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First Meeting - first chapter
GravityFallsTrash | Published 1224 days ago

It was around 2:00 AM in the morning, Dipper was awaken by the sounds of something gliding its claws against the wood walls, not only that but also the sound of claws tapping the window. Dipper groaned and rolled onto his side and got out of bed. He was gonna find out what was making those noises.

He slowly approached the window, running his hand against it to remove any fog on it. He then peered through the window in silence, before eyeing at Mabel, who was still asleep. Thats when Dipper heard a claw tapping on the glass window, making him freeze in place and bare his teeth a little in shock before slowly changing his view back to the window.

There was a figure out there, a little taller than Dipper himself, not only that but it must of climbed up to where the siblings room is. Dipper just stared into the figures lime green glowing eyes. Biting his lower lip a little he slowly backed away and reached underneath his bed, pulling out the Journal.

With the Journal in hand he slowly approached the window again and removed more fog on the glass from it, getting a better view of the figure than last time. The figure just blinked and dropped down to the entrance doors, causing a slid thump and thud. Dippers pupils shrunk, Whatever that thing was... Is it trying to get inside...??

Dipper quietly, yet quickly exited the room, closing the door silently behind him before coming down the stairs, he heard scratching at the front door of the Mystery Shack. Inhaling deeply before exhaling, he held the Journal close to his chest and slowly walked to the door, soon grabbing its handle and very slowly, turning it with a shaking hand.

The figure backed away when the door opened and got into the darkness, yet its eyes were still seen glowing in the dark, its gaze never left Dipper. As the brown-haired boy stepped outside and closing the door behind him, he held the Journal closer to his chest. "Hello..? Whos there...?" He called, he froze when he caught the glance of those glowing eyes again.

Dipper shivered a little and gulped, before taking a slow step forward. "H-Hey.. Its okay.. I-I wont hurt y-you..." He was still quivering a little, but not as bad when he spotted the glowing eyes in the darkness. The figure tilted its head and slowly crawled out a little, but didnt reveal itself just yet.

Dipper took another slow step forward, "S-See? I-I-its all f-f-fine..." Dipper said contently, yet he still kept the Journal close to his chest in case of whatever he found decides to attack. The figure blinked and slowly crawled out more, to where its wolf-like snout could be seen. Dipper seemed a bit surprised, "...H-Huh.." But he slowly took another step closer, grinning softly, maybe he could show that he meant no harm.

The figure blinked again, but slowly, reaching an arm out into the moonlight, revealing an human-like arm but with pale dark navy blue fur with gray markings and hooked claws on the tip of each finger. Dipper shuddered a little as the creature slowly revealed itself, yet he thought deeply... What exactly did he find...? Dipper was curious and was determine to find out what it is.

"Cmon... Just a little m-m-more..?" Dipper whispered, almost to himself, he then took another slow step forward but a bigger step. The figure lowered its head and brought another arm out into the moonlight, it was the same as the other one. The figure uttered a low gurgle, which sounded exactly like a growl. Dipper jumped a bit and quivered, clutching the Journal tightly. He thought he might of angered it.

The figure then revealed its head finally, and then its full body. It wore a Heartless Shirt with the sleeves torn at the ends, it also wore Black Sweat Pants, which were also torn up to the knees. Dippers pupils shrunk a little more as he watched the creature stand up before him, nearly towering over him, making it seem bigger. But of course the figure was taller than him. The boys mouth opened a little as if he were to scream, but nothing came out knowing that he was still close to the Mystery Shack.

The humanoid-wolf creature leaned down a bit and sniffed at Dipper, the brown-haired boy blinked and noticed the eyelashes on the creature, meaning it was a female, a girl. Dipper felt himself shudder again, as he was staring at her fangs and claws. Which made him nervous and kind of scared. "S-So, youre a g-g-girl then..."

Dipper slowly looked down to the Journal, before holding it out before him and flipped through pages, until he found it. "Aha... Now, lets see..." Dipper read a bit before looking up to the wolf creature, before whispering inaudibly, "Yep, thats a werewolf alright..." He then closed the Journal and held it close to his chest again. "Are you lost..?" Dipper asked.

The creature shook her head at Dippers question, she opened her mouth a little but paused, getting another question from the boy, "Where did you come from??" The creature looked to him and spoke, "Tennessee.." Dipper blinked, he didnt think she could talk, "Well, uh... Whats your name then?" Dipper asked again.

"Sabrina.. Thats my name." The werewolf replied, yet she noticed Dipper still trembling a bit, but didnt question about it. She thought it was cute to see him shiver like that. "And whats your name?" Sabrina then asked the brown-haired boy. "Im.. Im Dipper. Dipper Pines." He smiled a little, yet he still looked a little nervous.

Sabrina grinning and her tail wagging back and fourth slowly, she was starting to like this guy already. Dipper then walked around her, studying her from head to toe. He seemed deep in thought, Sabrinas ears flick up quickly. "Hey Dipper..." Dipper paused and looked to Sabrina with a curious look, "Yes?"

Sabrinas ears lay back a little, "I have no place to stay... I was wondering if I can stay with you for awhile..." Sabrina gave a soft whimper, Dipper raises his eyebrows and felt sympathy for her. "W-Well... I dont know... What if my sister, or Stan finds you?" Dipper looked concerned, Sabrina blinking, "Im good at hiding.. Trust me on this..." She whined again, her ears still flopped down.

Dipper looked off to the side before looking to her, "Well okay, but you must keep quiet..." Sabrina then nodded and followed Dipper back up to the Mystery Shack, Dipper reaching out and slowly opening the door and quietly walking inside, Sabrina following him still, and she was silent when they got back upstairs and into the twins bedroom.

Dipper sliding the Journal underneath his bed before climbing back onto his bed, he gave Sabrina a concerned look before giving a soft yawn, soon rolling over onto his side and falling asleep, Sabrina crawling in front of his bed and curled up like how a dog would sleep, she then rests her head on her front hands, and fell asleep as well.

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Nice story, but Dipper is mah boiiii :3
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