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Chapter 9 - Hugs and Kisses
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Chapter 9 Hugs and Kisses

 (Warning; scenes of violence)

General Holland clipped a fresh cigar and lit it with a wooden match, that’s the best way to do it, he thought. He glanced at his watch again even though he knew the time. In New York City it was noon, and Buddy the K was getting the, “On the air” countdown.  Ever since the General gave Buddy permission to break the news about Yelid, the day before, the station was in an uproar with news reporters from around the world, clamoring for details. Buddy camped out in his office, and was on call since drive time last night.

The General had been equally busy.  The two new craft entered Earths atmosphere, and disappeared off the grid, just as the first three had. Communication had been broken off with the commando unit at Island M51 where the youngest traveler waited.  There was no explanation for the radio silence, and this made the General nervous. And now there was a second giant also described as friendly, traveling under the seas, having abandoned his damaged craft by the island of Santa Iglesia.  He was heading to the metropolis to reunite with his companion.

“It emerged from the sea at the narrowest part of Panama at O three hundred hours, and crossed the damn peninsula in eight minutes, avoiding stepping on any civilians. It was measured at eight hundred and seventy feet tall, and left footprints in the dense forests, that measured a hundred feet long. It was back in the waters of the gulf, and is tracked by sonar as rounding the tip of Florida. Those in Key West caught a rare sighting at seven in the morning, The giant emerged from the water, took a reading on his tracking device, re filled his portable breathing reservoir and re submerged ”

“These things can sure travel” Added the colonel who was briefing the General.  

 Yelid was due in New York harbor by four o clock.  Friendly or not, General Holland was closely following the Giants movements. A military entourage followed at a distance behind Yelid,  and would be ready to strike with fierce air power from the Aircraft carrier, should something unpredictable happen. The Generals orders were specific, he would gain the confidence and allegiance of the three visitors. The radio guy, Buddy King was the first to make contact, and was given the role of first liaison to the Giant visitor under the Generals supervision.  Buddy had been essential, not only in breaking the news to the nation, but in guiding the young Giant to New York City with hour by hour reports.


Yelid had just made his final major course adjustment, now it was a straight line, south south west, to take him into New York harbor. He should reach it in three more hours Earth time. He would meet Buddy the K and have a formal Welcome ceremony, a remote message from the President, and an in person meeting with the Vice President and the Mayor of New York. Afterwards he and Buddy would take a tour of the city.

“How are you doing there big guy?” Buddy asked. He was aware that Yelid had been walking all night, and now he was still too far off the coast to see anything.  The last land mass on his right had been Newfoundland, and but for the trailing Navy vessels, he was again isolated.  He enjoyed his conversations with Buddy, and was anxious to meet him, even though the Earthling would be a half inch tall. Yelid tried to imagine it, looking at his palm. He was glad for his Magnifier, which was now safely docked on his utility strap.

“You know when we meet, Buddy, I have a remote magnifier that will help me see you better, to me it looks like a little glass dot, but it will be much larger to you, maybe close to your size,  it flies where ever I want it to, and shows me close ups, so don’t be scared of it.”  Buddy smiled,

“We have something like that, Yelid, it’s called a drone, and in fact there will be a lot of them following you. They can’t hurt you”  Yelid nodded. He was still not clear on how developed earth technology was.  Even though they were locked on their planet, certain elements of their technology and communications seemed well developed. Of course they were a much younger civilization than the Bedem, still they seemed more intelligent than many of the known civilizations. And the projections of their big cities, showed incredible details and structures, many larger them himself. To the little ones, the cities would indeed be grand.  Had Yelid turned around he would have seen the fleet of drones that were following him. Some were Military, others were private, they all showed the image of the Giant boy traversing the cold waters. The world was getting its first Internet pictures, and live feed of the Mega Colossus that was heading to the city.  Yelid glanced at his palm again and smiled

