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Trial By Foot - first chapter
ivor | Published 1172 days ago

                Trial by Foot, by Ivor

     The tribune had convened, they formed a circle. The Judge read the charges. 
   "You have been accused of entering an adulterous relationship with the Chief Magistrate, in order to gain secret information which you would pass over to the rebel forces. How do you plead?" 
     The young woman was dragged over to the judgment circle, and thrown to the ground. 
   "I am innocent" she cried. 
   "Let the Mega executioner be called." The earth shook as the Giant boy emerged from his cave. The tremendous size of the giant caused the woman to tremble in fear. The woman was like an insect before the giants feet. 
   The judge called out,
   "Assume the Judgment position!" The giant kept his heel on the ground, but raised his foot above the tiny lady. 
   "How do you plead?" Repeated the judge.
   "I am innocent" Came the reply. The judge gave the giant a signal, and the giant lowered his foot just a little, the prisoner was covered in the shadow of the giants foot. 
   "Explain yourself" Called the judge.
   "The Magistrate called to me at the well, I did not seek him out, He choose me"
   "That´s a Lie!" called the Magistrate, sitting next to his wife from the first row.
   The Judge gave another signal to the giant who lowered his foot just a little more. A thousand ton weight hovering over the quaking prisoner. 
   "We shall have the Truth!" Roared the judge, "And if you are guilty you will slowly be squashed flat like a grape. 
    The crowd of spectators held their breath in anticipation.
   "Lower your foot to position six" Proclaimed the Judge. The giant boy complied. "They sustain me" Thought the boy, "If they want me to execute their prisoners, no problem" He grinned to himself.  In truth the power he wielded delighted him, and he enjoyed the important job of being a part of their justice system. Often he would pay attention to the trials he participated in. He agreed with the tribunal decisions.
      He also had to admit that he enjoyed crushing the guilty of the little people, feeling their bones snap under his foot, squashing their muscle and organs to a mush. Watching their blood spatter as their tiny bodies were crushed.  Their screams excited him. That the King seemed to take such pleasure watching the executions, pleased the boy as well. It is a good thing to be in the Kings Favor.
   Now he was presiding over an intriguing trial. The Magistrate, it seems, set a trap to catch any rebel spies, and he succeeded in doing so.
   The young Esmeralda was a fiery beauty, although she cloaked herself as is the custom, her beauty was known to all. She was the sister of the pub owner, and worked there gratefully.
     Position 6 was the command. The boy knew the positions well. He would start the count down at 6. This was the equivalence of six feet. Each drop would be one foot lower. One question and  one response was allowed per drop. By the third question there was three feet between the hard ground and the enormous foot of the boy. At position 2, the prisoner is tightly wedged by the crushing weight 
     The boy could hold the position tirelessly; that was his job. If the prisoner could not exonerate himself by the next to the last position, it was pretty much over. After the prisoners last call for mercy the execution would commence; this is what everyone came to see.
   The king liked the spectacle; the large audience fought for front row positions. The boy practiced lowering his foot slowly, to prolong the screams of the prisoner. The crowd favored the messy executions. particularly when the prisoner was a beautiful young lady in her late teens with long flowing hair. The boy preferred stepping on the men. He was just at the age when Seeing a beautiful girl made him feel funny inside. If they were judged guilty then stepping on them was his job, and he did it to everyone´s delight.  
    Their delicate bodies would mash to a pulp and ooze up from between his toes, to thrill the crowds. The further the blood spattered, the better.
   Today however was different: The boy knew Esmeralda! The boy grimaced, This was unlike the other woman prisoners brought in from the wars and tried for treason;      Esmeralda was a local. Many townsman liked to flirt with her, and just as many housewives resented her beauty. Her position at the pub gave her a wide variety of 
suitors. Amongst them was a bold young woodsman, that many in town suspected of hanging out with the rebel forces. She denied it, with a push of the shoulder to any who might bring it up. She liked the brazen young lad. 
     The foot lowered once more.She was now trapped under position 3. Tears were flowing down her eyes as the warmth of the giant boys foot could be felt tight above her frail body, The boy was not not comfortable with this execution.
