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Chapter 11 - Five Stories
ivor | Published 1173 days ago

Chapter 11, Five Stories;

Story One; Colossus of New York


       The harbor was opened for Yelids grand entry. With all the pomp and pageantry that the city was able to muster in such a short period.  It put on a fine display greeting the first visitor from space. Lining the Harbor and flanking both banks of the river, were the Fireboats, shooting arcs of water like artistic fountains. Yelid was impressed with everything before him; The small boats water display made him wonder if the Bedem “Water Greeting ritual” would be a protocol here on this planet as well; Most likely not, although if the earth people wanted, He would be able to show them an awesome water display, Yelid chuckled to himself. 
    The bridges were suppose to be clear of traffic, but in truth, the people had pushed down the boundaries, and all the bridges were covered with pedestrians, hoping to get spectacular views as the Giant passed.  Yelid would, as promised, take slow and small steps, coming upon obstacles, Such as Bridges and Watercraft. He was to stand still and wait for permission to continue. 
      It reminded Buddy of his kids playing “Red Light, Green Light” as he spoke to the giant boy, who would ask,

     “May I?”  Buddy smiled to himself, 
     “Yes you may, Take one giant step.” In truth, Buddy missed his children who were with their mother on the West coast, and out of touch with him, thanks to an unscrupulous lawyer and a miserable custody battle that she won.        As a result, he would only see his son Gabe, 7 and his daughter Rebecca,5,  on Birthdays, Holidays, and one week in the Summer, and that was tearing him apart. She claimed to the Judge that he was too involved in his work, to find time for her and the children. If Buddy had his way, his kids would be by his side, all the time, even here at this momentous occasion. 

    Only upon seeing the colossus in the Harbor, did the reality of the boys bareness sink in. There was nothing to be done about it, It would take months to produce a garment;  The boy was utterly at ease with his condition, not even realizing the cultural and religious taboos that were being destroyed, just by his being here.  The concept of body modesty was as alien to Yelid and the rest of the inhabitants of Bedem, as their naturalness is alien to Earths western populations. With their mastery of climate control, clothing for protection and shelter became a relic of their past. Ironically, garments being worn, was a sign of primitive cultures, on most of the other worlds. The Bedem of course had costumes designating ranks, for special occasions, but they were ceremonial in nature. 
    Buddys voice was warm and comforting, as he greeted the boy to the city,   He had advanced feed, and was tracking the second boys progress, Everything was coming together miraculously on schedule.  Doctor Baxter, who was in contact with Cory, gave the thumbs up. And a mile south of the Harbor entrance, a second Colossus was seen emerging from the waters, to stand blinking, looking at the city in wonder. 
    Yelid was staring ahead studying the tiny waterfront buildings with their docks and wooden piers. 
    “Don’t look now, but remember we promised you a surprise? Well guess what just entered the harbor.” Yelid spun around to see his friend approaching. Fighting all urges to run over to greet his friend, and destroy a bridge by accident. Yelid took careful steps until he cleared the bridge.  Both boys embraced. Given any other particular circumstance, Buddy would have thought it funny; Two colossus figures in the harbor, looking much like G-dzilla and friends, towering over the landscape in a foreign monster movie, hugging each other.  The boys stood back and looked each other over. 
      “Everything OK?” Asked Yelid. It was his responsibility as group leader.  Cory nodded, 
    “No injuries,” Yelid continued, just to be sure.  
    “No I’m alright, and you?”
    “Banged up a bit from the rough landing, but for a few sore ribs, I guess I’m OK, I’m hungry as heck though” He confided,
    “Where can we go to get some eats around here?” It was meant as a joke, but there was much truth to it.   Yelid was glad to be with Cory again, he felt less alone. 
    “Well, what do you make of our discovery” Yelid asked gesturing toward the City.  
    “This planet is awesome. I can’t wait to turn our findings in. It’s incredible,”Cory continued, 
    “I’ve learned a lot about it since we got here, The people are tiny, but they look just like us, I got to talk with a Doctor Baxter, I made a friend.”  
    “Me too” Responded Yelid who continued, 
    “It was Buddy who invited me to the city, I’m going to meet him in person, he’s over on that blue topped building”
    “We’ve got  a lot of catching up to do.” Said Yelid and he added,
    “I have to find Punim, If he’s hurt, or anything I gotta take care of him, Have you seen him?” Cory shook his head, he had only been told that the youngster was found, but there were no details given to him,  Why won’t they tell us more, Yelid wondered.. 
    “I hate to break up your class reunion” Came Buddy’s voice in the earphone, He grinned, it was a class reunion for the boys. 
    “You both have some important people waiting for you, and some Pizza”  Buddy glanced at his technical crew, and asked off air, if both boys could hear him. He was surprised when Cory answered, 
    “Yes Sir, I can hear you very well, even when you talk to Yelid,” He paused as if stating the obvious, “Our directional mikes pick up your voice, like we were right next to you. That’s the way we have it set up”  
    “Fantastic”, answered Buddy, “Yelid you want to take a few minutes to go over our plan with Cory, so he can join us on our city tour.” 
    “Alright Buddy” Yelid replied.
    “Five minutes.”  He would go over the details of where to step, and how to be careful about hidden objects under the water, he uploaded the route that he had been given with obstacles circled in red.  Cory installed the notes on his strap unit, and nodded that he understood. Gazing at the tiny city, he broke out into a broad grin.  Nobody on Bedem could imagine such a sight. 
    “Will you look at all of this Yelid, It’s incredible!  I’d love to just collect samples,  and examine them in detail all day,”  
    “They say that we are not suppose to touch anything without permission,” Yelid confided,   I would love to lie on my belly, and see the little ones and their structures at their level. Buddy advised me against doing that.  I guess we’ll just have to use our remote viewers and review the feed later. We have to stay in the river, We can’t step on land anywhere around here, There are too many little people, and we dare not put our feet on the ground, for fear of crushing any of them.” Cory nodded, again, this was obvious,

