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Sugarheart (Creepyasta) - first chapter
Hyper without Sugar | Published 1543 days ago

´´Cassie, wake up darling. Time for school´´ a sweet voice said, shaking the sleeping girl softly.The girl sat up rubbing her eyes sleepily. ´´ School?´´ She questioned looking at her mother.
´´Remember, today is your first day of school.´´
Cassie´s eyes widened she clambered out of bed and went to her wardrobe.Inside, hung her school uniform, a navy and white attire.
She put on her uniform and let her mother tie her hair up.They made there way downstairs and Cassie sat at the table, waiting for breakfast. Once she finished her breakfast her dad came downstairs.
´´How is my little princess today? All grown up and going to school´´ Her dad looked almost as if he was going to cry.´´Violet? I´ll drive Cassie to school.´´ Her dad called into the kitchen.
´´Ok Richard, Bye sweetie´´ Her mother came out of the kitchen and left a kiss on Cassie´s plump cheek.

                                                                                                      *Skip car ride*

´´Goodbye sweetheart´´ Richard leaned forward and kissed his daughter.
´´Bye, Daddy´´
Cassie ran up the steps through the double doors, not even stopping to wave to her father. ´´No running in the hallway little one´´ said a kindly looking woman.´´You must be new, come with..... Cassie, correct?´´
Cassie nodded shyly and took the lady´s hand following her into a bright room filled with other children.
Another woman came up to the two of them and spoke quietly to the kind lady, who´s name as she found out later was Miss Deamon, the secretary.
Miss Deamon left the room leaving Cassie standing there with the teacher.
´´Hello Sweetie you must be Cassie, I´m Miss Forestill, I´ll be teaching you, ok?´´ said the plump woman leaning down to Cassie´s height.
                                                                                                            *skip school*

Cassie waited patiently  by the door for her mum or dad to come pick her up. She turned to the sound of her beloved mother´s voice.
When she looked at her mother she noticed a large bruise forming on her cheek and a small cut above her eyebrow.
´´What happened to your face mommy?´´ She questioned worriedly.
´´Nothing, Darling, don´t worry about it´´
Violet took her hand and walked slowly to the car.
Cassie knew something was wrong but  she didn´t question further in fear that  her mother might get angry.
Once they reached the house her father´s car was no where to be seen.
´´Where´s Daddy?´´ her little voice piped.
´´I don´t know baby, I don´t know´´ her mother burst into tears.Cassie stood their unsure of what to do, the they heard the door slam and Cassie´s father stormed into the living room.
´´I thought I told you to clean the fucking house´´ He shouted angrily.
´´I had to pick Cassie up from school and cook the dinner for her´´ her mother pleaded, trying to hold back anymore tears.
´´I don´t give a fuck about cooking and picking people up, by the time I get back this house had better be spotless, you hear me?´´He then stomped back outside and they heard the door slam again. Violet burst into a new set of tears.
´´Mommy?´´ Cassie whispered, shocked and scared by what she had just seen.
´´I´m sorry , sweetheart, let mommy get cleaned up and then we´ll have dinner and you can tell me all about you first day, ok?´´ She tried to smile at Cassie.


                                                                                               *time skip to bed time*

Violet was reading a book to Cassie when she heard the door slam. Cassie looked up at her with frightened eyes.
´´It´s alright, sweetheart, I´ll tuck you up now´´
After turning out the light Violet left the room.Cassie could hear her soft footsteps across the landing.She just about fell asleep when she heard a scream and the sound of breaking glass.She huddled further into her blanket and closed her eyes trying to block out any noise, she soon fell into a restless sleep.She thought that tomorrow everything would be better but little did she know it would only keep getting worse.

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Hermana De La Sangre
Updated 940 Days ago
Hermana De La Sangre
Updated 940 Days ago
Keep on writing
Updated 1023 Days ago
Awesome! Can´t wait for more! I wonder who broke the glass...
Updated 1543 Days ago

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