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Matthew and Minccino - first chapter
Oshawott541 | Published 1294 days ago


Hi. My name is Matthew. I would like to tell you about how all of this happened. If you dont know what Im talking about, it is the day that I became a Pokemon and met the love of my life. I was just sitting around in my room playing Pokemon Omega Ruby. I had nearly every Pokemon in the game. All I needed to complete my Pokedex was a Jirachi. I looked in the Global Trade Station for any possible openings on trading for Jirachi, but there wasnt any. It was pretty suprising to me because normally, there are a lot of people trading Pokemon at the GTS. So I decided to breed my Piplup and Ditto together in order to get a Piplup egg. Pretty soon, I got it to hatch, and the first thing I did after hatching it was I put it up on the GTS with a request for a Jirachi. Nobody responded yet, so I figured that I would wait a little while. Again, nobody traded their Jirachi with me. Now normally, at this point, I would have taken my Pokemon back, but I was determined to get that Jirachi, so I waited a little bit longer. But again, the same result. Days, Ive waited. Months, Ive waited. But still, nothing. I was starting to lose hope that I would ever get a Jirachi. It was really painful to think that nobody played Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire anymore. Then, on a summer night, I was up in my room, just looking out my window, when I saw a shooting star. I wished for a sign that I would somehow get Jirachi. I then went to sleep, being really tired at that point. During the night, something really strange happened that I still cant describe up to this day. It felt like a dream, but it seemed too real to be a dream. I was in a really weird place, and a voice in my head said, "Matthew, Ive heard about you. Youre still into Pokemon, even when everyone else had already given up on it." I was shocked to hear the voice say this, but at the same time, I couldnt deny that everyone, including my friends, had stopped playing Pokemon. Then the voice spoke again. "What if I told you that you can actually get a glimpse of Jirachi?" Confused, but not wanting to pass up the opportunity, I said in an awkward way, "Uhhhhhh.... sure, whoever you are."
"Good then." Then a door appeared right in front of me. "Beyond this door lies a world of discovery that no human has ever seen before. Go forth into it, and you will end up in the magical world of Pokemon." I was surprised to hear this. "The world of Pokemon? This seems kind of familiar." I thought to myself. But there was no time to doubt what I was doing. I went through the door and entered the Pokemon world. As I was approaching the world of Pokemon, my physical form began to change. I still remember what happened. My body shrunk down to about two feet, and I felt lighter than I usually do. My hands turned into stump-like flippers. On my body, a shell started to form. I gained flipper feet, and I had a tail coming out of my back. My face had rounded up, and my nose was oval-shaped. My ears were smaller than usual. Looking at all these features, it was pretty clear that I turned into an Oshawott. Of course, I didnt realize it until I woke up in the world of Pokemon.