     "Duh," Cory jokingly replied,  he had figured all this on his own back at the island. 

     "I know more about the little people than you do." He replied in mock defiance.  Cory´s  thoughts turned to his friends younger brother.  Had he met any of the tiny people yet?  Cory was afraid to guess the answer.   Grinning Yelid continued,

    “I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce you two”  He spoke formally, “Cory, I’d like you to meet Buddy the K. He’s the first person from the planet that I have spoken with, He helped me get here, and he’s going to take us both on a tour of the City. Our visit is being broadcast live to their world, from the transmitter high atop the Height building, over there,” Yelid gestured, pointing to the building, 
    “That’s where we will get orientated, get a message from their President, and the cities Mayor too. We will be sworn in as honorary citizens of this country of theirs called The United States” Cory nodded, 
    “After that, I’ll carry Buddy,  he’ll show us around his city, Right Buddy?”  
    “That’s right son” Buddy responded, picking up the cue.  
    “Welcome to New York City Cory, we have all heard how you saved the people on the Island of Santa Iglesia, there was applause in the background. We thank you so much for your quick thinking.” Cory smiled sheepishly,  Both boys halo-viewers hovered as transparent curved display screens before their eyes, showing them the live pickup. They would talk to their friends and see their broadcast faces.
    “Pleased to meet you Sir”  Said Cory respectfully. 
    “I would like to meet Dr Baxter, Is he here too? He’s the first Earth person to contact me, He helped me save that island, I wouldn´t have known what to do.  Maybe I could carry him on our city tour?”
     “Glad to have you join us” Came Buddy’s’ response. 
     “We will see if Doctor Baxter is up for it,”  The camera  picked up the Doctor standing by the press box he seemed somewhat dumbfounded, and confused at the boys request. He had not anticipated actually being carried by the Giant boy. In truth,the giant boy terrified him. It was unfathomably huge. He was afraid of it as a mouse, a cat.  The thought of touching it made him tremble,  however he felt such gratitude to the youngster who called him a friend, he hesitantly nodded in the affirmative. More applause.  
    “Now are you ready to join us boys?” Both boys nodded yes, 
    “All right, then come on up the river to meet me, get ready to step over the first bridge, One at a time, Yelid you did this one before, you go first and show your friend.  Be careful now” The River was fairly shallow to the boys, who stood ankle deep in the water, but the bottom was slippery from years of built up silt and thick mud.
    Along the banks, on all the rooftops, and from every skyscraper window, the event was being watched. The roofs of every structure were filled with onlookers. Every office window was a "Big screen" for the thousands who worked and lived in the City. The people on the first bridge got a thrill as Yelid, towering before it,  raised his leg, higher than the spans,  brought his foot over the bridge below, and stepped over it; easily clearing its height. Those on the bridge, got a particularly frightening view as they looked up, and saw the bottom of the boys foot suspended over them, Water from the river pouring off, drenching them.  It was impossible to ignore that even higher up they witnessed a more breath taking perspective of the boys lower anatomy towering four hundred feet above. At almost nine hundred feet up, they could make out the giants face, looking down at them.  Almost every one on the bridge had a camera, and the views were being posted live worldwide on the internet.
