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Chapter 8 - Found
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Chapter 8, Found.

    The green location indicator of the Diwrecker control unit on Burgers panel started flickering, just as Burgers Monopod entered the outer limits of our Solar system. Burger hit the unit with the side of his fist, two times, The green flickered to red. The signal was lost.  Navigation had little information about the region. It was uncharted. The analysis system, pegged the star as a Class C, capable of having enough energy to sustain life, but only on the innermost planets. The third would be the best for survival, and in fact, showed evidence of carbon-based life forms. 
    “Why don’t you run a projected path, based on the received signals” Said Slade. Burger rolled his eyes,
    “Slade, Slade, you are the smart one, eh?”  Burger had already run the trajectory, If Yelid’s ship hit this planetary system, there were three possible outcomes he reasoned; One, if they were powerless they would have  been drawn into the Sun’s gravity and they would have been destroyed. All gone, no problem. Two;  If they had little energy and no control, the Monopods could likely be drawn into a path circling the Sun, just another meteor, Monopods emit a distinct trace frequency, Burger grinned,  nothing showed up on the scan. Not there!  The third possibility would be, they crashed somewhere.  Monopods, even running on backup would select the best crash landing options for survival.  He flicked on the intercom,
    “I’ll bet their pods crashed on one of the planets in this system,” Said Burger glancing at the Navigation screen readout. 
    “Which one?” Asked Slade.
    “Pick the number Three” Said Burger, Slade answered
    “That’s Right, You Win!” Burger said cheerfully,
    “Set your sights on the third planet from the Star, cause that’s where we are a headed.” 
Even though the Diwrecker was not functioning, the Monopods themselves sent out their trace, and Burger just located their proximity.  Three Monopods, which is Yelid’s?  That’s the only one that really counts. 
    “I reckon we will just have to visit all three locations till we find the Diwrecker.  After that, we are free. We can do what we want. No evidence, case closed. Here is what we are going to do,  We will land and explore our new destination til we got what I need. We should be expected to arrive there in about seventeen units, so until then, Relax,  enjoy the flight, and make yourself useless” 
    “Right Captain, and by the way, you might want to give a listen to what I picked up”  Slades scanner located radio signals emanating from within the planetary system. Number Three. 
    “They got life there Burger, maybe you can get yourself some more Asynth! And I can get some new mags” 
    “Clever lad” Burger complemented.  Radio transmission was listed as proof positive of intelligent life forms. 
    “I suggest we pick a frequency and try the translator, See if we can figure out whats going on down there.” Burger suggested.   Both pods switched on their translator devices, as their tuner scanned the frequencies. The red indicator would switch to green when a successful translation could be made. 
    Slade made the first connection. It was a rhythmic pounding sound, unlike anything he had heard before, and he found he liked the powerful sound. The translator named it Heavy Metal Rock. It was primitive and wild, There were words shouted and screamed, fragments that made no sense, It did not matter, language was not the important thing,  The sounds  seemed to suit Slades nature. Slade locked on his channel and would listen for the duration of their flight.
    The translator in Burgers ship located a strong frequency, the indicator turned green, and a powerful mans voice emanated from the device; shouting in a loud voice, calling for the death of the Infidels.
    “The time is soon coming,” The voice said, 
    “When we will crush our enemies! Allahu Akbar!” 
    It was only after doing research on the destination, did the size factor come up. It was a stunning discovery!  A dark spark was ignited within Burger at the thought of being a g-dlike giant. His further calculations confirmed his thoughts, This third planet would be like a  Sexaphon ride come true. Already Burger was spinning out a strategy. He continued listening to the message of hate, and was inspired.  

    The Festivities on Santa Iglesia continued through the week. Doctor Baxter would fly to Washington, on the morrow for a briefing about his encounter with the Alien giant.
Cory for the most part, stayed off shore. Sitting in the bay, observing the grateful islanders. They prepared a bonfire on the beach at dusk, and brought their daily catch of sea food; Amidst much music and drumming, One of the island chef’s devised a method of preparing the fish as a meal offering to the young giant who saved their island. They took care to prepare it with the tropical fruits and nuts; hundreds of gallons of milk was provided to form a decent cupful for an eight hundred foot tall boy.They used the water tower tank as a drinking cup.  All their fish would amount to a small meal, but it would be their gesture of thanks.     
    Cory would have remained, but for the information he received at his Monopod, it was from Dr Baxter.
    “Good News, Yelid had been located, and is alive and in contact with the Earth People.”   This was a tremendous relief to Cory, 
    “Any word of Punim?” Cory asked next.
    “Nothing that I have heard about” Replied the doctor, who added,
    “But I am sure he will turn up soon” 
    “Where is Yelid?” Cory continued, the doctor replied that Yelid was on his way to New York City by special invitation. Cory downloaded a world geography projection and spotted the city. He would zoom in on the details later, right now, he was interested in plotting a course he could take under water, to get him to eastern North America. Because of the heavy damage Cory wouldn’t be able to use the Pod, he would lock it up and leave it behind. 
    “And so Doctor, I can travel by sea, and avoid doing any harm on land, except for this thin land mass, He pointed to Panama, 
    “Then I go back in the water, until I meet up with Yelid” He thought for a minute before adding,
    “I suppose they should be alerted about my coming, would you be able to let the right people know that I am on my way?”. 
    Dr Baxter smiled upon hearing the news. The radio station WRNR might be interested in finding themselves host to Two giant boys from space.