   Esmeralda use to play games with him and keep him company, he in turn, liked her. It was the Madgister who always seemed to look down upon the giant boy, as if he were nothing more than some dumb brute beast.
   "Here is your question, and for your life you had better have a good explanation" The Judge continued to read from a prepared scroll, 
   "Our Madgister devised a plan whereby he let a rumor circulate concerning his knowledge of the rebels storehouses. He claimed he had the orders to secretly raid those warehouses. The scroll he professed to own,  would supposedly be delivered to the King.  He boasted in public, how It indicated where and when each strike was to take place. This was information that the Rebel forces needed; They would surly try to obtain it any way they could" Thus the Magistrate would flush them out of hiding. 
    The judge removed his glasses, and stared directly at Esmeralda´s green eyes. He continued reading, 
   "He claims that you came sneaking in, trying to seduce him, you attempted to steal the information so you could give it to your rebel conspirators, and thus lead them to ambush our troops" He glanced back at the Magistrate, closing the accusation document with a dramatic flair. 
   "Has your case been presented fairly?" Asked the Judge of the Madgester who smiled smugly and nodded while twisting his thin mustachio. His wife clinging on his uniformed arm. The Judge signaled that the foot be dropped by a inch or two this time.    
     Esmeralda had taken to lying on her back, and was looking up at the bottom of the boys foot; It easily covered her entire upper torso. They had stripped her naked to humiliate her, and now she could feel on her bare skin, the rough texture under the ball of the boys foot. Her arms could hardly move. The Judge was addressing her, this was it.
   "Has Esmer...Has the Prisoner any response to the charges?" Esmeralda remained quiet, the sound of the world was still. A few nervous twitters were heard from the spectators, Esmeralda took a deep breath, and spoke.
   The crushing weight pressed her tightly against the ground, she found it hard to breath, but she had to give her last statement, and prayed that it would find favor.
   "The Madgister often visited the Pub, I believe he coveted me in his heart. He would often flirt with me. At first I thought it was in good nature, but of late he seemed more intent in wooing me. I reminded him of his wife, but he dismissed my complaint. You must meet me on Sunday, behind the church, he said, or he would find the Pub wanting for back taxes. I reluctantly agreed to meet him.
   "Continue" Prompted the Judge.
   "This is a Lie" Interrupted the Madgister.
   "Your honor, I need more room to breath" Pleaded Esmeralda. The Judge indicated to the officiating officer by the Giants feet, that the foot should be lowered by three inches. The Execution recording officer looked up at the huge boy, and gave the appropriate signal. 
    Reluctantly the boy brought his foot down, to the proscribed increment. Esmeralda felt the weight now pressing against her breasts and thighs. She had to turn her head to the side lest her nose be broken.
   "He showed his passion, in the barn behind the Church, but it was too risky to complete his rape there, as the ostler was want to stroll in from time to time to feed and tend the horses. He insisted that I meet him at his home, on a night when his wife would be off visiting relatives. I had to agree. It was at his home that I discovered his plot to kill the King!"
   "We have heard enough of these lies" Screamed the Madgister.    
   "Kill her now! Squash her into the ground and be done with this traitor"
   "Continue" Declared the Judge, "But beware, the web you are spinning will insure your death. Have you any proof of this outrageous accusation?"
   "Yes your Honor" Came her reply.
   "At the Madgister´s home, while he was preparing wine, he boasted of how close he was to the Kings throne. It must have been the alcohol that dulled his senses. He spoke with jealousy of the Kings power, and hinted that it would soon be his" 
    "Ridiculous!" Hollered the madgister, 
    "I demand you kill this lying wench immediately"
    Esmeralda swallowed hard, and hoped that her plan would work; She had in secrecy that night, asked one of the Madgister´s servants to plant a scroll on the Madgisters possession, In his inner jacket lining. unbeknownst to him.
    Esmeralda spoke what she was sure would be her last words.
   "I discovered the scroll and read it. It was addressed to the rebel leader, telling when the King would be on the road and most vulnerable to a rebel attack. The Madgister was in the act of ripping off my clothing, in a passionate rage, when he spotted his scroll on the dresser. He looked at me, and a look of evil rage passed over his face. He slapped me, and asked if I had read the scroll. I said no, and he slapped me again even harder."
