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The Dream Team - first chapter
Oshawott541 | Published 1328 days ago

It all started on the planet Earth. One night, a mysterious guy got informed that an evil organization was building a teleporter that could make people travel to different galaxies. "The location of the organization´s base is Pak Chong, Thailand." he was informed. Hearing this, he knew right away that he would have to go deep into a forest in order to get to the base. He didn´t mind, though, since he had already been to the forest many times before. "Alright. Thanks for the information." he said as he talked on his communicator to an informant for the United Nations´ anti-terrorist organization, the Yang Win Terrorkiller. The organization´s job was to track down any signs of terrorism and destroy it from the roots to prevent any casualities of the innocent. And enlisted into the organization was the man who would get to the base and confront the terroristic organization. "If something happens to me, please let my girlfriend know about this." the man then said to the Y.W.Tk. informant.
"Don´t worry. We´ll be sure to tell her." the informant replied. The man smiles when he heard this and started on his way towards Pak Chong. As he treaded through the forest, he readied his Nerf pistol, which had been modified so that the darts from the gun could kill people. He also readied his lightsaber, a sword believed to have originated from a remote planet called Ilum. This planet was light years away from Earth, and anybody that made the journey to Ilum in a rocket was put into hyper sleep for three hundred years or so. That was, until strange spacecrafts were found that could jump to light speed. With these, people could travel to other galaxies easily. Though, it was not really easy to use light speed. One wrong mistake while putting in the coordinates of where one wanted to go sent him to a wrong planet, or even a star. But I digress. Back to the story. When the guy got through the forest and saw the base, he saw something peculiar to him. He saw two soldiers wearing white suits, holding blasters that looked like they were made on Ilum as well. He knew that the two soldiers were Stormtroopers, remnants of a distant republic that has now turned into an empire. He also knew that getting inside the base, he would be met with heavy resistance. So, he drew his lightsaber out. The sword came out, vibrating in his hands. The blade was colored purple, probably a result of a purple Ilum crystal inside the saber. The man flung his lightsaber like a boomerang towards the Stormtroopers. The lightsaber cut through their bodies and cut them in halve, killing them. It came back to the guy. He caught it and held it behind his back as he began to go into the base. He sped his way into the base, going at a speed of 230 mph.

Table of contents:

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