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Cheating husband - first chapter
Melina | Published 1293 days ago

Johny is a guy that never cheated on her wife Jane but one day Johny met a girl that was rich, pretty and she is famous. One day Janes sister Caroline came to visit Johny but he saw Johnys car and there was a girl that was kissing him. Caroline was shocked she went directly in Janes office there Caroline told Jane the truth. That she saw johny with that girl. She also said she saw Johny paying her after kissing her. Jane was so shocked she was about to go see him to slap him and to ask her lawyer that she wants to divorce him unfortunately she had two kids that she cares for. She is worried if she divorce Johny what will happen to her kids?. One day her aunt Caroline introduce her a guy that her sister Caroline wanted Jane to be friends. So they became friends. One day Jane shared him her story with his husband. Josh Janes friend knew what happened to her because Jane shared the bad news with him. Josh wanted to help Jane by being his new husband and supporting her. But she was still very worried about her family. "You can tell your kids that they will have a new dad" says Josh. "What if they will be angry about this news" says Jane worried and sad. "Believe me it will be okay" says Josh."Are you sure?" says says Jane. "Im about to do anything for you. I love you" says Josh. "Maybe your husband dont care for you but I do" says Josh. "I love you but maybe my kids wont like this news" says Jane."If you dont even try it how do you know they wont be happy or just dont tell anything its okay you can cheat on him too because he begin first". "Okay I will do as you say" says Jane "Okay baby see you tomorrow at the cafe ogustin" says Josh. "Okay bye" says Jane. Jane didnt feel very good being with Josh. She wasnt in love with Josh so one day she told Josh that she isnt in love with him. So she decided to divorce her husband. She said "I know everything that your cheating on me"."What are you talking about" says Johny. "Dont try to do the innocent because my aunt saw you kissing this stupid girl that is maybe younger than me" says Jane furious. "Shut up stop lying says his husband" says her husband. "Youre lying and youre saying that Im lying how dare you" says Jane here is the divorce paper sign it and its done" says Jane furious. "I loved you but now I hate you" says Jane. "Okay fine I will sign it but dont come back saying you love me" says Johny. "Because once I will divorce you I will marry Sasha and she decided to stop being a slot and marry me she also decided to become a model and I will take Lily and Jade my two daughters I promise I will have their custody"says Johny. "Do you think I wont fight for my kids? because I will fight for my kids" says Jane. Jane began to pack her clothes and put her clothes in the car and she goes pick Jade and Lily. Jane saw Lily and Jade lining up hear the stays with Camille and Eva. When the bell began to ring every kids ran and took the bus but some waited for their parents to come. Lily and Jade saw Jane that was standing there waiting for her kids to come. Lily and Jade ran and told their mother "Mommy miss Lisa gave us homework can we complete them when we reach home?" says Jade and Lily "Sure kids". Why are there so many bags?" says Jade. "Because Jade youre thirteen Im sure you can understand it but dont tell it to Lily she is only six years old she will be very sad and upset" says Jane. "Your dad and me are divorced now because he was cheating on me with a girl called Sasha I think shes thirty years old and me Im old Im 39 years old" says Jane. "Oh my god" says Jade. "We will buy an apartment" says Jane. "For the time being we will stay with aunt Caroline" says Jane. "Okay kids lets go at Boston" says Jane. "When we will have enough money we will buy an apartment at New York" says Jane. "Okay mom" says Jade. Lily was standing near the car waiting for Jane and Jade to come. When Jane and Jade came. Jane said "You could go in the car until we finish talking about whats was going on" says Jane "But mommy I was waiting for you but you were taking 30 minutes talking. I was bored siting and I came out of the car" says Lily. "Okay lily now lets go in auntie Carolines apartment!" says Jane. "Okay mommy" says Lily. When they arrived Caroline was preparing dinner at 4:00. "Hi auntie Caroline" says Lily and Jade. "Hi princess" says Caroline. "How are you doing Jadie" says Caroline. "Im doing good!" says Jade. "Do you want some juice?" says Caroline. "Yes please" says Jade and Lily. "Sure girls". " Here you go" says Caroline. "Thank you auntie" says Jade and Lily. "Your welcome" says Caroline."Girls you can go watch movies in the living room me and your mommy should talk about something private" says Caroline. "Sure auntie" says Jade. "Hey why dont we go watch Lolas magic rock?" says Lily whispering. "As you wish" says Jade. "Jane I asked you if we could talk privately because Im worried about that is happening" says Jane. I think you should get married again with somebody else but if you dont want its okay because after all its your life not mine Im trying my best to find solution for this problem. So yeah thats all I wanted to talk about tell me if theres something that is bothering you" says Caroline. "Sure sis" says Jane "Its so disappointing seeing him kissing this stupid girl. says Caroline. "Yes its awful when you learn that your husband cheats on you" says Jane. "Sis can you give me some money because I should but an apartment" says Jane. "Sure but I will take a loan" says Caroline. "Fine but do something that is helpful" says Jane. "Yeah" says Caroline. "The dinner is ready call the kids" says Caroline. "Yeah" says Jane. "Kids come eat the dinner is ready come eat kids quick" says Jane. "Yes mom" says Jade and Lily. "Can we watch the movie when we finish eating" says Lily. "Sure kids enjoy your meal" says Jane and Caroline. "Thank you mom" says Jade and Lily. Lily, Jade, Caroline and Lily were eating their meal. After eating there meal Lily and Jade ate dessert and watch their favorite movie called Lolas magic rock. At 9:00 Jane asked the kids to go sleep for them to wake up at time tomorrow so Jade and Lily listen to their mother and slept in the guest room. Jade and Lily shared room and Caroline slept in her room and Jane slept in the second room because in Carolines room there are three rooms. When it was morning Jane woke up and woke Jade and Lily and Caroline was drinking her coffee. She said " Good morning Jane and when Lily and Jade finished brushing their teeth she said "Good morning girls" the kids said "Good morning auntie". "Good morning Caro" says Jane. "Here your breakfasts girls come eat and yeah here bread, jam, milk and some biscuits and the cereals in the milk enjoy your meal girls" says Caroline. "Thank you auntie and enjoy your meal too" says the kids. "Thank you girls and you too Jane" says Caroline. "Thank you Caro" says Jane. "Okay kids quick eat your breakfast and put your uniforms and I will brush Lilys hair and maybe auntie will brush Jades hair okay kids?". "Sure mom as you wish" Okay Lily go change your clothes and put your uniform and when youre done tell me. I finished preparing your food for you to eat at school" says Jane "Yes mom" says Lily. "I finished putting my uniform now youll brush my hair? says Lily. "Yes" says Lily. "Wheres the brush?" says Jane. "Here take" says Caroline. "Thanks" says Jane 