    After Yelid Stepped over, he waited as Cory did the same. They would then proceed a little further to the next bridge.  Now the city blossomed before them on the left. The intricate buildings towered above its small people, creating canyons and valleys. The pedestrians and vehicles transverse the city in their shadows, The boys noted that the buildings were laid out as rectangular blocks, varying in height and architectural detail, The older buildings were of brick and mortar, many other buildings were new, and displayed facades of Glass and metal that mirrored the boys reflection. Yelid and Cory marveled at the diversity of the buildings. Along the narrow boulevards, vehicle traffic crowded the thoroughfares. Multi colored cars, trucks and busses carried passengers. There were many more people on foot. It really did resemble a Scant’s nest, teaming with millions; all had their eyes on the Giant boys whose torsos could be seen, raised higher than their skyscrapers.  
    “Incredible” Said Yelid in a low voice watching the people on foot standing on the next bridge before them. The Earthlings stood a half an inch tall, on average, compared to the Boys. On his outstretched palm, Yelid figured that he could hold sixty or more of them. The boys magnifiers brought out that they were well proportioned, and good looking in features as well. They were perfect in every detail, and were of all ages and genders, although that was hard to tell, because of all that material they wrapped themselves in. Both boys would be interested in seeing the inhabitants, without their covering; just to be sure they were the same in all features, as the Bedem.
    The second and third bridge were stepped over. The views the spectators had, of the boys, walking slowly up the East River were breath taking.  The Brooklyn Bridge was far more intricate than any of the other spans they had crossed over. Its stone base and island pylons spoke of construction designs of an earlier era, The span was complex and intricate. Yelid actually crouched down to get a closer look at the beautiful construct´s detail. The unexpected action terrified a few of the pedestrians, who held their breath as the giants face stared at them from between the steel cables.  Yelids soft brown eyes, peered at the tiny people, His face was huge before them, Mount Rushmore sized, but of living and breathing flesh,  every detail of the boys features were blown up and magnified a hundred times, and although his features smooth, at such a size they were course and rough.   
    “Wow, just wow” Said Yelid standing up again. Cory could only nod in agreement. They stood, with their ankles just inches from the bridge.  One terrified pedestrian who was standing too close to the handrails, was bumped, and lost his footing he tumbled  into the waters below, right by Corys feet.  Corys sharp hearing detected the scream, and saw the tiny splash where the person fell, he stooped down beside the bridge, lowered his hand in the water, and gently, cupping his palm, lifted it out of the water, the water poured off, revealing tiny male figure, curled up and dazed, coughing and sputtering, laying  in the crease of the boys palm. Cory gazed at the tiny helpless creature in his hand. He carefully used his finger nail to nudge the drenched pedestrian, making sure the tiny person was not hurt. He then gracefully let the tiny man slide off his hand, to the people waiting to receive him on the bridge just below.  A cheer came up from the crowds. 
      “Very Good”, thought Buddy, his sentiment was shared by the General. If these boys would be concerned about saving a single life, There might be hope for these boys as defenders against the hostile giants yet.
    All the while the General was keeping track of the alarming developments and reports coming from the Soviet Union  The ceremony went on and on, as planed, the President, happy to be miles from the proceedings, gave his historic "Welcome to Earth" speech which was televised on a large screen for the boys.

      The Mayor in a stroke of genius, had requested that all the Pizza places in New York, contribute to this historic occasion and deliver ten extra large, with everything.  Both boys would be filled, he hoped. Cory who had had a synthesized meal before he left his pod, let Yelid take most of it. Yelid hadn´t eaten since he landed. The boys chomped on it as they listened. It was like nothing they had ever tasted before, and they loved it. 

      All the key speakers, eager to be placed in the spotlight for this Historic event, gave rousing speeches. 

