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Violet - first chapter
Galaxy.Writes | Published 1293 days ago


Red lights flickered in the dark sky, astonishing to be said when it was followed by Orange then Yellow, Green then followed on by Blue. It was the time of the old when this first appeared when the planets we in line with each other and it was where darkness fell over earth. They still show up today if you stay up late, keep your eyes on the sky. You never know, it could be them coming to your rescue, if you just look up.

Chapter 1


“Welcome to the Egyptian museum.” Said a voice in the distance darkness, “Today I will tell you a story of legend and time,” He came out of the darkness showing his appearance.

He had ginger hair with freckles across his nose, he was also wearing his orange jacket across his uniform for the museum. The hall fell silent as he spoke. He read off of a piece of paper and cleared his throat in a cough and begin to read.

In the Pyramids of Hidden Secrets, the pyramids opened when the moon was high in the sky at twilight. The moon god summoned the colours of rainbow to be alive from their death that they should have not died from. They would save the world from danger. All of them had colours of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The moon god made them back to live again but a new life, they do not remember their old life, but their personalities to reflect on how they act them now. They saved the world many times from evil after that until one of the strongest superheroes of all of them disappeared near the pyramids after being put into a deep sleep. Nobody can find her, as this is just a legend, it may be true but it may be not true, only those who wish to find her will awake her, but has to keep the secret of her powers or who

knows what happened to her.

He brushed his ginger beard after he finished the little story. Suddenly a raise of hands went up about the story. He pointed at a brown hair lady with blue eyes and she replied,

“Do you think anyone will find her if this is real?” She flicked her hair as she got her pen ready for the answer. “Well, if this was real she should have been found sooner or later, I myself tried to find her, and I never did,” He replied his voice changed into a slight mumble.

The lady and the rest of the hall asked questions about his experience in finding her.  One question left him to stumble and h mouth became shut. “Are you Orange superhero?”  Those words spun in his head until it came to him for an answer, “Oh why did-did you think that? Of course I’m not orange.”

The door slammed open as a lady appeared. The lady took off her glasses who was surprising the manager and the room turned lights on. “Sorry guys time over, it 4:30,” The blonde lady said as she pointed at the clock, “And I think sir here had a bit too many questions today and too many questions not related to this story.” Everyone silently left the room with no word said.

The sighed as he sat back into his seat after raising up to ask questions. The manger went up to him and said, “Look Oliver, I can tell when it’s getting too much for you, I can hear you and others.” 

Oliver looked up to the lady and gave a small smile, “Yasmin, you know we can’t hide forever. People will find out sooner or later,” He sighed as he spoke, “They are getting closer finding out each day, you know this.”

Yasmin looked up to the glass roof, light gleaming down at them, “I know, it’s just…we need a true person to find Violet before you know who finds her,” She said then she gave a slight shrugged. 

Oliver mumbled slightly after his last words, “What about Guy and Bailey and Ray? They could have found her by now if they helped us earlier, then this would be over.” 

Yasmin looked back down, “Look, they don’t want to help because they think that she is evil instead of good. Only if they remembered those days Oliver. But-”

Yasmin stopped after being interrupted by Oliver. “Look, for all we know she might be a dead body when we find her, I don’t want any trips out there again without you being in charge even though it is me in charge,” He said more seriously.  Yasmin sat down next to him and gave a sigh, “Look, if we go there, I will bet you that if any point I take charge, we won’t go again,” She replied after looking up to him. Oliver gave a small smile, “Okay then, maybe we should go now?” He replied.


“Where is she?” Oliver complained, his voice echoed the desert land waiting outside the last pyramid on their trip. Suddenly a spark of light appeared in front of him, “Ah, I thought you wouldn’t come in time,” Oliver laughed as he saw Yasmin appear. 

“Ha very funny, common let’s go,” Yasmin went down the steps outside the pyramid as they appeared in front of her. They went deep into the pyramids, blue light aluminates the inside as they walked with Yasmin hand as light. All you could hear is silent footprints echoing as the silent pyramid made no reply.

“Well this is kind of creepy,” Oliver said his eye scanned the rooms that was passing by as they walked through the corridor, “I suppose that it would be obvious where they were wouldn’t they?” He questioned. Yasmin stopped suddenly putting her hand in front of Oliver’s mouth.

Oliver slap-bang his head into the hand as he was looking around, “What the-.” Yasmin covered his mouth and then began to speak silently, “Shh, you be quiet I swear I heard something…” 

“Hear what?” Oliver question. 

“I said to shut up and…” Yasmin was stopped.

“Oh you’re in charge now?” Oliver complained.

Yasmin looked at him, “Common Oliver you not getting your head straight,” Yasmin complained as well and she put her hand against the wall.  

Oliver looked back to Yasmin, “You know what, I’m sick of people telling me what to do.” 

Yasmin looked at the wall to see a sandstorm with 6 people running away, “Fine go, I know where she is and I was only wanted to help you.”

 Oliver looked where her hand was covering to see the stone in the wall, “Okay then, and that press that button behind your hand.” Yasmin looked shocked knowing he noticed as she pressed it.  

“Oh look what we found,” said Oliver sarcastically, “We found 1 coffin in 1 bloody room.” 

Yasmin sighed and spoke, “At least we should try and open the coffin Oliver, especially if there is only one in this room unlike any other room.” She opened the coffin and what lied at the bottom of the coffin was a child, alive, with a purple braid in her hair and she wore a purple dressed. 

They were shocked as they heard her say, “I’m Violet!”

“Violet!” They screamed in joy.

“Do yo know ma?” Violet looked at them confused.

Yasmin and Oliver look at each other in complete utter silence. 


Table of contents:

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Loves it!
Updated 1286 Days ago
Thanks guys, @NiaBeann @Izybelz
Updated 1291 Days ago
Welldone, this is awesome so far! It´s Nia btw :3 x
Updated 1291 Days ago
its a real good start
Updated 1291 Days ago
Thank you, if you want me to message you anymoreor if you suscepit to me then you can see the updates in the book @Mr.M
Updated 1293 Days ago
Thank you, chapter 2 isnt quite finised yet but you can read what I have done far @alex24338
Updated 1293 Days ago
this is a really great start, i can´t wait to read more =)
Updated 1293 Days ago

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