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Kitten4evers´s Book Reviews! - first chapter
Kittens4ever | Published 1347 days ago

Hey guys, comment books for me to review, (please only comment in this chapter, if don´t I won´t ever review it.) I might just chose yours to be first, I try to do everyone´s as soon a possible.

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Hi could you do a review of my book Love Poems? It is kind of cheesy, so be prepared for that ^-^;
Updated 1294 Days ago
This is my book review not yours so I don´t care what you say, and you should really read my book teased or the bottom of my profile, thanks.
Updated 1295 Days ago
Grandma McFlurry
Do you think you could review my almost finished book ´Her Story´?
Updated 1341 Days ago
Can you Please Review these books: Anne Powers Sneak Little Fox The Homeless Kitten Callie Stories In a Mess Play With my Hair Not My Feelings Thanks!
Updated 1342 Days ago

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