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Dare Us... - first chapter
⊥͋ᴀͧᴋᴇ ᴍᴇ̟ ∀͐ᴡͧᴀʏ | Published 1591 days ago


 ok dare us anything these are the peeps you can dare T_T



L Jane




Me(ML (Moon Light) )




Ticca - Toby

🍭 Korosu🍬

Ben Drowned

Smiley Dog

Slender Man

Splender Man

Offender  Man

Batman! (you can dare him :D)

Lost Silver


Table of contents:

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add meh XD
Updated 1071 Days ago
of course u r korosu
Updated 1490 Days ago
Don't be stingy
awwwwww.... im not in there. Ah well
Updated 1578 Days ago
lol im jane mwahahha
Updated 1590 Days ago
⊥͋ᴀͧᴋᴇ ᴍᴇ̟ ∀͐ᴡͧᴀʏ
Yay! DARES O_o one has me in. I might not be able to do some dares do to I´m still trying to lurn all the creepy pasta story´s. EJ likes KIDENYS :|. And you can eyeless Jack.
Updated 1590 Days ago
yay batman! ~~~
Updated 1590 Days ago
dare lost silver and the lumiose ghost girl to meet up over a coffee lol x3
Updated 1590 Days ago
Oh hey I´m in here! YAY!
Updated 1591 Days ago
So sowwy, but I dare ML to lock Jane and Offender in a closet for an hour.
Updated 1591 Days ago
Updated 1591 Days ago
I dare ML to Steal Jeff´s nifes and sell them Then get them back, but before giving them to Jeff us Them to tear apart slenders suit while his in the
Updated 1591 Days ago
⊥͋ᴀͧᴋᴇ ᴍᴇ̟ ∀͐ᴡͧᴀʏ
Dare here :|
Updated 1591 Days ago

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