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Adventure Time - first chapter
LoveManga x | Published 1395 days ago

Chapter 1

Fiona got up and walked to the bathroom and stared at her crazy blonde hair and sleepy face. She turned on the tap and Cake walked in. "Good morning Cake!" Fiona turned around and Cake jumped back. "You don´t look the best either" she splashed water in her face and then walked into the kitchen where she found oatmeal. "Cake are you coming?" Fiona asked searching for her brush. Cake mewed in anger as she was trying to poop. "Maybe after.." Fiona decided and started brushing her hair. She pulled on her shorts, blue jumper and white hat then she desperately searched for even socks. "Are you done?" she asked and Cake padded in mewing softly. "Where did you put my white socks and slip on shoes?" Cake disappeared into the sitting-room and walked back with her shoes and socks. "Why were they in there?" Fiona asked. Cake mewed innocently. "You should stop dressing up like me" Fiona sighed and then went to the "Holy Plaque" and grabbed her varnished, pink sword. Cake mewed happily padding beside her best friend. "I know isn´t it lovely? I got it cleaned on Monday" Fiona said smiling. "I wonder if Prince Bubblegum is there" she looked up at the castle dreamily. Cake mewed and stomped her foot. "I know I shouldn´t get side-tracked" she kept walking, Cake right next to her. She stopped at Finn´s apartment and buzzed his door. Finn answered his blonde hair stuck to his head and a towel around him. "Oh hey Fiona, come in" he gestured towards the couch and Fiona plopped down next to Jake who was eating bread with "Nutella" on it. "I just came out of the shower" Finn explained from his room. "Oh well I was wondering if I could use some milk and berries..preferably black and red" Fiona said as Cake sat down beside Jake who blushed red. "I´ll be out in a second" he walked out a few moments later looking as he always did. "Well by the time you get back it won´t be breakfast.." Finn said. "You could stay here for breakfast" Fiona nodded and poured some oatmeal into a bowl. She shoved it into the microwave and then added berries to it. "Sit down at the table, we don´t eat on the couch due to some messy eaters" he looked at Jake and then jumped up. "JAKE GET OFF THE COUCH!" he screamed and Cake´s tail fuzzed out. "Jeez man. Fine" he put his bread on the ground and started munching again. "Cake are you hungry?" Finn asked politely. Cake mewed and Fiona nodded. "She says yes she´d like a piece of Captain Crunch" "Just one?" Finn asked in dismay. Cake nodded. "You should be more like Cake" he said to Jake who grunted. "So did you hear about one of the candy people? They EXPLODED!!!" Finn said his eyes wide. "Doesn´t it take a lot to make them explode?" Fiona asked munching on a piece of oatmeal. "Yeah" Jake butted in. "Lemongrab.....again" "We must save the Candy People!" Fiona exclaimed standing up, her spoon in the air. "I told you, Princess Bubblegum is handling it" Finn said. "Just barely..." Fiona said in annoyance. "She didn´t do very well if she let one of her people explode! If it were up to me I´d kick her out and I´d move in keeping all the Candy People safe and sound" she sat down and finished off her oatmeal. "Come on Cake" Fiona called and Cake nibbled on her piece of Captain Crunch. She mewed at Finn and Fiona sighed. "Can she have another one?" Finn laughed and nodded. "Can I come?" Finn asked picking up his bag and Jake nodded. "Fine" Fiona walked out the door Finn, Cake and Jake behind her.

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☯ Tash & Nia ☯
Updated 1351 Days ago
OMG AWESOME I LOVE ADVENTURE TIME ITS MA FAVE SHOW :D the only thing I´d say is that Fionna wears a skirt not shorts and it´s Prince Gumball instead of Bubblegum, but AWESOME OTHERWISE :D
Updated 1391 Days ago
Updated 1395 Days ago

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