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Delicacies; Love May End - first chapter
Emma May | Published 986 days ago

            Madelyn Halliday, age 13, 5"4, and a her million dollar smile enters the 6th grade homeroom on a Tuesday morning. Immediately she knew where she was going to have to sit- a table full of boys. To be honest, she didnt really care, but in the past, shed tried to hang with the boys, but they didnt even give her a chance. Today, she was going to change that, she was going to make friends with whoever she wanted.

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Most chapters will be narrated by Madelyn herself, but sometimes will be narrated by other very important characters. Ill label them so you know. Also, I am not the only person writing this! My friends have their own individual character much like their own selves, so youll get a peek inside the lives of some very interesting people!

Table of contents:

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