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Shybon Busters - first chapter
TheMKids | Published 1382 days ago

One day, Nia and Xavier, Jordan, Korayma and Alycia was playing bucket roll. It was Jordan´s turn to get in the bucket and her friends to push her. A little boy, Morgan saw them. He wondered if he could join the Shybon Busters. So he got off of the blue park and got into the huddle the Shybon Busters were doing. (he wasn´t rude because he has seen the kids before). "Wait, wait! I´m in the group too!" Morgan said. "Okay, you go first." Alycia said. "I have no idea." Morgan said and wondered. Jordan said that the shybon busters could hide under the rainbow park so Shybon wouldn´t find them. But Morgan knew that it wouldn´t be much clever and he had thought of that and everyone would bump their heads. "So, let´s go to the blue playground." Alycia said. But just they were about to go to the blue park, Shybon ran after them! They all screamed and ran to the blue park as fast as they can. They made it just in time to their favorite think-a- house to of course, think. And in just one second, Morgan came up with a plan. "There is one girl who can help us. 3 clues. She´s in our class. She´s a girl and her name starts with a D." Morgan said. " Destinee?" Korayma said. "Yeah. She´s right there on the basketball court. She´s the best person I can think of, So?" Morgan replied. Just then, somebody Morgan met at the laundry mat, Veida. "She´s the most popular girl in the school!" Jordan said. Morgan was embarrassed. "Well, I´m the most smartest in the class." Morgan said. " I saw her in the laundry mat." "That´s because you like her." Korayma said giggling. "I do not! I only said I saw her in the laundry mat!" Morgan said sad. Soon, they all got mixed up and it was time to go.

Table of contents:

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Thanks, Nia Noodle! Read Chapter Caught On the TODAY Show! It might be better than the first chapter! ;D
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