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To Regret - first chapter
Themystery | Published 1082 days ago

"Dont we all wanna be someone else sometimes? 

someone sexier and bolder then we really are?"


This is the time when i talk about myself who am i, how old i am, grade, high school , my crush, and all the info i have about me? And then "randomly" after one chapter my "crush" will finally "see me", well im sorry to disappoint you but not in this story guys. I mean its wont matter how much i will tell you about me its not like your gonna meet me someday , so why even to tell? so i guess i will start now, or something like "start of the end".

I guess it was just one of the days , that everything was too much, this days when you are wondering what the heck are you doing here? It was just a couple of days, this kind of days, and the "snowball" was just getting bigger and bigger. until it falls. It was just a couple of days you just want to be alone. I know your probably understand me, everyone has this days or will have. It was just a couple of days, when he fails and everyone fails. I needed help, but it was just a couple of days. But it was too much.

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banksy is bae
Updated 710 Days ago
ur books cover is banksy
Updated 710 Days ago
Updated 1029 Days ago
thank you!
Updated 1035 Days ago
I made a review of your book c:
Updated 1048 Days ago
Sarcasm Deactivated
This is amazing!!!!! I feel exactly the same way
Updated 1082 Days ago
tHIS is great! Can´t wait for more chapters!!
Updated 1082 Days ago
This is great 💕
Updated 1082 Days ago
~taking a break for 2 weeks cause of school~ dewaddles
this is awesome can´t wait to see more chapters :)
Updated 1082 Days ago
Okay, this relates to me in many ways. I agree to pretty much all of it. I love it! Can´t wait for more!
Updated 1082 Days ago
This looks really good! I can´t wait for you to write some more.
Updated 1082 Days ago
Ty You´re so kind :)
Updated 1082 Days ago
SnowLeopard Hope
I agree!!! :3
Updated 1082 Days ago
This looks so amazing
Updated 1082 Days ago

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