      The leader of the Archdiocese for the City led a prayer, on behalf of the boys, and thanked the Lord for his revelations. In his mind, the AntiChrist was standing before him in all its shameful glory.  One would not have guessed that he so vehemently protested against speaking to these abominations. Before he went on the air he ranted about the boys sinful and provocative condition. It was shameful, Shameful. The Lord gave Adam and Eve fig leaves.  It was an outrage against common decency he insisted and he would not address them. Sin begets Sin and this was an open invitation to blasphemy. They would undo years of church teachings, without saying a word. That is what he thought, had  he his way, he would decline. His advisors understood but advised differently;  It would be in the best interest to show himself and the church as progressive. The Church must be heard. Heeding the adage about realizing the things you could not change, he deferred to the importance of moment and agreed to be the spokesman for the Church. Looking for anything positive in the situation, he granted that at least the boys displayed the distinguishing mark of the covenant with Abraham. He wiped his forehead as he took the mike.

     The Oath of Allegiance was given to both boys, who were made by the President, Honorary citizens. 

      The President was also tracking the progress of events in the Middle East, disturbing stories of slaughter and carnage. And at the heart of it, Three more Giant boys In Iraq. The situation was turning critical, while New york was celebrating. 

    “Buddy the K returning to you, on WRNR broadcasting our historic event. And now for the moment you boys have been waiting for,  Yelid, you will carry me, and Cory, you will take Dr Baxter, and we will show you the city.  Yelid nodded and held out his hand to the top of the building, abutting it closely, leaving only a tiny crevice where his hand met the rooftop. Buddy secured his remote mike, and walked to the roofs edge, some seventy stories up. Yelid for the first time saw the figure on the roof separate himself from the crowd, and come to the guardrail blocking the ledge. So this was Buddy,
    “Hello Buddy, pleased to meet you” He said.   Had he closed his eyes, he would hear the voice and picture it’s owner as a Bedem sized adult.  
Yelid looked down and held his hand, palm up against the edge, as the tiny man walked to the edge. Yelid called for one of his BB sized remote viewers, to come alongside the man. Buddy was almost startled as the four foot metallic floating beach ball quietly hovered up alongside him, a hands breath away. 
    “How do you do?” Buddy quipped addressing the orb.  Even though the boys hand was positioned close to the building, Buddy was terrified of falling, and could not bring himself to jump over the handrail of a skyscraper. 
    “A little help here please, Yelid”  Buddy quipped with a nervous laugh. Yelid assessed the situation and with his left hand, he gently lifted Buddy, between his two fingers, and placed him on his open right palm.
    “Thank you” Buddy replied.  Yelid was as careful as he could be, these tiny people were so fragile. Buddy sat on the middle of the giant boys hand, staring at the huge face before him, he got up to his feet, and balanced himself, walking over the flesh colored ridged platform, Furrows that went on forever. He could hardly identify it as the boys hand. It was warm, and gently grooved, and padded in intricate design. Each of the boys fingers extended like skyscrapers around him, still cupped together.
    “Yelid, I’d like to lead the tour, but this isn’t the best place for me, can I sit anywhere else?” Yelid thought for a moment, before speaking, 
    “Well, you can ride on my shoulder, there isn’t much to hold on to there, or you can ride in my ear and hang on to my hair, if you like,  or, you can ride down below, in my belly button, there is not much to hang on to there, either. I know,  there is plenty of room to sit, down below, on my wien..”
     “Ok, son, We won’t go there!” He quipped with a short nervous laugh;  Riding on the feet was out of the question as well. 
    “I see you have a strap of some kind, any way I can be secured there?”

     "Of course", Yelid thought, "Why didn’t I think of it,  there are all kinds of compartments on his utility strap. Dr. Baxter followed suit on Corys strap, and so their tour began.

Story Two; Nightmare 

        Diadra woke up sweating from her nightmare again. It had not changed,  It was bloody, there was carnage all around her village. Her once safe home in Iraq was now threatened by the Sunni forces. They wiped out Shia places of worship, and killed her people. This was happening all around her. Yet this nightmare had something else in it, a powerful redeemer, and this gave her  hope.  She woke her brother Jafar, who slept in the same crowded room, with her, to tell of her dream.
    “There was blood everywhere, houses were being crushed as in an earthquake, I rushed out and saw a huge shape rising from the earth in the evening sky, a baby, hundreds of feet tall, it picked me up, and held me gently, there were four others of our group in the babies hand, we would carry the revolution.  That’s all I remember” She recounted.  
    “It’s Isis, they are everywhere, we must be prepared” Her slightly older brother of sixteen ventured. The light of dawn had barely pierced the dim room.  
    “Our group will be targeted first” He ventured, 
    “The only place we are safe is back in the caves. We must hide there if we are to survive. I will gather our members, and we should take refuge tonight. The word is that an attack is imminent, that’s why you are having your dreams, they are a warning. Jafar quietly got up, slipped on his tunic and was out the door.  Diadra still trembled from her re occurring vision.

