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Marco laid on his bed unable to sleep, it was 2 am on Saturday Star had snuck out with her friends... again, Marco stared at his ceiling in the dark he was waiting for a familiar sound.


Sure enough, like clock work, Star had just crawled through the living room window the sound didn´t wake his parents they are extremely heavy sleepers. Marco sighed, normally he just let her go to her room but this was different she was making a lot of noises as if she was stumbling.


Marco sat up in worry ´What the hell?´ he thought as he approached the living room and saw Star on her back in a daze. "Star what are you-" Marco stopped as he approached Star, she REEKED of alcohol, "Star are you drunk!?" Marco whisper screamed, why he bothered to keep his voice quiet was beyond him an earthquake could erupt right now and his parents would sleep right through it. "Heeeeey... Marco *hic*" She was hammered. "I was just... having fun with my friends and now.... I think I´m gonna go to bed..." She went to take a step only for her to tumble over again. Marco sighed and helped her to her bed. Star immediately passed out as soon as her face hit the pillow, Marco returned to her bed and began to think about all of this.

    It all started when Star asked her crush, Oskar, out on a date...

    It was their sophomore year. "H-Hey Oskar...." Star nervously approached the teen as he played on his keytar, poorly, "Yeah what is it?" Oskar asked in a emotionless tone "Would you.... like to go out this weekend?" She said as she flinched prepping herself for the worst. "Sure whatever." Star´s eyes lit up, "REALLY!?" she squealed with happiness. "Yeah why not you seem hot." Star felt heat rush to her face, and with that they started dating. Ugh the mere mention of Oskar´s name sent a surge of anger through Marco he didn´t really know why but whenever Oskar and Star were together it just made Marco frustrated and angry for reasons he didn´t understand. It didn´t help that every day Oskar and Star would start and end the day with a violent make-out session, which just added to Marcos intensifying frustration.

    He remembers the time before they started dating, it was around the time he got over his crush with Jackie, he used to be obsessed with her but after a while he went from seeing Jackie from a love interest to someone who would make a great friend, which is what happened when his crush on her wore off it made him less nervous around her so he started talking to her, after that he had a good group of friends which consisted of his two already friends Alfonzo and Ferguson, and now Jackie and Janna (Don´t ask how) and Star- well... not anymore but she used to be they would spend lunch and a lot of time after school, unless Star and Marco were in another dimension or fighting Ludo and his army of dumb monsters, then after Star and Oskar started going out she disappeared from the group entirely but, for a while at least, still hung out with Marco and fought Ludo. (Which they still have to do from time to time) But, after some time she stopped hanging out with him to. Marco noticed Star was changing to her outfits her interests even her personality. She consistently blasts rock and dubstep from her room all day, much to Marco´s annoyance, her clothes got darker and she got a whole different group of friends that loved to cause trouble. This had lead to Star sneaking out in the middle of the night basically every weekend and it fills Marco with worry to the point were he can´t sleep until he hears that special ´THUMP!´ which tells him that she´s now home.

But now Marco was still awake with worry because he knew that it was getting worse this was the first time Star has come home drunk and he fears that its not the last. He is afraid that the charming pretty and fun girl who came to Earth was now gone...

Table of contents:

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