    Punim was bored. It was three days since the last of the scants, and even though his Pod provided him with everything he needed, Food and shelter wise, even the cartoon holograms could not provide real company.  The one thing he wanted was to know how his brother was.  It was past mid day and Punim had just finished his lunch, He set the waterskin controls and swam toward his favorite spot on the beach, Back in his monopod, the radar indicated that Punims distress signal, extremely weak, had been intercepted by two approaching monopods.
    At First Punim was not even sure he was really seeing something above the horizon, just two points in the sky, brighter than daylight, the points seemed to hover but were growing more apparent, all the while.  There could be no mistaking it, to Punims delight. The dots growing larger and approaching were Monopods. Yelid and Cory were coming back for him.
    “Locked in” Said Slade, 
    “Lets check this out.”  The crafts approached Punims Island. On top of the plateau, the crushed remains of the islands defenses. 
    “Looks like the little one did a job here.” Said Burger. Observing a magnified vision of the crushed bodies, and ruined structures. Both boys had learned about the planets makeup, on their approach. A planet of tiny people. The thought filled both boys with delight, imagining the possibilities. Here they would be as G-ds. Free to crush and destroy anything they wanted. It was too good.
    Burger and Slade checked the planets history data bank, and choose names that they would call themselves. Burger had already contacted those, whos message he intercepted as they entered the planetary system. The militants were ecstatic to hear from the incoming giants, and made offers of wealth and power to the space visitors in turn for vengence. Burger liked what he heard, and a pact was made. Burger and Slades data base were filled with the messages of hate and intolerance, and the little ones plan of world domination.  Theirs was a  primitive and war like tribe called ISIS and they would readily bow to Burger, if he led them to victory in battle against the Infidels. Burger was assured that the tiny people were advanced enough to produce for him synthesized Asynth, and there was already something like Dymecca crystals, on the island guarded by “The young one”  The supply would be located in the ruins of the plantation, on the beach. It was theirs for the taking.     Punim would be useful to Burger, the young boy would be held as leverage. If Yelid and  his friend were alive, They would use Punim as a bargaining chip,  If The other boys were dead, they would use Punim as a sacrifice, drowning a village in the young giants blood, thus proving their superior power.
    Punim was taken aback to see that the Monocrafts did not belong to His brothers group. Both craft hovered before the tiny island, Burger got out first, took a deep breath of the Earths air and smiled, It was clean and fresh. Glancing ahead, Burger spotted Punim on the beach, He and Slade approached saying, 
    “Hey Squirt,  How are ya doing?” Punim was disappointed.
    “You’re not my brother, and you’re not Cory. I recognize you both from my brothers class.” He said addressing the two older boys.  Burger was was almost six years older then Punim, had long black hair, and a muscular body of a thirteen year old.  His friend Slade was a year younger, with short white hair and a mean looking smile, he possessed a slim and healthy figure for a twelve year old.  It was good to be able to exit their Monocraft, and stretch their legs. They walked through the shallow waters to the beach. 
    “Yeah, we know your brother and his friend.” Burger said, faking friendliness. 
    “In fact, we are here to help you find him, do you know where he landed?” Punim shook his head. 
    “I landed here alone, and my communication is out, there was nothing here but a bunch of scants.  I wiped out their nest.” Said Punim gesturing at the plateau. Burger shot a knowing glance at Slade and smiled. 
    “Yep, looks like you crushed them all, good work.” Punim smiled. 
    “Slade, you check the beaches for the white crystals, they should be in one of their storage shacks,  I’ll hook up Punims ship and lock it into our group.
    "And you," He said turning to Punim, 
    “You can stay in your Pod and hang with us as we search for your brother.” This sounded reasonable, and Punim agreed. It was not much later when Slade Announced,
    “Found it.”  He held in his hand the treasure, hidden in the wreckage of the Plantation; a handful of  tiny packets of powder. Almost two thousand pounds worth of high grade cocaine. 
As Punim climbed into his Monopod, he asked his rescuers their names, Burger replied,
    “You are right Squirt, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Haman Son of Agag the destroyer, and this is Og, King of Bashin” Said Burger pointing to Slade.
            You are not, Punim thought to himself as he entered his Monopod, he recognized the boys, and that was not their names. 


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