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The Reward (OCTOBER 2017 EDIT!!!) - first chapter
Stormia | Published 1266 days ago

Continued from The Rainbow Factory...

Yeah! She was like, IM PUTTING AN END TO THIS! She was like, so...KICKFLANK! Said a little filly who was trapped in the factory to Celestia.

Petunia, what did I say? Shes getting something very special for this... But no-pony can know what she will get just yet... Only my sister, Cadance and Twilight... And the rest of the royal row... Except Discord... Hell probably spoil it for her... Celestia replied. You know him... Master of chaos... I do love him but...

YOU WHAT?! Petunia shouted in disbelief!

UMM...NOTHING... Celestia said, shocked. UH...CAN I GET SOME MORE CAKE!!!???

Discord was disguised as a stained glass picture. I knew it he whispered, looking quite lovestruck...

Table of contents:

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Updated 1266 Days ago
Hahaha If you blurt something out just ask for cakeXD
Updated 1266 Days ago
Cake idea could not have been possible without MLPstopmotion´s ´Cake monster´ episodes. Celestia loves cake!!!!!
Updated 1266 Days ago

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