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Destiny Or Death - first chapter
Yushii | Published 1294 days ago

I kept crying in my sweater. I started to calm down a bit, and looked down the cliff. I crawled to the edge, and thought for a moment...
(A 30 minutes ago at Weston High)
"Stop acting like a baby you loner!" Shouted Ally. She was the schools biggest bully. She threw me to the ground, kicking my stomach. I started to cough blood. I looked down, hoping she wouldnt see me cry. "Just stop it, you faker." I said. I regretted saying that to her. She lifted me by my hair and smacked me. "Whats that supposed to mean?!" "W-well, we both k-know your as fragile a-as m-me...." I shouldnt have said that. She threw my head against the wall. and kicked me a few more timed before she decided to leave. I picked my jacket up and stood up. I ran as fast as I could to a park. There was a path to some tall cliffs for romantic picnics and stuff like that. I saw one that had a tree on it. I climbed up to the top and layed my back against the tree and just let myself go. After a few minutes of me sobbing, I looked around, and looked at the bottom. I wiped my tears and went to the edge. I thought for a brief time, and stood up on the edge. I took my necklace off and threw it down.
Soon, my body with it.

Table of contents:

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What a cool but shitty story
Updated 1126 Days ago
Updated 1140 Days ago
So is this Coraline´s POV?
Updated 1210 Days ago
OH NO!! Someone catch her!!! This is so good! I hope you continue, and I hope you write more books, because you are AMAZING!
Updated 1294 Days ago
This is my very first book and I hope you guys liked it! Just to be sure, it will have 2 point-of-views.
Updated 1294 Days ago

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