   The Madgister jumped up, 
   "Lies" He bellowed. The Judge gestured that he be silent. Esmeralda continued, against hope.
   "He said that if I breathed a word, I would be put on trial for treason and that my boyfriend would be hung for being a rebel leader, or worse. We would die under the giants foot together" The young woodcutter was shackled and standing on the outside of the circle awaiting his trial next.
    The Judges face was red, he swore an oath, collected his composure, and asked,
   "Esmeralda, we are prepared to see you meet a bloody and painful end, here and now. Have you any proof to offer that your tale is true"
   "I have your honor"
   "Oh, I hope you do Esmeralda" Thought the boy, who did not relish the thought of killing a friend.
   "What is your proof?" The Judge held his breath.
   "The document I discovered is in the Magistrates possession at the moment, It is in his hidden coat pocket"
   The King jumped up and signaled to his guards to seize the perplexed Madgister, and hold him by force if they had to.
   "Impossible, NO!"  Shouted the Madgester, who reaching into his inner jacket found a scroll, It had not been there before Esmeralda left him that night. The blood rushed from his face, as he spotted the Kings guards approaching him. He tried to break free from his wife´s grasp, and run. He was seized by the royal guards, and his jacket was searched. One of the guards held up the scroll so the Judge and King might see it.
   "Bring the evidence to the Judge" Pronounced the King.
Esmeralda could hear the commotion, but could not see what was going on. The boy dutifully held her in check under the ball of his feet. He was ready to crush her quickly, in spite of the crowds lust for a slow painful death. There was a skirmish going on. Esmeralda prayed the Madgister´s enamored servant had done what she asked, and planted her scroll in his inner jacket pocket after she left, the Ten piece coin along with the scroll was persuasive, but not so much so as the warm kiss she gave him. The Madgister would never suspect it was hidden there.  She recalled how at the pub she had met a gentleman, who for a pint of brew would forge the Madgisters´ signature on any document including a counterfeit scroll incriminating him. 
   The Madgister was now held firmly in check with a knife at his throat, as the Judge read the scroll. 
    Taking a deep breath, his heart pounding, the Judge looked first at the King, then at the Madgister, and he signaled to the recording officer at the boys feet, to have have the execution of Esmeralda, and the peasant woodcutter, Jack Obarron, both charged with Treason, stayed.
   "I declare both parties, Not Guilty"  Proclaimed the Judge.  Hats flew in the air from the surrounding spectators. Tears flowed down the boys cheeks, as he lifted his foot off the tiny naked prisoner. 
   "I hope I didn´t hurt you"  He thought. Some court attendants rushed to her and threw a blanket around her, helping her to her feet.
   The King was now examining the scroll, 
   "Today is a momentous day"  Announced the King, We came today to witness the execution of a Traitor, And so we shall, even though it is not the ones of whom we suspected" He laughed heartily as the Magistrate was dragged, with his wife to the execution circle where they were tossed cruelly to the hard stone ground.
   The crowd held its breath in anticipation of a particularly gory execution, they were not disappointed.                          


     The story of Esmeralda has a happy ending, or so it would seem.  But all did not turn out well.
    The fact is that Jack Obarron  who married Esmeralda, was indeed a rebel spy.  The  fair Magistrate was innocent, but was cruelly put to death.  Jack was pardoned, and continued in secrecy to spy on the Kings whereabouts, He gave his information to the Rebel forces. They ambushed the King, who was killed.  The Kingdom without a king, fell apart,  The Rebels had no experience governing a country, poverty swept the land. With no one to employ him, the Giant boy fled to the wilderness, as the country fell into the dark ages. And thus my story ends.  

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Thank you WolfWritten, I have described in detail Mega crushing action in many of my other stories, (Mega Boys from Outer Space for example) but decided to use restraint here for a change.
Updated 623 Days ago
Beneath his toes, their eyes bulge out their eyes as their skulls crack in two. Something like that.
Updated 623 Days ago
This is very well written. My only criticism is a story around execution should have excessive amounts of gory detail of their deaths. Such as "With a crack and a snap, I could feel their bones crumbl
Updated 623 Days ago
Wow, Thank you MissKnowitAll.
Updated 1028 Days ago
longest (but greatest) book ive ever read!
Updated 1028 Days ago
loves it. xD
Updated 1086 Days ago

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