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Run Blood - first chapter
Potato lola mustache sooooooooooooo fabb :3 | Published 1249 days ago

My heart pounded to the beat of my feet running through the damp grass. Sweat dripped down on my forehead causing my hair to cling on my face, my muscles were stretched and sored, my legs are damped and full with bruises.

 I stopped and take a rest for a second, "I need-- t-o keep going if I stop.. Ill get in jailed with chains clenching in my skin, or worst.." My legs trembled as I begin running again. I saw a tree and a village in the other side of the rode a male voice scatter across the road to my ears "STOP RUNNING YOUR SURROUNDED, I REPEAT YOUR SURROUNDED! " He run behind me with his minions. "PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE" I closed my eyes in feared and trip on a gray peddle "OUGH" I moaned, as I looked up the group men were surrounding me so I couldnt get out. I wiped my face cover in dirt I stopped wiping my face as tears streamed down my face cleaning the leftover dirt. "Ha, guess your going to jail, or dead maybe." The man smirked making my blue crystal eyes wide in fear and make me backed up of how scary he is, I could smell alcohol everytime he speaks, I buried my hands in my eyes and yelled as tears streamed more in my face " I JUST WANTED A LITTLE BUCKS FOR ME AND MY FAMILY, WE ARE POOR AND WE HAVE NO MONEY, WE LIVE IN A STREET  I THOUGHT A FEW LITTLE BUCKS COULD CHANGE THAT, BUT -- NO!" I put my hands down and looked up in the men faces again, "Were not chasing you for that money, were chasing you of that - scar in your hand -" his voiced shake in fear, "My scar?.. I got it when I was born what does it mean? I sniffled. " It means you are a part of Gemrode." The man come closer to me and grabbed a gun from his leader.


"NO.." I scooted away from the man whos carrying the gun. "Guess your done." He looked at his gun with a wicked smile in his face, he looked at me and pointed the gun in my head and he pulled the trigger but it didnt have bullets "goddammit!" he got angry and added  bullets to the gun. I closed my eyes and smiled, tears goes down my red rosy cheeks, My fake smile starts shaking and dripping down to a sad smile, "Bye my dear" The man smirked. He pulled the trigger I screamed as the bullet tore apart my flesh in my head exploding blood everywhere to the ground, to the mans face, "Guys looked she s already dead" The man laughed, "Her country Gemrode is a fucking piece of shit" A another man said, he kicked me even though I was dead,  Anger boil inside me even though Im starting to die but I have couple minutes of living.

Somehow my body begin healing itself, My head hide my brain replacing back, I got up with a crooked smile in my face "You think you can kill me? I think that Gemrode can heal theirselves or Im a special "Gemrode" Little laughers inside me begin


growing louder and louder, The men backed up scared like a little trembling black cat, "I guess.. I should killed you, after you tried to kill me, I could smell fear inside you guys" I throw out a big smile after I smiled.  A big red bloody invisible hand floated next to me and flied through the sky and came forward to the group of men, the index finger from the hand stabbed  all the man in one shot, their screams echos through the road but no one came and recused them, "Oh thats to sad," I faked frown with big duck bubble lips "No one will recused you guys. "  I added "well I guess Ill walk off somewhere else care to join me?" I looked at the man that trigger the gun at me with blood in his cold heart and his ugly face, "No? ok guess Ill leave"

I walked off leaving them behind. 

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