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The Waterproof Journal. - first chapter
TheCupcakeNerd | Published 1407 days ago

Dear Diary,

Today as I was walking home from school I stopped to check out some of the jackets at a really cheap store when I saw my crush, Adam. I almost dropped dead. I wouldnt want to be seen in here even by my best friends. I grabbed a small cap and pulled it way down over my forehead. "Hey! Hey Misty!" Adam called and I knew I was never going to get a date with the beautiful baseball  player. "Funny I should see you here. I need the homework in math, I was cleaning up the baseball court with my mate, Michael," Adam said dreamily. "Oh- Oh yeah. Woooh! Go math!" I said stupidly and I wished I could just zip off. I blacked out and woke up under water! I assumed it was a dream because I could easily open my eyes and breathe. I floated up and around and got kind of bored sitting there in the warm water just watching the fishes swim by and get a shock when they saw me. "That was a sticky situation," a little cat demon thing said sitting next to me on a seahorse. "Yeah. Wait what?" I looked over terrified of the little blue demon that sat on his seahorse grinning. "I am a demon, a good one! My name is Darwin Demont," Darwin smiled and shooed away his little seahorse. "Darwin? Demon?" I asked and pinched myself hard on the arm. Nope. Not a dream. "Yes, my brother is...not so nice," Darwin explained. "You see, Im a good demon that takes you out of hard or bad situations whereas my brother takes you out of your yet to be greatest achievements," Darwin said wringing his furry little paws together. "Oh.. Well thank you Darwin! How will I know if its your brother?" I asked but Darwin shrugged and sighed. "I dont know. Its almost impossible...All Ill say is be careful," Darwin answered scratching one furry ear and then the other. We sat in silence until Darwin smashed his glass stick onto the ground and became a very handsome young man. "Shall we?" he asked in his beautiful voice sticking his hand out towards me. "Oh. Emm," I nodded and slipped my hand onto his and he started twirling towards the surface of the water. "Wait! So whats your brothers name?" I shouted over the water rushing into my ears. "Does it matter?!? Hell disguise himself anyway," Darwin shouted back. "I dont care! Just tell me!" I screamed as the water poured into my ears. "His name is-" Darwin screamed but was then pushed back from me by a man and my back slammed against the water and I shot through the water backwards. I woke up on my bed and sighed. My phone had over 100 messages from my Mom and my sister, Ally. "Oh my gosh," I said gasping and jumping out of bed. I pulled back my curtains and I saw Angela standing at my door about to ring the doorbell. "Angela!" I shouted and she jumped. "You scared me," Angela laughed climbing up a tree so that she was a few meters away from my window. "Do you wanna come in?" I asked and she tumbled in knocking my books off my windowsill. "Is Adam freaked out?" I asked and she looked at me closely with her big blue eyes. "Why would he be freaked out?" I smiled and then realized that Darwin must have erased Adams memory of me being there. "Because Im a clutz," I said shakily. "He didnt see you anywhere," Angela picked a piece of dust off herself and flicked it onto my carpet. "Oh. Haha," I giggled and got up. I was in my uniform and I was completely dry. "Your bed is soaking wet," Angela exclaimed. "Huh? Oh I came out of the shower and just completely blacked out," I was nervous. Super nervous. "You better dry that or your mom will be angry," Angela said and I nodded. "Yeah, Ill get a towel," I said throwing the blanket of it. "I was coming over because my mom said that you could have a sleepover at my house," Angela explained and handed me an invitation and fixed her hairband. "Laila, Xena and Ill be there," Angela hopped out of the window and clambered down the tree. "See you tomorrow!" Angela yelled and then pranced off. I sat down at my desk and opened up the journal Darwin gave me. I was sitting at my desk and realized I hadnt eaten since this morning. I went downstairs to grab a "Minty Dew Fresh" when my mom burst in the door holding her work papers. "WHY WERENT YOU ANSWERING YOUR PHONE!?!?!" she yelled at the top of her voice and then my dad walked in after her covering his ears. "Misty, youre supposed to answer your phone when we call you," he said calmly. I nodded and turned to my raging mom who was stomping around looking really weird. "Eh Mom, Im sorry," I mumbled and she looked at me and laughed. "I know. Its just, I wasnt sure if you were being brutally murdered," she said and rubbed my face with her hand. "Put the fish in the freezer," she ordered and I started putting the tins of beans and tomatoes into the cabinet beside the fridge. Ally walked in and threw an Ipod at me. "OMG! Ally! Ally! You got me this?!?!" I screamed and she snatched it off of me. "Nope. I got myself this," Ally replied smugly. "Wha? Ally!!" I stomped my foot on the ground. "Stop it you two," my dad said abruptly and gave me two tins of corn to put into the cabinet. "Uhhhhhhhhhh. Ally never ever has to do anything around here," I complained and my mom just gave a snort. "Do the dishes," she said to Ally and Ally almost dropped her Ipod. "What the hell! Just because of stupid old Mist I have to clean up this mess that was left here???" she asked and my mom nodded. "Yes." 

Table of contents:

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Thank you :3 Devika_
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