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The Future - first chapter
AzuriteTealLily | Published 1151 days ago



Have you ever thought about the future? 

Are you worried about what happens next, waiting in anticipation for the next event? 

If you have, start thinking about the future of this and the upcoming generations if our present issues are corruption, overpopulation, poverty, child labor, abuse, extinction, human trafficking, pollution, global warming, etc. which are still unsolved...

Reflect for a moment... 

Is our future bleak, is our future sad, and is it heartbreaking? If it is, it would probably look like a lonely, desolate, deserted, dead wasteland filled to the brim with pollution and overpopulated with greedy, selfish, careless people. 

There would be no green, living, biotic piece of nature ( excluding humans ) to be seen. As far as the eye can see, all you would find are artificial and mechanical. 

Instead of survival of the fittest, it is now survival of the richest.

Isnt the government supposed to lead us, citizens, to a better country, with rich natural resources, well-developed people and with a stable economy? Yet look at the real picture... 

My country, the Philippines is overpopulated, giving way to many more problems, like: poverty, pollution, informal settlers, discrimination, corruption, large unemployment rate, heavy traffic, starvation, epidemics, child labor, and a huge contribution to Global Warming and Climate Change.

 As students, weve at least learned about most of these problems and have been taught simple and complex ways as the average person on how to prevent them, those issues should have been solved by now.

But I have a question, if that is what they teach us in school, why hasnt the suffering of Mother Earth ended? If we have learned so many things: solutions, then why is it that they continue to be an occurring problem? 

People of past generations have also committed such mistakes: to abuse the planet we were meant to take care of, to slowly kill the creation that was entrusted to us and destroying our home that has already given us what we need to live.

Of course, we also know that they also know that they have been executing the same slip-ups again...and again... and again...

 Now tell me... 

Who is the bigger fool: the fool or the person who follows the fool?

How do you feel, now that I have revealed to you the origin of your actions? 

That your parents, the ones you have always looked up to, have played a part with the earth rapidly decaying to nothing.

 How does it feel when you register in your mind that you have been doing what you have always degraded as immoral and immature? 

By now some people would have presented ideas and solutions to the obstacles Ive mentioned, but I wont do that.

Nope, no siree.

Yes, Im different, but no, Im not a lunatic. I will just guide you to understand your faults and errors so you can correct them. 

You would have to find or make your own solutions to your problems. 

No one else could help you, for you are the only one who could help yourself

Its either you take the responsibility or leave the situation to worsen. 

You have to do something... you have to do something.

So maybe, just maybe, we can save our future...

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"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." -Leo Tolstoy (I think this fits this piece of amazing writing, doesn´t it? Loved reading this. Will there be more?)
Updated 1135 Days ago
I really liked your writing ! Keep it up
Updated 1146 Days ago
all I can say is wow. that´s pretty good
Updated 1146 Days ago

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