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Chapter 3 - Felix Monte
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He was one of 4 in a quiet town in Nebraska, and his mother couldnt cope. By the time he was 13, he was an only child, but Felix Spencer Monte was born strong. Felix was born and raised in his small town in Nebraska, but his mother and 3 sisters liked to travel about. One of his sisters was younger; the other two older, so he was always seen as the middle child- "respect her shes older" or "respect her shes younger". Felixs single mum, Irene, was constantly stressed, and slightly even suicidal. When Felix was 8, and when eldest sister Eve was 15, Eve jumped off of a large bridge and committed suicide when her studies were just too hard for her. She was a girl of great intellect, but her tests were getting to her. After that, the whole family fell apart. When Felix was 10, the second eldest girl of 13 year old Sophia, ran away because of the trauma she had suffered when Eve had died . She was never found. Irene, at this point, was having massive anger issues and had to have stress management. She couldnt cope with 7-year-old Naomi, so when Felix was 14, social services had to take Naomi to a care home. Felix was the one who mothered his own mother. He cooked, shopped, cleaned and basically was the parent in this case. After 2 years of Naomi being gone, Irene hung herself in her hotel room when she and Felix were travelling. When she had died, they were in California in their travels, so Felix was taken to Skothamors Senior Academy when he was 16. And here we are now, Aster as a 16-year-old boy.

Table of contents:

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My friend is called Naomi!
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