 “Tiny people, OK,” He thought, remembering a Recro-Fiction written centuries before. He read it in grade school; A story the author, Serling had written called, “The Little People”

“Ok son, lets just go over our plan one more time, When you get to New York, I will meet you, I will be atop the building that will have the top illuminated by blue flood lights, there is a Helicopter base up there, and that’s where I will be waiting for you,  Now remember, you are to stay in the river, do not come onshore, I think you will see why we say this once you get here. Be careful, there are lots of bridges, we think you should be able to step over them, son” Buddy added for emphasis,

“Over them, not on them” Yelid giggled at the thought. He remembered playing with model kits when he was younger. 

“You will have to be careful about submerged tunnels in the river,” Buddy continued,

 “Their locations should show up on the map we are sending to your device, be particularly careful where you place your feet, OK? Once you are here, you are to stay very still, and move very slowly, any sudden moves could frighten the people, we don’t want to do that.  We have a live feed from the President of the United States, he will welcome you in Peace. Our top General will also greet you, followed by our Vice President who will join me atop the building, along with our Mayor. They will have you take an oath of allegiance, and make you an honorary citizen. I will go over this the next time we talk, I got a note here, I’m suppose to tell you that we will have a surprise for you. When you get here”  Yelid hoped it would be food.

“I will take you on a river tour of the city at that point” Buddy continued,

“Now about this Communication equipment you have,” Buddy asked,

“Let me see if I got this right, You will be able to talk, but your voice would be too loud for us, so you have a remote floating speaker that will act as a volume control we will all be able to hear you comfortably?,” Yelid nodded,

“And we will be able to speak to you in our normal voice, your receiver bud will be sensitive enough to allow you to hear all we are saying?” Again Yelid nodded. Amazing technology, Buddy thought, then he continued,

“Alright Yelid, we are going to be on the air in five minutes, you will be talking to me just like the last time, OK?  I’m going to ask you what it is like on your world, and you can answer as you like,  then I will take a few questions from our listeners, You should be on the air for about ten minutes, is that alright with you” Yelid nodded, and said, Alright. He was anxious to hear from others on the planet, and in the back of his mind, he wondered what surprise might be awaiting him.

“Good Afternoon World, this is Buddy the K, Your favorite DJ with a special news update, We bring you the latest breaking news every hour, on the hour.  As the world knows by now, I have been in contact with Earths first Alien visitor, and in ten minutes I will open the mike for callers; You can ask the space boy questions,  He is due in New York  around four. That’s in two hours,  We should be able to see him, off the coast in an hour and a half.  You can reach us at…”


The People on Santa Iglesia were surprised and delighted when the three egg shaped crafts descended from the skies, a few miles off the coast. After their positive experience with Cory, crowds lined the beaches to welcome the new visitors. Off shore, the first navel battleship, sent as a Tsunami relief craft, lay at anchor in the harbor.

 It did not take long for Burger and Slade to locate the Monopod, underwater, and determine that this one was not Yelids. It had sustained severe damage in landing, it would not fly again. Cory the owner was nowhere to be seen. Just as well thought Burger, they would meet again later.

“Hey Burger, get a load of this.” Burger was quick to respond,

“Call me Haman the Destroyer, when you talk to me, get it Og?" Slade blinked, and nodded OK, he didn’t see the point in changing their names for the puny inhabitants of this tiny world, but if that’s what Burger wanted…

“Get a load of what?” Burger continued. Slade pointed to the nearby island,

“It looks like a greeting party of bugs, swarming on the beach, wanna pay them a visit?” A glint of light caught Burgers eye, as he smiled and nodded.

“Oh Yes, King Og, I’d say it’s a fine time to introduce ourselves, switch on the translators.”

Punim was locked in his Monopod, and was hovering in place. It was sharing power with Burgers craft, and this allowed all functions to operate, except for the communications device, which Burger disabled. He watched out the viewport, as Burger and Slade approached the Island, and was able to zoom in on his viewer screen, to see things in detail.


