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the shadowboy mystery - first chapter
madnatter | Published 1559 days ago

Just sitting there on the edge of a small cliff, watching the view taking in every aspect memorising it to the finest detail as if never to see it again.

Or thatís what it looked like they were doing as I spotted their silhouette against the sunset. I couldnít tell what they looked like. Just that they were tall and had short messy hair. I didnít speak to him (pretty sure it was a dude) he looked so at peace. I didnít want to disturb him. So I took one last look and walked away.

Hey donít you dare say that I should have gone and talk to him that I was just using an excuse because I was a wimp. I was right not to disturb him. Seriously how would you like a Stanger creeping up behind you, ruining a perfectly poetic scene and having to be forced into an annoying conversation were you would have to explain why the hell you were there. All the while having to smile and be patient because you donít want to be rude now, do you? And having to hold back with all youíre might not to scream at them to piss off. By then the sun would have set. Personally I would have been seriously pissed off. Oh. Sorry, went a bit off track there.  Warning: I may rant. Like a lot. And go off track a lot .So if you donít like hearing peopleís opinions this is not the right story for you.

We named him the ďSunset MysteryĒ. Yes, we, me and my two best friends, Jazz (Jazz short for Jasmine)  and Charlie (Charlie as is in Charles as in boy) and my only friends may I add. It was the first day of summer when I saw him.
We wondered who he was and started making up theories. Like loads of theories; he was an alien who crashed into earth and wanted to watch the sunset till his last breath (Charlieís idea. Talk about no originality oh but not as unoriginal then as this idea.)he was a vampire and he has been moaning his long dead love of his life for the past century and for his last breath he deicide to die in the light of the sunset something a vampire can never see being ďallergicĒ to sunlight and all. If you hadnít guessed that was one of Jazzís ideas.

Just a side note but what is it with girls and vampires? I mean seriously, its considered gross and wrong if you date a guy only 10 years older but itís okay if they are a 200 years old as long as they are a vampire (this applies to werewolves too.) I mean seriously give it a thought it does not make sense how vampires (and werewolves) get to bend the rules of what is wrong. Oh. Sorry, went a bit off track there. Oh and before you think we are crazy we didnít actually believe the stories we made up just to be clear.

Anyway back to the story. He soon became the main topic we would talk about. I literally had a whole notepad after a week full of theories of who he might be, what his personality might be like and even ideas of what he looked like with drawings of course. It was just a weird hobby me and by friends picked up.

If you hadnít already guessed me and my friends are weird, really weird and had way too much time on are hands. I mean it wasnít like we were going to be invited to any partyís anytime soon, had anywhere else to be or had any other friends. We were outcasts and proud.

Like who wants to be the same as everyone else (Apparently everyone else except us).  I am seriously worried for everyone because what are they going to do when they leave school and find out that there is no longer anyone to follow and copy.

We didnít think we would see him again it was just fun to make up stories. We could even have made a whole book about him by the end of summer. It was just something to do to distract from stress or worries.

I suppose normal people might have talked about the strange encounter maybe even have a daydream or two and thatís it ,not make up a life about him loads of times but like I said we were not normal. I wasnít normal.

Table of contents:

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thank you
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Faith Hope
I agree with EvilMew!!!
Updated 1528 Days ago
Don't be stingy
I like the first chapter! SMILEZ! :D :D :D :D :D
Updated 1552 Days ago
but I am co wrting a different story so im a bit busy so I might not for a bit sorry
Updated 1556 Days ago
I have
Updated 1556 Days ago
continue ! (:
Updated 1556 Days ago
I love it! SMILEZ! :D :D :D :D :D
Updated 1558 Days ago
guys please comment and tell me what ya think cheers bye
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