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This to That - first chapter
cordiowl | Published 841 days ago

Chapter 1

Crumpled Paper


Why does school have to be a thing? Like seriously, why can´t our parents just teach us instead of handing us to strangers? To be honest, it makes me feel a bit unloved. I can´t really blame my parents though. I understand that they need to work to keep us alive and well.

But still.

Maybe if parents didn´t need to pay so much money for everything, they wouldn´t need to work so hard. They´d have extra time to spend with their children. But no, they need to work their butts off all day everyday. And for what? To give all the money they earn to the government? It doesn´t seem fair to me. Sure, I probably just sound like a confused young teenager, but I can´t be the only one who thinks this.

"Miss [Last Name]?"

My head snaps up to the sound of the teacher calling my name. Fuck, I spaced out again. I do that way too often and at the worst times. Ms. Opalan - a tall and slim brunette looking to be in her 20´s - looks at me as if she´s waiting for me to say something. Oh crap, did she ask a question? I quickly look around for anything that might help me find out what´s going on, but there´s nothing. I look back to the teacher and smile. "Yes, Ms. Opalan?" I say as sweetly as I can.

Oh crud, she´s walking towards me now. Her face shows no emotion, and she´s soon looming over me in the most terrifying way. I could have sworn she was going to murder me on the spot. Instead, she grinned and burst out laughing, breaking the silence and causing everyone in the room to jump.

"Why do you kids stick to the ´smile and wave´ trick all the time? It never works." she says, finally done laughing. "I, uh, don´t know?" I reply nervously. This teacher kind of weirds me out. She´s one of those teachers who thinks she´s cool, but is actually completely strange and freaky and makes things really awkward.

"Whatever, doesn´t matter." she says, waving her hand as if swatting away a fly. "Would anyone else like to answer?" she asks, and immediately a hand shoots into the air. That hand belonged to none other than Eridan Ampora, a total history geek. He knows pretty much everything about the past, and even looks almost like a historian.

Okay, no he doesn´t. He looks sorta like a hipster. He has squared nerdy glasses placed over his violet eyes and perfectly styled black hair that goes almost straight up, and he has what he says to be an all natural violet streak in it. He wears just a normal long sleeved black shirt adorning an Aquarius sign on the front and blue and black striped pants that slightly go over his blue and violet shoes. He´s always wearing this striped blue scarf and has shiny gold rings on all of his fingers. He used to wear a violet cape all the time, but he stopped because people wouldn´t quit stepping on it. His horns - which are orange at the base and fade into yellow at the top - kind of remind me of lightning bolts.

To be honest, I´m not a big fan of Eridan, but I have no idea why. Maybe it´s because history has never been my strong suit, and no matter how hard I try, I always seem to fail everything in this class. But for him, it´s nothing. He makes it seem so fucking easy. Plus he has really cool horns.

"Go ahead, Eridan." the teacher says, walking back to the front of the class. He lowers his hand and opens his mouth to answer, only to yelp when something hits the back of his head. He turns to see what it was and picks up crumpled up piece of paper. There´s quiet snickering coming from the back of the room, and the kid behind Eridan is smirking. Sollux.

Sollux Captor is a complete computer geek with hair just as black as Eridan´s, but it´s not as perfect. He always wears these 3D glasses, and no one knows why. I just think it´s ‘cause of some weird fetish he has. He wears a black t-shirt with the Gemini sign on the front and grey jeans rolled up a bit at the bottom so they don´t cover his shoes, which are each a different color - one is black and the other white. Oddly enough, he has four horns rather than the normal two. Two are on one side and the other two are on the opposite side. They´re rather small but very sharp.

Sollux just loves to mess with Eridan. The two of them are like rivals. He happens to be one of my few friends, but that doesn´t mean I approve of everything he does to poor Ampora. He´s a total fucking jerk to him, and I find it all unnecessary and wrong. Sadly, I can never do anything to stop him, mainly because he´s an utter sweetheart when he isn´t around the violet blood. Okay, maybe not an utter sweetheart, he just knows how to make a girl´s heart flutter. God, I hate him.

The teacher turns to face us again and sighs. "Alright, what´s so funny?" she asks. "Sol threww something at me!" Eridan answers with that weird speech impediment he has. "And it ain´t funny." he adds, shooting a glare towards the kids who were laughing.

"Sollux, would you please bring the object you threw at Mister Ampora up to me?" the teacher orders. "No thankth." he replies, his lisp clearly audible. Fucking smart mouth.

Apparently the teacher doesn´t approve of smart mouths. Why do I say this? Well, maybe because she stomped right over to him and yanked him out of his seat by the ear and pulled him over to Eridan´s desk, Sollux yelping in pain the whole way. She snatched the paper from Eridan´s hand and dragged poor Sollux to the front of the room. Turning back to the class, she demands, "Everyone grab your notebooks and turn to a clean page. I´d like you all to take that page and crumple it up please."

Well shit.

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Updated 593 Days ago
Online Nerd
Omg xD I was reading the comments and I found Cattycgm and yours cx
Updated 646 Days ago
oh god he actually wrote a fanfiic about hiim2elf, ii diidnt thiink hed go through wiith iit. fuck now ii owe nepeta.
Updated 788 Days ago
wwhoa hello mister brains i already knoww all this but i decided the character in the book wwouldnt its just a book thanks for the lesson anywway
Updated 811 Days ago
look im with u for them to stay with us more but i mean like this is immposible they have to afford for the taxes,school,cloth,food,gas,transportaion etc
Updated 812 Days ago
if you didn´t pay taxes u´ll go to jail and the country will fall apart if the goverment didn´t have enough money to afford for the streets and buildings
Updated 812 Days ago
err well am i the only one with the mind n here?i mean like they have to pay the goverment so that they could afford to hire workers to build streets and stuff and it´s also called taxes
Updated 812 Days ago
guys nia likes my book time to continue ill get right on it as soon as i can
Updated 813 Days ago
Hahaha great book so far, pls continue to write it! c:
Updated 813 Days ago
yknoww id vvery much appreciate it if you laid off copyin my quirk thank you vvery much also thanks for the revvieww
Updated 838 Days ago
Hello the revvieww a your story is finished
Updated 838 Days ago
Don't be stingy
:33< You´re welcome :3
Updated 838 Days ago
thanks nep
Updated 841 Days ago
Don't be stingy
:33< Nice first chapter :3
Updated 841 Days ago

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