Story Three; Slaughter by Order

    Vladamire on the screen, was a much more imposing figure then the half inch puny humanoid Burger knew him to be. An adult male warrior, to be sure, on the screen complete with battle scars. Burger studied the screens image. The man was bald but with a goatee, dark fierce eyes, and a scar on his left cheek. Middle aged  but fit and wrapped in ceremonial material coverings as the inhabitants of this planet were prone to do.  Vladimire in turn looked at the two young boys on his display, and found it hard to imagine them as each being over eight hundred feet tall, cruel, sadistic and mindless killers.  He spoke with authority to the boys, as their equal. 
    “The good word from my crew Haman, is that they have unlocked the base code for your replicator, We thank you for lending us your amazing technology.  Not only will the machine be able to give you your drink, but it will add the chemical additions called for in your DySynth cocktail. There is no longer anything forbidden to you.” Burger was elated.
    “It should be ready after we re program your machine, in about three more hours.” Burger smiled at the thought of being able to produce his own contraband, that could be worth a fortune in itself. Vladamire in turn was getting the technological discoveries of the Alien culture worth untold millions.  The General continued,
    “In keeping with your part of the deal, we have been negotiating with our Isis Jehadi friends, and they have a test job for you and your friend; A small village that needs to be wiped out, are you interested?”  Burger recalled his first communications with Isis, and was happy to work with them and their grand cause. Even if he did not know of them, he and Slade would be happy to wipe out a city for the fun of it. 
    “Og” Burger called, interrupting Slade who was listing by ear buds, to some high volume Metal  that he took a liking to.  
    “Yeah Haman, whats up?”  Burger replied, lowering his volume.
    “Get ready to cruise my good man, we have some smashing to do, A giants work is never done.”
     It was past the four o clock hour and much of the western world was viewing the visit to New York, by the two Earth invaders. But such news was blocked out of Iraq.  Instead, a small Shia city by the city of Mosul was watching state backed propaganda, and was unaware that it was about to be attacked savagely. By a dark force unimagined. 

Story Four; Crushed 

    Burgers craft along with Slade and Punims cruised by the designated coordinates, to the outskirts of the strategic town of resistance.  Slade and Burger secured their crafts.  
    “Hey Punim, wanna have some fun?  Why don’t you come on and join us, we got a whole lot of Scants to step on, it’ll be fun.” Punim frowned.  He did not like being locked up in his Monopod Still, he was glad to be given the opportunity to get out and stretch his legs a bit.  He was having second thoughts about stepping on the insects, especially since Cory found out that some could be friendly. 
    “Yeah” Punim answered, “Let me out and I will help you”  They controlled his pods exit port. The side of the pod slid away letting Punim hop to the ground, he looked around at the teaming landscape before him, this was so different from the island.  Here the village to be destroyed consisted of densely packed low lying structures, sprawled out to the area the size of a baseball diamond to the boys. The biggest city the boys had yet encountered but it was primitive. Low earth and mud structures, narrow twisting streets and sidewalks    
    Minaret’s were the tallest structures,  domed mosques dotted the area. Herds of livestock grazed in the scrub land on the outskirts of the city, The tiny place was the home of hundreds´ men woman and children packed the houses, streets and markets. Burger and Slade could not wait to start the slaughter, but first the people must bow to them. That was the rule.   Slade took out his remote viewers, and released them by the city gate. They glided down the labyrinth of twisted narrow streets, seeking out the best views of populated areas, for the boys pleasure, in the review playback. 
Switching on their communicators in sync, Burger addressed the town.
    “Attention all people, I Haman the destroyer, representing the great state of Isis, and my fellow, Og king of Bashin, wish to welcome you to the great afterlife. We ask that you run in panic as we trample you, your homes and schools and mosques, We would not have it any other way. You are about to become history as you join with your cursed ancestors, it is our goal, and the wish of our Imams to destroy every last one of you to bring you to Paradise. But do not be worried, realize that each and every one of your bloody deaths, will be a tribute to the great Allah, that is why we are asking the boldest of you to come forth to the front wall of your city right now, and bow to us before we crush you. Come now, don’t be shy.  Will we show mercy? Try us out and see”  Burger noticed Punim, standing a hundred yards behind, watching the proceedings, and listening to his speech. Burger continued,
    “Today Og and I will be joined by a younger member, Meet our young friend, Goliath, He will be your guest crusher for the afternoon.”  By this time a number of city elders and warriors ran to the giants feet, and got on their knees bowing and prostrating themselves by the giants bare feet. Burger looked at the small crowd amassing, and announced, 
    “I want more,  come let me see three hundred, and perhaps I will show mercy to your city”  Men poured out the city gate, and entered the courtyard where they fell to their knees. A quick death would be preferable. Satisfied Burger surveyed the  scene, he quoted a scriptural verse, 
    “You anger me daily, I will crush your heads for miles around, your blood will mingle with the dung of your cattle. It’s crushing time!”  Those kneeling before Burgers foot, observed it as it raised itself twenty, thirty, fifty feet high above them. They were now in the shade.  The great wide understep, was over a hundred feet long from heel to toe, and sixty feet across, large enough to cover houses and courtyards, slowly it descended upon the kneeling figures. They were crushed to a pulp under the boys enormous weight. Burger was satisfied as he saw the blood gush from the sides of his feet.  At least a hundred with that step, he figured.  

