni and the world averted its attention. Family business. 
    The airwaves were already occupied with the breaking story from the other side of the world, “Giant Aliens visit New York City”
    While Burger and Slade were watching the replay footage of their slaughter, Punim was showering off the gory remains. After he dried off, he switched off his communications audio so Burger couldn´t listen in. Now he was ready to get to know his new friends better, He hoped they liked his cartoons.


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