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The New Creepypasta - first chapter
✯KiraRocks✯ | Published 1519 days ago


My name is Gabbie.

I love my parents but not anymore. I figured out that they dont love me. I was watching them and I heard the words "Get rid of Gabbie." From my dad. And my mom agreed. I got so angry. They knew right when I slammed my bedroom door, that I heard what they said.

I read about Creepypasta and I thought one day I would become one. My friends knew about creepypasta, too. "I heard there was a new creepypasta story that came out today. I couldnt wait until I got home!

When I got home I hopped right on the computer and searched for the new story. I finally found it! "Kiras story".

Once I read the story, my eyes widened. I read that she had fire powers and she also likes Laughing Jack. Thats great. I went on my favorite website, Storiescity. I wrote a book called "The wrong way".(Not a book... yet anyway)

I FOUND A NEW CREEPYPASTA STORY! Korosus story. I read it and it was amazing just like kiras story was. Ika and kisa are sisters. Furra ran away and killed her parents. Kira has fire powers. Korosu has Dark powers. Ika and kisa have psychic powers. Furra has water powers. What is happening? Are they a group of people with powers? Maayyybeeee...

I was thinking about this.. BUT! Maybe they are all friends...

... Nope. I searched on google. They dont get along...

Info of the Power Group:


BFs (Best friends): Korosu, Furra, Jeff, Masky and Hoodie
Food: Cheesecake
Power: Fire
Weapon: Knife
Pet(s): Noctis the wolf

Looks like-

Ika and Kisa-

BFs: Ika... Jeff and Kisa... EJ

BFs (Best friends): Ika... Korosu, Furra, Kira, BEN and Kisa...Smile dog, Grinny, Noctis, Luna

Food: Ika... Spaghetti and Kisa... Kidneys

Powers: Ika... Psychic and Kisa... Psychic

Weapons: Ika... Claws and Kisa... Sword

Pet(s): Snake... Ika has python... Kisa has Rattle snake

Both look like-

Ika Kisa


BF: Bloody Painter

BFs (Best friends): Kira, 

Food: Jello

Power: Water

Weapon: Knife

Pet(s): NONE

Looks like-


BF: BEN drowned

BFs: Slenderman, Spledorman, Kira, Furra, Ika and Kisa

Food: Pizza

Power: Shadow

Weapon: Scythe

Pet(s): Luna the cat

Looks like-


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Whoa... Ok I´ll be honest with everyone, I really do like LJ, but not like that! O///O
Updated 1517 Days ago
uh... my name irl is Gabi... i am so terrified right now ;-;
Updated 1519 Days ago
It sounds promising so far!
Updated 1519 Days ago
tx... thx
Updated 1519 Days ago
I´m famous! Sort of... *shrugs* Meh, being famous isn´t really fun to me. Anyway, love the story so far!
Updated 1519 Days ago

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