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The blessed baby - first chapter
Melina | Published 1225 days ago

Once upon a time in a palace a queen got a baby called Elizabeth everyone gave her something that will be useful for her baby or a gift. But Alvira wanted to give her magic because magic will be useful for her whole life. She asked permission to the queen and king that she wanted to bless her. "Sure, you can bless her" The king said. "Oh thank you so much majesty youll see you wont regret it" Alvira says. "I hope so" says the king. "Of course majesty" says Alvira. "Okay its enough stop talking and begin the rituals or whatever" says the king. "Exactly she talks a lot" says the queen angry and talking arrogantly. "Okay I will start" says Alvira. "Elizabeth youre blessed by me when youll be older youll be a diva and youll have magic" says Alvira. When Elizabeth was 8 years old Alvira told her she has magic and she can use her magic. One day the queen and the king was searching for a prince with who Elizabeth can marry. Alvira heard the news and asked permission to the queen and king that she knows Alexander a prince that wants to marry Elizabeth. "Sure, I accept that my daughter marries him" the queen says. "Sure she can marry him" the king says. "Okay its decided Elizabeth will marry Alexander i will organised a ball for my dear daughter and its my final decision" the king says. The queen smile. "Wait... who is he? and who is his family?". "Oh you´ll meet him for the ball" Alvira says. "Sure" says the queen. Elizabeth went to the ball with Alexander. Alvira was invited and everyone was there. They all looked at prince Alexander. But prince Alexander only looked at Elizabeth no one else. After sometimes they got married. They got 4 kids. They all grown up and became princes and princesses. One day the queen and the king died. They were all surprise hearing the king and queen´s death. After sometime Alvira became older and died too. Before she dies everyone came to see her even Elizabeth, Alexander and Elizabeth´s kids. One day Elizabeth too died. 

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Thank you if you see that girl cattycgm dare to write in my books can you tell me I will delete all her bad comments
Updated 1218 Days ago
Updated 1218 Days ago

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