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The proxy of Eyeless Jack - first chapter
Fowller | Published 1683 days ago


The obnoxious beep of my alarm clock rang out through my small bedroom and my hand sprung out from under my cozy sheets slamming down on the small device silencing it once and for all "one of these days you´re going out the fucking window!" I threatened and stood up my back cracking in response. I shuffled over to the window and pulled the curtains open my eyes blinking franticly trying to get used to the harsh light. Looking outside I saw it was perfect weather, the sun was shining and there wasn´t a cloud in the sky. "Just perfect," I grumbled shuffling over to my closet and pulling out my clothes for the day and getting changed. I pulled the grey beanie over my bright red hair and looked at my reflection twisting my mothers ring nervously, what kind of hell were they going to put me through today?

I shouldered my backpack making sure to put in my sketchbook and ran downstairs hoping to avoid the unpleasantness of my family, I opened the front door and was about to go through when a voice stopped me "where the fuck are you going you lil´ shit?" My father´s gruff voice growled from behind me his words slurred from alcohol as they had always been since mom died.

"It´s Tuesday dad I need to go to school," I answered turning to face the man I called father although in my opinion both my parents died that day not just my mother.

"Fine just don´t be late home Lizzy," he said turning and stumbling back into the lounge. I clenched my fists, he´d done it again he´d called me by my perfect big sister´s name. When was he going to get it through his thick skull that I´m Alison, not Lizzy Alison. I stormed out of the door and started walking to school tears prickling at the corners of my blue eyes, I hate my sister and my dad, my dad for always thinking I´m my whore sister and my sister because when mom died she didn´t even go to the fucking funeral because she had cheerleading practise, it´s your mothers bloody funeral couldn´t you have missed just one practise?

I slowed my pace as I neared the old school building, I passed my sisters parked car and headed to the entrance hoping to avoid my sister or any of the other sadistic bastards who went to the school. I cleared the car park and walked up the steps going through the front doors a small smile playing at my lips, maybe it would be my lucky day and they´d all leave me alone? That small spark of happiness was quickly diminished when I saw a small crowd of jocks crowding my locker. I lowered my head hoping they wouldn´t notice me as I snuck around them.

"HEY TRANCY!"  Jonathan called and I raised my head taking a deep breath and I turned around putting on a fake smile.

"uh hi Jonathan," I said giving him a slight wave but the fear was evident in my eyes. His friends chuckled as he made his way over to me and got so close to the point that if I wasn´t slightly shorter then him our noses would be touching, he cupped my cheek with one hand making my breath hitch in my throat and my eyes widen as his face got closer to mine.

"You have very beautiful eyes," his face missed mine by millimetres and he whispered the next part in my ear "to beautiful for a freak like you," with that he pulled away and smirked at me enjoying the look on my face his hand dropping to his side. It felt like my heart had just been shattered and stomped on by a herd of elephants, I heard his friend chuckling behind him "YOU´RE A FUCKING FREAK ALISON AND NO ONE WILL EVER LIKE YOU!" He laughed and people started laughing all around us. Tears burned the back of my eyes begging to be let out but I wouldn´t let them fall, not here.

I spun on my heel and ran down the hall and towards the bathrooms just hoping that I could let it out there so that no one would see my tears. I closed the doors and cried for a solid ten minuets before I heard the bell ring signalling that I had to get to class, I wiped my eyes and stood up my legs were shaking beneath me and I had to balance myself against the wall but I quickly regained my stability and made my way down the now empty halls towards my English lesson my boots tapping against the linoleum flooring. I reached the class room to see that the teacher had yet to turn up, he was probably nursing a hang over as always so I slipped in unnoticed by the rest of the class and took my usual seat by the window and pulled my sketchbook out of my backpack and flipped it to a clean page I plugged in my head phones and the sweet melody of my music played and I began sketching letting myself go into a world of my own as I hummed along to the song.

with a broken wing, she´s ever so graceful, so like an angel,
But I see, tears flow quietly.

The struggle she´s seen this spring, when nothing comes dancing,
Paying a handsome fee, and still she smiles at me.

And I can´t take it, no I can´t help but wonder...

Why do we sacrifice the beautiful ones?
How do you break a heart of gold?
Why do we sacrifice our beautiful souls?
Heroes of tales unsung, untold.

Sweet as an angel sings, she gives though she has none left but the
Last one, free, unhesitatingly.

And I am humbled, I´m a broken mirror, and I can´t help but wonder...

Why do we sacrifice the beautiful ones?
How do you break a heart of gold?
Why do we sacrifice our beautiful souls?
Heroes of tales unsung, untold.

Why do we sacrifice the beautiful ones?
Why when they walk with love alone?
Why do we sacrifice our beautiful souls?
Just trying to find their way home.

I looked down at my finished drawing, a small smile graced my lips an I looked around, the teacher sat at his desk holding his head in his hands and a empty flask next to him. He was pretty much the only person I felt sorry for he tried so hard but every time he made progress everyone just pushed him back down. The bell sounded and he winced in pain, I got up as quickly as possible and speed walked to my next class, hopefully this won´t be a long day.
The bell sounded and I got out of there as fast as possible not needing to stop by my locker on the way out thanks to the incident this morning and ran out of the exit. I sighed and turned towards the forest hoping to avoid the crowds of people on their way home when a hand covered my mouth and dragged me towards the tree line whilst I kicked out trying to get away from my attacker, I was shoved against a tree sending pain shooting up my back. Opened my eyes to see Caleb the schools resident bad ass "C-Caleb w-what the h-hell!" I stuttered and he smirked at me his hand moving to my thigh whilst his other continued to hold me against the tree.

"It´s true what they say you know? You do have beautiful eyes," he said and I suddenly felt cold metal be pressed against my right cheek drawing a small amount of blood "and they are to beautiful for you I guess I´m just gonna haft to fix that." He slowly began digging the knife into my eye socket making me scream out in pain as my vision turned red, I cannot even explain the pain I felt at that moment and I honestly do not wish to but the pain filled every fibre of my being as he scooped my eye out of its socket and then he left me, half blind, in complete agony I stumbled into the darkness of the forest...

A/N: WOOOO first chapter completed ok so this is an original story of my creation  so no stealing or I will find you and I will kill you, so yeah sorry it was sorta long but you know I wanted to get all of that in the first chapter, so all that´s left to say is, good day and good night my friends!

Table of contents:

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