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Summer Moon - first chapter
Nya Mothertrukka! | Published 1238 days ago

Darkness Fell Across The Land And Everyone Stared, Before Turning Into Spirits. Everything Went Cold. Well That´s How I Put It. I´m Clover, The Moon Queens Daughter. I Saw Everything Happen And I Never Turned To A Spirit, Neither Did Solaris And Pixel The Sons Of The Sun And Stars. We Were Enjoying Solaris´s Dads Sunlight Before Pixel And My Mother, The Moon Queen Decided To Destroy EVERYTHING!!!!!! "We Have To Get To Your Mum Clover!" Solaris Shouted Before Slapping Pixel To Wake Him Up. I Swear Both The Boys Have A Crush On Me So.... Yeah. I Looked Up And Heard My Mum Laughing So I Decided To Do What I Could. I Grabbed Solaris´s And Pixels Hand Before Flying Up. I Saw All The Moon Spirits Rising To The Moon And I Knew That If Your Not Royal Then You Turn To A Spirit At Night. We Rose All The Way To The Sun And Saw Solaris´s Father Had Been Injured Badly. I Tried My Best To Cast A Healing Spell But It Was Useless. I Looked At Myself And Felt Burning. At That Moment Pixel Picked Me Up And Put Me On His Back. I Felt Myself Blush And Me And Pixel Launched Into The Stratosphere. "So...Uh Clover?" Pixel Asked But I Didn´t Answer Before Jumping Off And Landing On The Top Of The Moon Castle."Oh That Was Eas.." Before I Knew It I Slid Down Into The Courtyard Where My Mother And Pixels Father Stood. "Oh Hello Clover Darling..." My Mother Smirked


Side note: This Is Gonna Be A Short Story So Don´t Get Mad  Since Its Only Gonna Be 3 Chapters But I Will Be Doing A Future One For Whoever Clover Picks: Solaris Or Pixel?

Table of contents:

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