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Pikachu and Buneary: A day without trainers - first chapter
Oshawott541 | Published 1231 days ago

One day, near Snowpoint City, a lonely Pikachu was sleeping in a small tent with a Buneary cuddled up next to him. This Buneary was in love with Pikachu and wanted to express her feelings for him. However, Pikachu was rather dodgy when it came to a relationship with Buneary until this very day. A cold breeze slipped into the tent and caused Pikachu´s teeth to chatter. The chattering caused him to wake up. "Man... it´s c...c...c...cold in" he said to himself as he then went to close the flap of the tent. Hearing Pikachu up and about, Buneary woke up herself and walked over to him. "Good morning, Pikachu." she said as she gave him a hug. Pikachu was surprised by this and blushed up a bit. "Oh. Morning, Buneary. I didn´t expect you to be up so early." he said as he turned to Buneary.

"Well, I heard that you might be a little cold, so I wanted to keep you warm, cutie pie." Buneary replied as she giggled afterwards. Hearing her call him "cutie pie," Pikachu blushed up even more. Then he thought of something. "I wonder if Ash and Dawn are ready to keep going." he wondered to himself. He then turned his head towards the snowy forest outside and walked outside of the tent. He then turned his attention to an adjacent tent just twenty feet away from where he and Buneary were. He walked over there and called out. "Hey, Ash. You ready to continue the trek to Snowpoint City?" However, he heard no response from his trainer. "Ash? Are you in there?" he asked as he pulled up the flap of the tent and saw that Ash and Dawn weren´t in the tent. "Wha... Where did they go?" he then said in total shock.

"Where did who go?" Buneary asked as she got outside and walked over to Pikachu.

"Ash and Dawn." Pikachu replied as he showed Buneary the empty tent. When she saw that her trainer was gone, she was shocked. "Where...? Where did...?" she stuttered.

"I know. I´m just as shocked as you, Buneary. I mean, this isn´t like we got separated from them. They were sleeping here last night." Pikachu then said.

"Does that mean... something terrible happened to them?" Buneary then asked with a bit of fright in her voice. She then started bursting into tears. "Don´t worry, Buneary. We´ll find them. Wherever they are, they can´t be far from where we are." Pikachu said as he comforted Buneary in his arms and hugged her.

"I hope so. I don´t know what would happen to me if Dawn was gone for a very long time." Buneary replied, still crying.

"Well... you know... there is... someone else who cares for you." Pikachu then said, trying to cheer Buneary up.

"Really? Who is it?" Buneary asked, reducing her crying to sniffling.

"Here´s a hint." Pikachu replied as he then gave Buneary a quick kiss. Buneary blushed a lot when Pikachu did this and smiled. "I knew you had some deep feelings for me, Pikachu." she said as soon as she stopped blushing.

"Yeah. Ever since you rescued me three months back, I started developing some feelings for you, but I was nervous to tell anyone else that I was in love with you. So I´ve been acting like I wanted to just be friends with you so that my feelings couldn´t be known to everyone." Pikachu explained.

"Oh. I see. So, you went with the "scared about a relationship" card in order to mask your love for me?" Buneary then said. Pikachu nodded his head. "That´s so cute of you, Pikachu. And clever, if that." Buneary then said as her eyes started sparkling.

"Thanks. It´s not as easy as you might expect." Pikachu replied.

"Oh, believe me. I know." Buneary then said.

"Really?" Pikachu asked.

"Yeah. I´ve been training to suppress my feelings for you for a while, but at times, they just come out instantaneously." Buneary explained.

"Wow." Pikachu said, surprised that Buneary has been trying to suppress her feelings for him. "Well... let´s go find our trainers." he then said.

"Alright." Buneary said as she took Pikachu´s hand and started walking with him to find Ash and Dawn.

Table of contents:

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