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Tears Down - first chapter
Potato lola mustache sooooooooooooo fabb :3 | Published 1180 days ago

 Crystal clear water of puddles splashed on me as his foots ran down to the empty dark street, I was standing there leaving him leave. Words didnt escaped my dry chapped lips, just flowing water from my blue sapphire eyes making my cheeks rosy red from crying of him. "He cheated on me? to make me feel like Im a dumbass, just so he can be loved from those snobby popular girls with their blonde hair flowing and laying in their shoulders, shiny red lipstick that cost 50 dollars each pair,  fashion designer clothes from New York City what kind of guy is he to date those snobby girls they already dumped 3 boyfriends now him?" I hang my head down as anger boils inside me "I hate life why do I even bother living? Im just wasting my life I cant even bare what happened last week everyone still keeps make fun of me."


"HA! LOOK AT HER CLOTHES" Tara the popular girl grabbed my collar and throwed me in the wet mud outside. Mud was in my face, mud was in my new clothes I just bought yesterday. I wiped the mud off as I get up grabbing my books trying to ignore Tara. As I was walking inside the school Tara was in front of me, my eyes wide as I backed up and hit her popular mean friend named Mia. "Where do you think your going would you like to hang with us?" she narrowed her green vicious eyes to Mia.

"You know we should let her eat lunch" Tara smirked, "we wouldnt want her to starve herself since were best friends" Mia grabbed my lunch and pushed me In the mud again and shoved my lunch in my face, she grabbed my blonde hair and dropped me in front of everyone in the cafeteria.

"Opps guess someone made a mess today" Tara giggled a little bit.

after little bits of laughter escaped her red shiny lips everyone ended up laughing.

~end of flashback~ 

I walked in the puddles of drops and rain as I begin heading home still thinking what happened last week I headed to the door and took a calm breath and walked inside.

"hello mother!" I burst in the door with a fake plastered smile, "oh how was your day dear?" my mom closed her eyes and smiled.

"Oh.. um good Im just going to do homework" I ran upstairs fast as a lighting bolt.

"hm.. whats up with her lately?" I heard my mom muttering in the kitchen.

When my mother walked to her room I begin sobbing in tears, my belly flopped in my bed as liquid dripped in my bed dissolving. "Ill --" I sniffled "forget this pain later in Friday".

I grabbed a black Sharpie marker and put on my calendar "funeral day for me".  

Table of contents:

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Great Start !
Updated 1175 Days ago
My name is Tara (o-o) Great story though ^_^
Updated 1179 Days ago

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