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Warriors: New Hearts - first chapter
Nightclaw | Published 1685 days ago

I´m Shellpaw, almost a warrior! But don´t you get that feeling that somecat or something is going to rip you apart like a dog and it´s prey? I have that alot right now since are clan,Riverclan, got five new cats there names are Velvet,Drake,John,Bone And Tooth.
        "I, Sandstar, leader of Riverclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn."        

"Velvet, Drake, John, Bone And Tooth, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your lifes?"

"I do." They all said in a plain tone.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name.Velvet, Drake, John, Bone And Tooth, from this moment you all will be known as Velvetblaze, Shallowmoon, Sercetmoon, Bonestreak And Toothjaw. StarClan honors all of your´s Smarts and Swiftness and we welcome you as a full warrior of Riverclan." Sandstar finished they jumped off the highrock and walked into the hunting grounds.
        Soonly everyone left to do what they wanted to do, my mentor, Gingersplash a ginger orange tom with huge white ´splashes´ on his under belly, muzzle and his tip of his tail, "Hey, Shellpaw do you want to pratice hunting?" he asked sitting down "Sure! Why don´t we go over to the island?" I anwsered, he nodded and I ran straight to the island to hunt for water voles and fish. I hear a little hiss it was Velvetblaze the fire colored she-cat walked over to me after getting up from me hitting her "Watch it kit! Next time you either get in my way or my friends you are Dead!" I stand there watching her walk away back to the camp, jeez what did I do? I just hit her! She must be one hot headed cats around here...

        Gingersplash walk over here in the mid of my thinking a moment later "Ok I´m here why don´t we go over by the river bank?" "Ok I´m going to make you amazed!" we hurried over there before dusk, I standed there with my two front paws in the water waiting til´ a fish came over to make it fly into the air with a good bite to the gills/neck.

        It was almost moon-high and the newly made warriors didn´t come back from hunting, besides of Velvetblaze coming and going but only for a short while. I decide to see what they are doing out at moon-high and I´m a bit hyper and can´t go to sleep, I strolled over where I last saw them go, over by the twoleg place where the twolegs have there monsters rest.
        After a couple of long moments I got there, they where discussing about... Killing off the deputy and sandstar?!
I mean I heared of this alot in the elder´s tale, but never would I think this would happen in riverclan! "Erh, Bonestreak? I see a yellow she cat around the other side spying on us. Oh starclan tell me it´s a joke.... Bonestreak came closer... And closer but then I ran, you would think a young cat like me with these balls of enegry would easily run away? Yes? Well your wrong.
        He caught up with me, pinning me down into the shallow water only making me cough here and there. "Bonestreak to make sure that she doesn´t tell anyone" Velvetblaze said Bonestreak nodded and tried to get me down deeper, He finally did but, a unleash my claws and ran it down his chest he bleed not badly but good enough he ranked his claws against my neck up to my face, I yowled in pain with the deep wound cut and all the sudden I felt like I was flying but I was toss by bonestreak somehow while my mouring was going on. Later, I found myself stinking looking upward seeing everything even the group of the cats that helped with what I think was my death. I took in everything, the beautiful shimmering water, the soft sand hitting my body now everything is getting a bit darker...

        "Shellpaw?! Shellpaw!?" I ran all over the place looking for shellpaw, she wasn´t by the island or asleep in her den "Look, Gingersplash see isn´t going to apear from thin air" Toothjaw told me but I didn´t listen I needed to find Shellpaw.

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