Chief of Police, Jackson looked nervously toward the horizon. Santa Iglesia was the first place to make contact with the space giants, and indeed owed gratitude to the giant named Cory, for saving the Island.  Jackson was just as relieved when Cory left. He had had it with all the excitement, and just wanted things to return to normal. Dr Baxter, who had established the communication in the first place, had left the Island with the noon flight out. Jackson barked orders to the officers patrolling the beach areas,

“Tell them the party is over, and I want the beaches cleared, Over” He waited for the response from the squad cars, he received a weak, Rodger that.  He was worried, even though there was a US Battleship in the harbor, These Giants intimidated him, he was not comfortable with their size and power, and now there appeared to be two more, approaching the island, rolling up waves as they waded through the waist high waters.

On the beach Officer Newman was wandering through the crowd, small bonfires in fire circles had been lit, to get the giants attention, there were drum circles beating away, there were even a few handmade signs, painted on sheets, and held up by poles, they read, “Welcome Back” In bright red paint. The two giant boys approached without saying anything,  It worried the Officer that the giants were not smiling, and in fact did not look friendly, as Cory did.  They did not look friendly at all. As they approached, now towering over eight hundred feet tall, standing ankle deep in the waters, and just a step off the beach, the crowd drew quiet.  The Two boys just stood, hands on hips, looking down at he beach from side to side, The tall dark haired one smiled, or was that a sneer?

            Jacksons car screeched to a stop, it’s lights flashing, he met with two officers, stationed at the Main avenues beach parking lot, and gave the command to disperse the hundreds of people on the beach.  All the islands units were working on it, Jackson thought it was just a hunch, He did not like the looks on the two giant boys faces, He remembered when he was in grade school, how he had been bullied by two older kids. He shook his head, here it was thirty five years in the past, and little things still trigger the memories, the fears.

            “Well, it looks like the bugs are welcoming us, check your translator, Og” Slade punched a button on his utility strap, and said,

            “That’s right Burg….Haman, the Destroyer, Their sign says Welcome”  Their translator mode was turned on, All Officer Jackson needed to hear, was the word destroyer, and his instincts kicked in,

            “Everyone off the beach, Now”  His men would start to disperse the crowd aggressively.

            “Little tiny Earth people” Burger formally spoke,

            “I am truly touched by your welcome”  The police working the crowds on the beach were not impressed, but there were some people who stubbornly would not leave.

            “I am not Cory, the one that helped you,  Oh good people, because of my size and age, do not mistake me for being ignorant, No that would be quite a mistake, I know of Cory, we will deal with him later. Now you will know me, and my partners name as well,”  Burger grinned,

“And you and your planet will learn how we greet you.”

            Anyone with sense was turning to get away from the beach as fast as possible, the sky clouded over with the gray of an approaching storm.  Punim watched from inside his Monopod, but he also listened.  He did not know about Cory saving the Island, and now watched as the two older kids stood on the shore.

            This is Santa Iglesia Police chief Jackson, I want the captain of the Destroyer USS Maryland,  A slight pause and the connection was made.

            “I want you to prepare to take aggressive military action, but be aware of the civilian crowds.”  Jackson got a positive response, the Battleship was combat ready All civilians should clear the area.  Jackson assured the Captain that the beaches were being evacuated.  Turning to the radio in his car he ordered that all police arm themselves and be ready to use fire power if needed.

            “Oh little bugs, don’t be worried.” Burger continued with a smooth voice,

            “I am Haman The Cruel and my partner is Og, king of Bashin, we are so pleased to meet you.” Slade nodded in agreement, and watched for Burgers cue.

