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Falling to Pieces - first chapter
Sarcasm Deactivated | Published 1073 days ago

Author Notes and Updates. Just news in general

          A/N: AS THIS BOOK CONTAINS TALK ABOUT SUICIDE, I DONT SUPPORT IT. PLEASE DONT GET ME WRONG, I REPEAT, I DO NOT SUPPORT IT. Also, I dont own the cover or anything. Just sayin! ^^ Enjoy the book! Dont forget to click the subscribe button!!



Table of contents:

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Sarcasm Deactivated
Thanks @ruwayda !
Updated 789 Days ago
is good storie
Updated 789 Days ago
Sarcasm Deactivated
Okie cool~
Updated 793 Days ago
I understand school don´t worry.
Updated 795 Days ago
Okie dokie :3
Updated 939 Days ago
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Haha, sorry I don´t update often... been busy and my dominant website is Quotev.... Gomenasai Pie_Is_Life
Updated 960 Days ago
Chapters pls o.o
Updated 961 Days ago
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Aww... thanks! ^^
Updated 1033 Days ago
adorable :3
Updated 1036 Days ago
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..... i didn´t know it was them........ i just got it from google images.....
Updated 1072 Days ago
Updated 1072 Days ago

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