Chapter 1: Enter the World of Pokemon

"Hey, are you okay?" someone said. I couldnt make out who it was cause I was laying on the floor and unconscious. The voice spoke again. "Wake up. Are you hurt? Say something." I could feel my consciousness coming back to me as my eyes strained to open. When I finally opened my eyes, I looked around and saw that I was near a lake. "Huh? Where am I?" I thought to myself. And as I turned to see where I was, I saw a Minccino staring at me. "Youre awake. I was worried for a second." the Minccino said, happily. I jumped back in shock. "Waaaahh! Did...did...did you just talk?"
"Yeah. Are you alright?" the Minccino asked me. I was pretty creeped out by the sight of a Minccino talking to me. "Youre really talking!?! Am I dreaming this?" I then pulled my left cheek outward to test this theory. When it bounced back, it slapped my face a little bit. "Oww!" I then rubbed the area where it hurt. "Nope. Definitely not a dream."
"Uhhhhhh.... is everything okay?" the Minccino said, now confused.
"How are you talking? Youre a Pokemon!" I said, still baffled by this. "Just what are you, anyways?"
The Minccino then stared at me funny, and then said, "Oh surely youve seen a Minccino before."
"Mi.. Minccino?"
"Yep." Minccino then asked, "Are you alright? Youre acting kind of weird for an Oshawott." I then blinked my eyes for a couple of seconds with a dumbfounded look on my face. "Oshawott?" Minccino then motioned for me to check my hands. "Huh? Whats wrong with my hands? Is there something on them?" And as I looked down at my hands, I noticed that they were white. "Ahhh! What happened to my hands?" I then rushed over to the lake behind me to see my reflection. When I looked at myself, I couldnt believe what I saw. I was an Oshawott. No doubting it now. "Its true." I then said to myself. "Ive turned into an Oshawott. But how?"
"Where are you from? Ive never seen around here before." Minccino asked me. "Well, Im from..." I then thought it over. I was trying to remember how I came here, but I could only remember the magic portal that sent me here. "...Uhhh.... I dont know. All I remember was coming here through a strange door that was like a gateway from this world and my world."
"What? Youre not from this world?" Minccino asked, really shocked from hearing what I said. I then said, "To tell you the truth, I used to be a human before I came to this world. But I dont remember much about my life as a human." Minccino then looked at me, confused. "A human? Are you joking with me?"
"Do I look like I would be one to kid?"
"No. Of course not." Minccino quickly said. "Its just really weird that you were a human before. What do you remember about your life as a human?"
I then tried to remember. "Well, I remember wishing upon a star, wishing that I could see a Jirachi. I also remember sleeping and ending up in a weird place where a door between here and my world was, and I remember walking through that door. Other than that, I cant remember anything."
Minccino thought about all of this, and what it must have been like. "Okay. I believe you." I then looked at Minccino in shock. "What? You actually believe me?"
"Sure. Ive heard crazier stories in my life." I smiled out of relief that someone actually believes me. Minccino then said, "Oh, by the way, I never got your name."
"My name is Matthew." I said to Minccino. "And you are?"
"Oh, my apologies. My name is Eve." the Minccino said.
"Eve. I dont know why, but that name sounds pretty familiar." I then thought to myself. But I quickly shrugged the thought off. "Well, its nice to meet you, Eve."
"Nice to meet you too, Matthew." Eve then asked me, "So, where are you headed off to?"
I then pondered this. "I dont know. Ive been here for five minutes, so I dont really have a place to go."
Eve then thought for a moment. "Well, if you want, youre welcome to come with me to my place."
"That sounds good." I said with joy. "Lead the way, Eve."
"Okay. Follow me. I know where it is." So I followed Eve back to her house. As we were both walking, I decided to strike up a conversation. "So Eve, how long have you been here?" I then stuttered to correct myself. "I...I mean..." Eve then chuckled a bit and said, "Dont worry. I know what you mean." She then proceeded to say, "Ive been living here my whole life. Ever since I was a little egg." I was kind of shocked at this. "Wow. That long, huh?"
"Yep. But I managed to live a good life. Every day I go to the lake to search for berries."
"Really? What kinds of berries?" I said, interested in the conversation.
"Well, theres Oran berries, and then theres Cheri berries. I certainly cant forget Pecha berries."
"Wow. Sounds like you have a lot of diversity when it comes to berries."
"Yeah. And many other stuff too. I know this is probably too much information for a human to take in in one day so I wont say too much." Eve then looked at me and decided to ask a question. "So, Matt."
"Why do you want to see a Jirachi, anyways?"
"You know, now that I think about it, that thought has occurred to me. I dont even know why, myself." I said trying again to remember.
Eve noticed that I was thinking, and decided to leave it as it was. A couple of minutes later, we arrived at Eves house. "Well, what do you think?" I gazed at it with awe. Never in all of my life have I thought that I would see something as marvelous as this. "Wow. Ive never seen anything like it." Eve then motioned for me to follow her inside. So we went inside the house. Inside, the place was quiet and serine. "Wow. Ive got to say, you really outdid yourself in terms of luxury needs."
"You like it?" I then nodded. Eve then smiled. "Im glad. You can stay here with me if you want." I was looking around, amazed at what I was seeing. "Aw man, this is so cool." I then turned to Eve. "I would like to stay here."
"Thats great." she said. Then she turned and walked down the hallway. "Here. Let me show me my bedroom." And I followed her to her bedroom. When I walked in, I saw a drawer on my left with a mirror and a strange box on it, and a bed which looked like it comforted two Pokemon to my right. The walls were painted with colors of the rainbow. "Wow. This is really cool, Eve." I said in amazement.
"Thanks. You know, Ive never had company here before. Youre the first Pokemon to ever visit." Eve said, facing me.
"Really?" I said
"Yep." Eve then proceeded to hug me. I blushed at the sight of this, but then I decided, "Hey. Why not enjoy this while I still can?" So I hugged Eve right back. A few seconds we both let go. "Sorry. I know we just met, but..." Eve said, a little embarrassed. "No no. Its fine. I think I enjoyed it, actually." I said.
"Well, now that that awkward moment is done, how about I prepare us some lunch? I bet youre hungry." Eve said, slowly making her way towards the kitchen.
"Sure. I could go for something to eat." I said as I followed her to the kitchen.

Table of contents:

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