            “We accept your welcome, and want to come on shore to meet you.” With that Burger raised his right foot, and placed it squarely on a  group of at least twenty beach goers, who petrified, stood frozen as the huge bare foot descended upon them, They screamed as they were crushed under tons of weight, It happened so quickly, those witnesses could only stare in disbelief. Both boys slowly stepped on shore. Smashing the now fleeing crowds with each step,  Officer Newman had already emptied his first round, to no avail, he quickly reloaded, as people rushed by him, now they were fleeing inland to escape from being trampled by the giants. With each step the death rate climbed,  Burger stood in one place, and using only his right foot, stepped on the swirling mass of fleeing people below. 

            “Hey Punim, you’re right, squashing them is better then Scants,  Can you hear them screaming?”  He laughed,  Slade walked farther inland to the luxury eight story Resort by the beach, all the while looking down and crushing anything that moved. Burger was right, this was even better then the Sexaphon rides. This was real.

            “Hey Bur…Haman,” He called,

            “Use your remote magnifier, they look so funny when you crush em.”

            “Yes my man Og, I am on it,  and you are right,  won’t you smash that building on your left?”  Slade happly complied.

            Harold Aimes rushed up the stairs to the fifth floor where his wife and daughter were, He had to get them out of the building, their vacation suite.

            Slades foot slowly raised above the center of the tiny structure below, it was barely six inches tall,  he tested the durability of the roof with the toe of his right foot. The roof crumpled easily, and as slade lowered his foot down, he could make out each of the tiny floors. To his delight he discovered them filled with people.  He brought his foot to the ground, opening a large gap in the building,   He raised his foot and placed it closer to the center of the structure, He would collapse it under the balls of his foot. More screaming could be heard, now he could watch the action on his viewer as he mashed the building and the people in it to a paste of dust and blood.

            “Open the Door.” Harold cried,

            “I can’t it’s jammed.” Came the reply, Harold jammed his body against the door again,  all the while the structure was quaking as the giant was crushing large portions of the building by the main entrance. Harold was on the east wing, and now his wife and daughter were trapped.

            “Just a moment dear, I’ll be right with you, I saw an axe by the fire extinguisher.” He bolted down the hallway to get it..

            Burger delighted in the way the people crushed and spattered, using his magnifier to get a street level view, he found himself excited as he created his own crush movie, A police car, with its bright lights flashing pulled up and two officers jumped out, just as Burger put his toe on the vehicle, crushing it like a soda can.  Officer Newman and his partner stood their ground firing as the giant noticed them by his foot. Burger said,

            “Now is that any way to greet me?” He bent down on one knee to get a closer look at the two officers,

            “I think you were trying to harm me? Is that right?” Burger said in a threatening voice.

            Harold called,  “Step back from the door honey.” As he raised the axe.  The door shattered,  little Lizzie was crying and fidgeting with her hair,  Jessica held her in her arms,  Harold smashed through the door, and grabbed his wife,

            “Come on, this way, we gotta go fast, the giant is tearing this place apart”

            Newman’s partner tried to dive out of the way, but was trapped in the fingers of the giant.  He screamed as Burger brought him up close to his face in his left hand, pinching the officers clothing from the back. Officer Newman looked from the ground in horror as the giant appeared to take the man and pinch him with it’s right hand fore fingers, a spray of blood splashed out.

            “Punim was right again, you do squash pretty.” Burger reached down to the remaining officer, whom he lifted as he stood up.

            “I’m sure you will not mind, as I rip you to pieces, and what is this worthless stuff you cover yourself with?” He asked, while continuing to step on the tiny people running below. Crushing them like cigarette butts under his heel.  He tore off the right arm, and then the left, and then pulled the remains of the body by it’s legs into two bloody stumps.”  That was fun, and it felt great, he glanced over at the hotel Slade was demolishing, when he strode over to help, Slade said,

            “I got this one, find one of your own”  Burger was actually going to punch Slade, but thought it wouldn’t look good, him punching his partner and all.