   Taking the cue, Slade started trampling the buildings on the  outskirts of the ancient city knocking down the city wall. They fell with no effort, only the screams of those inside the buildings could be heard, as the stucco and stone walls fell inward. Burger and Slade went on a stomping frenzy. Kicking buildings as if they were sandbox toys.  The dense layout and narrow streets were packed with fleeing masses. As the giants foot crushed them mercilessly. Occasionally Burger or Og would proclaim Allahu Akbar as they kicked over the houses.  Smashing this tiny town was too easy. Both boys were busy with the destruction, and did not notice Punim, who was still standing on the outskirts of the village. In a hilly area.

Story Five; Punims Friends   

        Punim had turned off the volume of the screaming victims in town. Although he was tempted, he did not want to crush the people along with his captors. Something however on the ground caught his ear. He focused his audio device and found it was a call of help, coming from somewhere on the ground by his feet. Careful not to take any more lives, he released a remote viewer to find the source of what sounded like a plea. 
    Slade reached the first group of structures that could be called imposing, in this dusty city. It was a golden capped building with a large courtyard, more ornamental than the buildings around it. Kneeling on the ground facing Mecca, were hundreds of worshipers. There were most likely many more within the low structure. Lets see how many come running out, thought Slade, as he placed his foot squarely on the buildings roof.  It crumpled in easily, hardly any pressure at all. But the falling structure trapped and killed those seeking sanctuary inside.  Slade finished off the job, by grounding anybody inside, with the ball of his heel. His foot emerged dripping red, as it was lifted above the structure. Only to come down on the buildings walls, turning the mosque to rubble. 
    It was just as Diadra had dreamt it. The flowing blood and gore of the cruel boy giants attack became real, the red skies proclaiming the towns doom, and now this, the young colossus of her dreams, She fearlessly stood by the cave entrance, and called out to the towering creature. She prayed to Allah that it would be able to hear her. Punim had been working on his broken translator unit, and now it seemed to be working better as he touched the switch on his utility strap. He listened carefully.
    “Oh Giant Boy” It was a girls voice. 
    “Please do not hurt us, I see you do not act like the others. Will you help us, we will be your friend”  Punim jumped back, both surprised and delighted, here were these tiny creatures, actually talking to him. Above all, Punim wanted friends, he was lonely and felt a prisoner of the two older boys. He was sure of one thing, If he could help these little people, maybe they could also help him find his brother. Punim scanned the ground carefully, before noticing the single standing tiny figure, not more than a few inches from his right foot,  The creature stood by a rock that was three times larger then herself. It was a girls voice he heard. He stood transfixed looking at the tiny thing by his foot. 
    “Are you talking to me?” He asked in wonder. The remote viewer moved in for a close up view, showing the speaker was indeed a young girl, in her early teens. Just a bit older than his brother.  Diadra was now aware that she was standing in direct view of the giant unclothed young boy. If it wished, she would have quickly become a stain on the bottom of its foot. It stood six hundred feet tall, looking down at her. Naked little boys were common in her village, where clothing carried a steep price.

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I have always loved the idea of giant boys exploring New York City, Unlike Yelid and Cory I have written chapter of massive destruction, as the giants display their awesome might.
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