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Bloody ashes In burn - first chapter
Potato lola mustache sooooooooooooo fabb :3 | Published 1185 days ago

My grey pale wings flapped and crumbled of the air in the sliver moonlight blowing against my wings standing up, and my brown chocolate hair blowing in my porcelain face near my red rosy cheeks. "I can smell the flesh of humans coming near our village", I looked down just sitting in a ball with my pale legs crossed just watching the humans coming near our village.


My crystal green eyes widen as the humans bring cannons. they pushed the cannon infront the gate of our little village, "ONE TWO THREE FIRE!" , after those words escaped the leader´s lips the cannons shoot out round grey ball´s it smashed the grey gate in little pieces flying in the air. The cannon hit through the houses smashing down and collapsing, screams filled the town, buildings falling down killing our people. Blood dripped down and splat in the ground.

"NO" I screamed flying down from the roof below the moonlight. I grabbed a long stick with a point on it behind my back, and reached out, my nails dig in the stick with tears dripping down spilling in the stick dissolving. 


I throw the stick straight. Men stopped and gasped but they didn´t do anything, In one shot the human´s got stabbed all together while the tip of stick dripped blood laying in the ground. Blood rise more and dripped more resolving the dirt. The human´s looked down at the gaping wound spilling out blood, their eyes were fearful and wide. Their throats are tight not letting out any screams.  All of them at once they fell closing their eyes, tears streamed down their  eyes but it didn´t change anything. I walked away leaving them behind looking at my village. Liquid falls down from my eyes and lands in my shoulder because of the damaged of my village.

My wings flew down tickling my back.

Just walking past the dead body´s it seems that everyone is dead including my parents...


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Great Start :)
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