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Iron girl - first chapter
diper rules | Published 1089 days ago

Oh no I am going to be late, I can not be late, not now, not today. My name is Tonya Stark and I am late to my first Avengers meeting , man I am dead I am so dead. I look at my watch and I have 5 minutes and I am almost there I can see it and I know I wont make it unless. YES I can use my new tech and call my suit. I flipped my wrist and I was still running and my the 1st piece of my suit hit my arm and the rest came to me and I grabbed the face part and I put my back pack on and I flew really fast to the tower. Two minutes I was almost to the room. I was flying up the tower and 1 minute and I was at the window. My dad opened the window and I rolled in and I sat down really quickly and right when I sat down The other avengers came in and Cap said "Tony where is...... Oh Tonya I didnt see you come in." I said "No one dose Cap." Then he sat down and said "Why do you have your suit on." And of course I am amazing at making excuse and I said "I thought we were supposed to ware our suits I mean every one else does." Then Bruce said "She makes a good point." Then my mom (pepper) came in and yelled "TONYA HOPE STARK." I took my helmet off and I said "Oh no, im dead, dad hide me." I tried to hide behind my dad and my mom pulled me away from him and she said "WHY did you beat up Charlie Jones." Then my dad said "Guys can you leave." Then hawk eye said  "Na I want to see this." I rubbed my arm and I said "Im sorry these three 9th graders were beating up this helpless 5th grader and I know im only in 7th grade, but I wanted to help the kid and when I told the to stop nicely they punched me and I got angery and that happened." I then heard Cap said "Well if you are going to beat up a kid a least she did it after asking and she was saving a kid." Then my dad said "Yea, im proud of her pepper." Then she said "Thats not the point she is a girl and she could have gotten hurt and girls are not supposed to fight." Then Natasha said "Um that is not true Pepper, girls can fight and she can defend herself." Then my mom said "What ever ,but Tonya your grounded from your phone." I said "WHAT." Then she said "Thats it, have a good meeting." Then she left I smiled and Thor said "My friend what is so funny." I said "I dont have a phone, I have every thing else expect a phone and she said thats it so she cant change it and I got it taped." Then my dad said "Thats my girl." I smiled and it was veterans day and I walked over to Cap and said "Happy vets day." Then he said "Thank you Tonya, a least someone remembered." Then I said "Well, we should have a party and you can invite you friend and I can invite some of my friends." Then my dad said "Yea thats cool, we are going to have a party and Tonya you and your friends can hang in the lab." I said "Really." He said "Yea, but they cant touch anything and you have to get a A+ on your test." I pulled out my test and I got 125 points out of 100 points. Then he Clint said "How did you get higher then 100." I said "I dont know." Then Cap said "Yea you can have your friends over." I said "Awesome, but dad can you call them." He said "Oh I added an upgrade where you can call from your suit " I said "Sweet." Then Cap said "Well 1st lets have our meting." Yea so since all that we said "was boring I will skip that and hey that would make you not want to read and this next part you will want to read.  

Table of contents:

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