2 Years Later...

"Sis its time for you to go court" says Caroline. "Oh yeah" says Jane. "Can you pick the kids at school and leave them do their activity because their school will finish at noon today?" says Jane "Sure" says Caroline. "Thank you sis" says Jane "No problem Jane you can trust me Im your sister after all" says Caroline "Okay thank you" says Jane. "I should leave now bye" says Jane. When it was afternoon Jane came back home she saw the kids completing their homework. "Do you need my help kids?" says Jane. "Yes mom" says Lily "I dont know the decimals. Can you help me mommy? says Lily. "Sure the answer is 0.2" says Jane. "Thank you mommy!" says Lily. "Your welcome" says Jane. When the kids finished their homework Jane asked the kids " How was your activities?" says Jane. "It was awesome!" says Jade "Okay thats good" says Jane. "Mom in two weeks it will will be my birthday" says Jade "Oh yeah I will buy you the cake on the eve" says Jane. "Okay mom" says Jade. When it was Jades birthday everyone was happy. The next day Jade receive a letter from Johny that says "Happy birthday Jade for your 15th birthday xxx from dad and there was also a card and a gift inside of the gift there was a jacket that was made by jeans and stretch blue. She loved her gifts she decided to wear it for her an outing with her friends. Finally she was happy for her birthday even if her parents are divorce she still had gifts from her mom and dad

1 Month Later...

"Hey Jane I found an apartment for you to leave I know I took sometime because the loan took a lot of time and by the way the apartment is found in New York" says Caroline. "Oh good" says Jane. "Kids we will buy an apartment!" says Jane. "Oh its a good news!" says Lily. "Yeah" says Jade. "I wonder how it is? says Lily. "Im sure it will be awesome am I right?" says Jade "Of course Jadie" says Caroline. "Okay auntie!" says Lily. "Is there a pool in the apartment auntie" says Lily. "Maybe because I didnt saw it yet..." says Jane." "Girls calm down tomorrow or when I have time I will buy this apartment for your mother and you girls will live there". says Caroline. "Okay auntie" says Jade. "Will you bring us too? Im soo excited to see how it is" says Lily. "Sure" says Caroline. Jane, Caroline, Jade and Lily went to have a look even if Caroline already had a look she went again. "Here´s your new apartment girls" says Caroline. "Oh my goodness its awesome" says Jade. "Wow its even more beautiful than I thought it would be" says Lily. "This apartment is amazing now me and my kids finally found a new place to live thank you so much Caroline" says Jane. "Your welcome Jane after all you´re my sister I will be always ready to help you" says Caroline. Jane and her kids were happy living in this apartment.

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It isn´t finished yet... But I will think about it. I will give you something that you should copy it.
Updated 1284 Days ago
Has the story finished? Can you continue it pls
Updated 1285 Days ago

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