            Harold Jessica and Lizzie ran down the corridor to the far end exit with the fire escape, tremendous strains were being placed on structure,  the building quaked violently sending the fluorescent fixtures and their grating crashing to the ground, followed by the concrete beams that held the floors up.  There were twenty other vacationers racing down the corridor as well, one group in the middle, looked back and saw the wall of flesh, the side of the giants foot, come crashing down just a few feet away, from the two floors above, and continuing to crush everything under it on the five floors below, all the while they heard the screams of the terrified and the wounded, trapped under the descending foot. The family reached the fire escape just as the last of the wing was stepped on, they managed to get to the ground and joined the rushing mob of fleeing people. The Giants were walking inland, stepping on everything in their path. The guns from the Battle ship blazed in the harbor. The Island of Santa Iglesia was under siege, The hits were direct, but they did little to harm the two boys. But they were annoying.  Burger signaled Slade that they had done enough on the Island to get their message across, Now they turned to investigate the “Stinging Scants", as Punim described them. The Military called for Air power as it mounted it’s assault on the two towering figures who turned their attention from the island, and were now approaching the battleship. Even with all the cannons blazing, the ship resembled little more than a two foot long model, to the giants.  Burger approached first, followed close behind by Slade.  Even at close range, the weapons were useless against the Giants; It was like the shots never made contact. They didn’t, the Shield defense application on the utility strap protected both boys, who were now sloshing thigh deep in water, approaching the Fighting vessel.  The squadron of Jet fighters, that streaked through the skys were equally ineffective, as the carefully aimed rockets exploded without making contact.

        On the other hand Burger and Slade displayed rapid reflexes and were able to down three of the jet fighters. Orders were given to Pull back, until the giants defenses could be dismantled. The USS Maryland tried to turn to make a retreat,

            “It’s trying to get away.” Slade said in delight,

            “Oh no you don’t.” Burger thundered, He reached down and grabbed the back of the fleeing battleship, grabbed it and lifted it a little out of the waters, the large props, spun water in a spray like a fan, as it was lifted out of the water, sailors on deck tumbled as the ship was raised at such an angle.

            “You realize now, I have to destroy you, so send this last message to your leaders, The great Satan.” Burger remembered his conversations with the extremist group, and vowed allegiance to them, if they would synthesize his favorite drink.  They agreed with the condition that the boys will do their bidding in destroying the evil ones in their great cities. Then Haman of Agag and Og of Bashin would be worshiped for all time.

            “This is my message, The Great Satan and the Little Satan will fall, and we will dance on the graves of the infidels, Sincerely yours, Haman the Destroyer and Og of Bashin.” Then he added, “Hugs and Kisses.”  He lifted the battleship in one hand till it dangled down, spilling sailors into the sea. Taking the hull of the Destroyer in his right hand, and the stern of the ship in his left, he twisted the steel ship into a knot, explosions rocked the ships insides, the towers and bridge were crushed effortlessly in the Giants powerful hands,  those who fell to the water looked up in horror as the giant discarded the crumpled ship, it splashed and disappeared under the waves,  the survivors clutching onto anything that floated, watched in stunned silence as the naked torsos of the two Giant boys towered above them,  the boys satisfied with their work, turned to head back to their Monopods, the remains of Santa Iglesia was in flames, hundreds were killed. The Battle ship, symbol of the planets defenses lay a crumpled heap on the ocean floor. Slade located the Monopod, this was Cory´s craft, It was Yelid´s that they were searching for.

      “Now on to the remaining Monopod” Burger said cheerfully,

      “We pick up the Diwrecker device, and we are home free.”

      “And then we can leave?” Questioned Slade,  Burger Glared at him before responding,

            “What, leave and miss all the fun?” Hello, Og, we are mighty g-ds here, there is no way I’m going to leave this place. Besides, you saw the projections of their big cities, think of the fun we can have destroying them, No, we are staying, and if Cory and Yelid are still alive, we have only one choice, they will join us or we must kill them too. Then the planet will be ours to play with.” 


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