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Book Reviews - first chapter
Smile | Published 629 days ago

Hello, its Smile.
I have decided to stop making book reviews for now. There are a lot of reasons as to why I´ve made this decision; most of them are personal and I´d rather not go into detail, but basically, I´m going through a rough time right now and I´m very depressed. I don´t have much motivation left in me, and the little I have goes mostly to schoolwork and chores.
I will be keeping the book up despite this decision, so that anyone who has gotten a book reviewed by me can still use it as a reference to better their writing. I´m not sure right now if I´ll open up reviews again in the future. In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who asked me for a review, especially those who genuinely wanted to improve and accepted both my compliments and criticisms.
I also want to apologize to everyone who never got the review they asked for. I´m terribly sorry that I never got around to reviewing your writing, but I´m not in the right frame of mind to make reviews that are unbiased and fair to both me and the writer. I hope that I have the motivation to do this again in the future, and if/when that time comes, I´ll review all of your stories. ♥

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can you review my book, Midnight? It´s not finished but I want to know your opinion. It´s ok if you can´t.
Updated 157 Days ago
well the i understood plz thnxs
Updated 179 Days ago
can you review one of my best friends books owls4ev@ plz if its not too much trouble
Updated 179 Days ago
Predator Blood Scorn
The author I´m working with said it´s okay for me to have people review her book. It´s The Killer Demon People In The Mirror.
Updated 195 Days ago
Can you review my book named "Wolves of Euphoria". It is a story about a wolf raised by a fox who later on in the story, will join a wolf pack.
Updated 195 Days ago
Updated 233 Days ago
Can you review "Hello, I have three eyes" its about a girl with three eyes who can see into the future! It isn´t much since I´m still writing though...
Updated 254 Days ago
Kanimortal It´s written by my other account Kanji so just a FWI!
Updated 288 Days ago
Hi, even tho I haven´t finished it yet, could you read my story ´Not Me´? Thanks
Updated 293 Days ago
Updated 323 Days ago
Updated 339 Days ago
Ebony Barker
I´m still working on it but my story ´Time´s Princess´ I was wondering if you could review it for me when ever you get the time please and thank you.
Updated 345 Days ago
Can you read my story? Even though im still writing it? ( ◞・౪・)
Updated 349 Days ago
ƈђὄƈὄłᾄҭἔ ἷƈἔƈʀἔᾄм
*sure thing, friendo! mind checking out "innocent" for me? it´s just a short story, so no chapters.
Updated 379 Days ago
I´m all empty on requests again, so feel free to send some in!
Updated 384 Days ago
RAVERBOISAKURAKI3084 yu yu hakusho relaoded sailor moon the fan fiction Poke-Cardcaptor the story of Sakura Kinomoto in the Pokemon world
Updated 474 Days ago
Veronica Haines
Hello :) If you have time, could you please review Under the Mask? Thank you!
Updated 474 Days ago
I don´t have anymore pending requests so feel free to leave your own ;)
Updated 485 Days ago
Crystal_Tears (Inactive)
Can you do me book I met A miracle
Updated 487 Days ago
Sorry for getting a bit behind on the reviews again! I´m working as fast as I can to get caught up~~
Updated 489 Days ago
Could you maybe do a review on my book? It´s called The Mages of Ariso. If you could, that would be great! If you can´t, thanks for reading this anyways.
Updated 490 Days ago
Updated 497 Days ago
In spite of the somewhat whimsical title, My story Mega Boys form Outer Space, deals with some disturbing issues, and depictions of destruction. There is a moral uplifting conclusion
Updated 498 Days ago
RAVERBOISAKURAKI3084 this is my book id like to see revieweddico
Updated 500 Days ago
Account Deleted
Hi can you please review my book MirrorWorld?
Updated 534 Days ago
pls may i have review i will give u many lenny faces
Updated 535 Days ago
Can you please review my book "UNDERCOVER" I would really appreciate it
Updated 540 Days ago
I´ll get started on new requests soon but I´m very busy right now
Updated 540 Days ago
Just wondering if you could review my book "Little Red Riding Hood?" I´ve only started and it´s not finished yet :3
Updated 541 Days ago
Shelby Rox
Please review my book "The Shadow Creak Manner" And or "Battle On: Freinemies"
Updated 542 Days ago
pleasepleaseplease do before it comes-INTERACIVE BOOK by nia noodle its sooo cool!!! xxx
Updated 547 Days ago
Sure. I´ll do it after school today c:
Updated 549 Days ago
Could you review Laine´s book, Mean Girls? She´d be so happy!
Updated 549 Days ago
Sure, I´ll do the review later today c:
Updated 551 Days ago
Can you review one of my books please? I don´t really mind which, maybe Between the Bars if you can. thank u xo
Updated 552 Days ago
ᔕᖺᓰᗰᙢᙓᖇᓰﬡᘐ ᔕ♈ᗝᖇᓰᙓᔕ
Could you review one of my books? If not it´s okay :)
Updated 564 Days ago
Potato lola mustache sooooooooooooo fabb :3
Can you review my book Crash wonder :)
Updated 570 Days ago
Hey there! :3 I was wondering if you could review my book "A Warrior´s Heart" if you have the time ^_^ Thank you!! <3
Updated 576 Days ago
Sure, caligulasAquarium
Updated 576 Days ago
ƈђὄƈὄłᾄҭἔ ἷƈἔƈʀἔᾄм
you can do it wwhenevver i dont care
Updated 577 Days ago
ƈђὄƈὄłᾄҭἔ ἷƈἔƈʀἔᾄм
ok i see you just finished a revvieww for someone but could you still revvieww a neww book a mine called this to that
Updated 577 Days ago
Sure purplehoodiegirl :)
Updated 577 Days ago
Hello! I was wondering if you could review my new book, Invisible Flames. If you don´t have the time, though, I understand. but thank you anyways! :)
Updated 577 Days ago
Sure Rowanator c:
Updated 577 Days ago
I don´t know if you´re still doing reviews, but if so, could you review anyone of my books? Thank yui v.v
Updated 577 Days ago
No no, there´s no such thing as too long. I´ll review it for you
Updated 628 Days ago
Grandma McFlurry
Do you think you could review my book ´Her Story´? Sorry if it´s too long.
Updated 628 Days ago
Okay c: I´ll get started on it now
Updated 629 Days ago
love me dead
can you do it´s not nice to make fun of people (by my friend little wolfy) thanks
Updated 629 Days ago
little wolfy
Thank you ^^
Updated 629 Days ago
Sure~ c:
Updated 629 Days ago
little wolfy
Can you do the wedding by Du?
Updated 629 Days ago
Sure thing :)
Updated 629 Days ago
Sarcasm Deactivated
Can you review Smash (by me)? Thanks :3
Updated 629 Days ago

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Chapter 3 - The wedding by du
Chapter 4 - it´s not nice to make fun of people by little wolfy
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Chapter 22 - The Girls of the Masquerade Circus by N3RDY3M0SW0RDSM4N
Chapter 23 - MegaBoys from Outer Space by ivor
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Chapter 25 - The Mages of Ariso by ami510
Chapter 26 - I Met A Miracle by Awegirl
Chapter 27 - Realm of Shadows by Curtis the Sorcerer
Chapter 28 - Under the Mask by Veronica Haines
Chapter 29 - 3-in-1 Review for N3RDY0T4KUSW0RDSM4N
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Chapter 38 - Hello I Have Three Eyes by Neko

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