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Aashi loves Abhi - first chapter
Melina | Published 1176 days ago

This story is a true story but I changed the names and didnt put some details and please subscribe and put it in your favorite thanks:) 

Aashi is a nice girl she lives with her parents in India. She was 11 years old. She finished primary school she should go in a middle school. Her dad chose to put her in a english school. Aashi was shy. She spoke softly. One day her teacher told Sandy a girl to be Aashis friend. In 2012 they became good friends. But in 2013 Sandy wasnt Aashis friend because Sandys friend that was called Suzy asked to stop being Aashis friend unfortunately Sandy listened to Suzy. But Aashi met two boys called Sam and Jordan. Sam came from Africa and Jordan came from Australia but one day Jordan and Sam began to bully Aashi too. They invented a game called Aashi touch that made Aashi sad. Days passed and the game became more and more popular. But one day Shreila was living the country because she will go in another country and Jordan told everyone he will go back in his country and he will come back in 2016. In 2014 a new boy called Abhi was in Aashis class siting. The teacher was telling who was he. Suzy asked if she can be Aashis friend? I said yes just to be kind and one day she told Aashi a secret that she loves Abhi. And one day she was walking everywhere she asked me to go away and she told me that I was ugly. Also one day I heard her saying I wish Aashi will leave school. Aashi was angry hearing this. So Aashi knew that Suzy hates er and its the same people that bullies her. In 2015 Sandy and Aashi became friends they told secrets so one day Aashi told her secret that she loved Abhi and she told Sandy not to tell anyone. And one day for the cross country Sandy told the secret to Sanjana and Aashi, Sandy and Sanjana promise not to tell anyone else. One day Aashi asked Sandy "Do you think me I will be be Abhis life partner?" Sandy answered "Maybe if he loves you". Until this day Aashi wishd that Abhi choose her as life partner when they will be older.

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