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Runa, an orphan, lives out on the streets stealin anything to survive. Then she met a boy, Zak, who helped her become more like the city folk. Then somthing happene that changed her. Read Bloody Moon to find out.

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Bloody Moon

15      3130

luna is a little girl trapped in an a hunted asylum. Luna meets ghosts along the way some good some bad. Luna with very little food and water tries and tries to get OUT but will she?

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Rosewood AsyLum

10      4289

A New Killer, A New Story : Each year a new proxy joins the Creepy-Pasta team, the new girl is bold and rude - but when a threat nears the mansion will she risk her life to save them? (Based on Quotev Creepy-Pasta Fan Fictions)

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Forest - Creepy Pasta Fan Fic

6      2230
Bow & Arrow

When someone you love dies, it can make you go insane from grief. You want them back, and you´d do anything to have them alive again. Everything they left you now serves as a reminder that they´re gone. But are they really gone?

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Dead Hands

5      1058
Queen Of Fear

Cassie has only ever found comfort in her mother, that is until her father brutally murders her, causing Cassie to snap, she runs away, turning to a world of friendly killers. They welcome her, but what if that´s not enough? What happens when she fa

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Sugarheart (Creepyasta)

4      1356
Hyper without Sugar

Anna wants to be like her older sister Luna.She wants everything. Becuz of that she dosent see the world around her. How they look at HER. and goes on a mass murdering spree the only person that can stop her is her ---- ------

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I Want To Be Like You

3      687
Ebony ThunderCliffe ;)

This writing has explicit language and is not done yet. Annabelle Lee had it all family, friends, money, popularity... and a stalker. Annabelle dreams of going to the prom. But on the night of prom all hell brakes loose. Cecil thought he would never when

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All Love Has Blood

3      830

Kate is just a young girl when she sees him. A dark man behind her old oak tree in her back yard. She wants to know more so she starts to research about him. When she learns too much he comes back.

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The man in the shadows

3      508
Tala Bear

The owls soon pitched in, I knew that meant dark was coming. I found some leaves and tried to make myself comfortable. It isnt easy sleeping alone in a creepy forest, the trees waved with the wind, there were no leaves on the trees, they were all on the

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Lost Death

3      2080

My name´s Mary-Lee, but now everyone calls me Lee. It was ten days ago when it spread. No one knows what "It" is exactly and now no one can find out. I was with my little sister when the first adults turned into "Zombies" or wha

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Run till your feet bleed

3      4071

After weeks of unexplained murders, the ominous unknown killer is still on the rise. After little evidence has been found, a young boy states that he survived one of the killer´s attacks and bravely tells his story.

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The Story Of Jeff The Killer

3      2135

(This is a Creepypasta fanfic with my oc!) April pretty much never had any friends in her whole life, she would spend most days staring out of her bedroom window at the sky. But what happens when she goes into those dark woods in front of her house? Well,

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The Solitude of a Doll (Creepypasta!)

3      1257

(By Lightingbolt) Volume 1 : Everything in the world has changed - creatures which eat flesh and take form of human have invaded. Will a group of friends survive this tragic event?

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3      1345

Book 1/4 : This book is full of short horror stories some by me and others from other websites. In the next volume will be short romance stories there are four in the series.

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3      1227
Annoying Orange

There are to twins name Nasha and Tia Ichihara . They are killers but theyer father is Romeo . He a killer and Juliet is a goddess/demon.

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2      645
Bloody rose

When were little, we here whispers calling out to us, telling us to walk towards the sound, or do something stupid. Why do we hear the whispers, and where do they go when we get older? Why do they call for us? Sounding in pain, making the room fill with d

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Shatter Whispers

2      447

this is a book that i had originally planned to keep on a different site however it is becoming harder and harder to aces it on their so in order to continue it i shall move it to here as well~

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Relay my life starting with yours

2      3086

Marie Jomere is a die hard Chocolate fan. Its no wonder she won a chocolate trivia and was able to enter Checuelaate, a private chocolate company. But the companys startling secret is to die for. Exactly. To DIE for.

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Death by Chocolate

2      889
Swag Potato

It´s merely a recap of the final minigame from FNAF 3. You know, the one where you´re the crying child and you go to the purple guy? That one.

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The Final Minigame

2      1150

A mate of mine used to house-sit various country houses, sometimes for weeks at a time. He liked his own company, and seemed to enjoy the space - but he freaked out last year and told me this story. Ive written as he told it.

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Close Your Eyes (13+)

2      3558

"We are the bottom of the foodchain" Alice and Jane are two teenage girls who have never met before - when they wake up alone in a forest with creatures hunting them down they have to work together to survive.

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The Forest

2      1071

Richie and Johnny visit Fredbears Diner during the Easter vacation, and decide to hide and stay after hours. A waiter, dressed in a springlock suit, is in the diner with them. As the hours go by, the pair discovers some secrets about

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Five Nights at Freddys: Easter Bonnie

1      1247

A 14 year old girl called Mariana and her friend Emily. Mariana was kidnapped and wanted revenge, so she started kidnapping people saying: You would never see me or hear me.

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Mariana Dissapeared

1      586
Chelsea Alonso

To whoever is reading this, I am here to warn you of an extremely important event. There will be a disaster occurring in the year 2222. If you do not heed my warning...you know what? I grant you permission to read my diary. Just so you know about the disa

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The Diary of a Guardian

1      825

Anna loved reading her favorite horror stories, or what people call Creepypasta. But one day she found out a mysterious secret about these stories....will she ever come back? Alive?

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Creepy World

1      1841

In the Big House. A girl Called Ellie Moves House. There all Alone. No Neighbours and no friends. But There not Alone.

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In the Big House

1      1353

This is a story of a girl who dies and is traped in her house with her body! The worst part of it all she has no clue how to get to heaven.

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The Ghost Girl

1      1154

Another Creepy Pasta of a new character. little shadow was created in a lab an made with the ability to teleport. After a tragic accident.She went to many scientist cause they thought she was going insane. No one belit is up to her, to find the killer.

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Little Shadow

1      873
Ender Kid

BOOM!!! Lighting struck the car that held me (D.J.), Cory, Carrie, and Lily Kate. We saw the car was on fire so we got out. We were stranded in the deepest part of Horror Lane in the middle of the night. Only one house had its door open....

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The Bloody House on Nightmare Drive

1      1054

Im Leanne, A Babysitter,Just for tonight...With my Best Friend, Rose.My mums friend and her husband are going out tonight and wont be back till Four In the morning... Macy and Kacy are twins who me and Rose are babysitting.They

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The Babysitter

1      907

My name is Amy, Im 23 years old and live next to my parents house.One specific day it began to rain quite heavily before lightning struck dividing the star-less sky into two broken halves as I gathered my bags and hurried to my car,I began to pull

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Death Before My Eyes..Ghost.

1      764
Leanne Pillin

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