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TF2 spy werewolf fanfiction - first chapter
snivy24593 | Published 1327 days ago

~The beginning
So spy had a normal day fighting RED,and also dealing with pyro on the RED then he heard the announcement that they had won.The spy was walking around and saw his close friend,Sniper or in some cases the team or so would call him but mostly call him by his class name sniper.spy was walking to sniper with a strange feeling something did not feel right to him and asks sniper whats wrong you dont look like yourself today said spy nothin mate just remembering or at least tryin tosaid sniper.So after i (in the case spy) walked out of the room sniper was in I felt sorry for him i really did i just cant piece together something maybe he wanted to tell me the other day? i do not know somezhing like that so i walked out for a stroll taking my mind off the thought but first the team was asleep i tried not to wake them then the surrounding of badlands was sometimes a good sight when there is no one covered in blood.but i got the view of the non-blood covered map, and no yells or distress or any annoying scouts,and other things so i was thinking about what happened inside,with what happened with sniper i was out there for a while maybe 30 minutes or an hour? i cant remember but then i heard something coming towards me it lunged on to trying to bite my head or neck off but i used my arm and blocked it and it hurt i tried not to scream in pain the animal would not let go then i tried thinking of using my gun but that would be to loud and wake up everyone or cause a commotion.the more i struggled the more it hurt to bare the pain that went through my arm i was growling in pain of the bite and i aimed my knife at the heart would appear to be at it stabbed with my free arm then after i had to get rid of the wolves body so no one suspected anything.then i suddenly reminded myself of the bite from the wolf my vision was blurry and i could make out stuff not so good but i found my room and put some ointment on the bite then wash it off but i already lost enough then i grabbed some cloth and wrapped it around the bite and went to bed thinking of what happened to me.

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tell me how you feel about this ´fanfiction´ don´t be shy I won´t bite.
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